Persephone's Winter

Punk's not dead, and Izzy is determined they'll prove it-- and that no one will forget their names. Persephone's Winter is a pop-punk band that started with his and his best friend Haggis's high school guitar noodlings, evolving into a real band with the addition of their drummer friend Xero in college. The band has been going nowhere but the local bars for years, but when Izzy finds out about Catband, he's excited at their chance to pursue fame and fortune. Adding bassist Roadie to the band and convincing Haggis's pianist/composer brother, Scurvy, to come along for the ride, they boost their ranks for the fight, and they become one of the most popular acts on the show, their major rival being Jill's band, Hedgemaze Expo.

Too bad for Izzy that the road to fame is a lot bumpier than he'd ever expect.