Rules for account-wide content warnings

Posted 5 months, 17 days ago by boylarva99

Account-wide content warnings are a great feature of this site, but lately I’ve seen many instances of them being misused. People commonly use them to tell others not to steal, copy or trace their work, which is redundant as the rules of the site already forbid art theft. I’ve also seen people use this feature to advertise their sales threads among other things. I think you’ll agree with me that neither of these examples are those of genuine content warnings and that there should be a rule against the misuse of this feature.


pretty much everyone approves of this and there's no word of this as far as i know c'mon





Full support +1

The misuse of the system is the reason I've pretty much stopped reading warnings at this point.


+1 since I just found the most ridiculous account warning. They slapped their TOS in there and tried to say by clicking accept that I was accepting the terms and conditions. This isn't what account warnings are for. 



getting super tired of seeing "donut steel!!11"

yes, i am aware of morals - u - b



tired of seeing people just saying comms are open ect. 






I've literally stumbled on one of these people that misuse this feature yesterday please mods




I'd rather be able to disable the warnings altogether (and I think that would help in preventing the misuse of the feature) but if not at least we need some rules for them.



k said this in a similar/diff thread but the fact people are using something that's supposed to protect people from potentially harmful content to post redundant/sitewide rules and advertise really kills the purpose of it