feather's free HTML codes (2/17 - new utility!)

Posted 8 months, 15 days ago (Edited 2 hours, 57 minutes ago) by _featherweather

Feather's Freebies

I'll be updating this so it looks nice at some point but today is not that day rip.

Here's codes i have so far, please take a look. rules are located here.



official release: /feather's codes/ (fortitude)! it's an expansion of Shinsou's  CHAR OO8 code - which is, in itself, based on a tumblr theme by glennthemes. thank you so much shinsou for asking the creator of glennthemes for permission to release 🙏

this is pretty much for anyone who like's shinsou's code but thought they needed more space. plus ultra mofos.


all codes can now be found on a-brilliant-loser!!


i am aware that fortitude is currently a little broken due to recent updates. i'll try to have a fix soon-ish.


fortitude has been fixed o3ob

updated on all ends. please let me know if you rather a black background or a white background for coding.

...and the shop code is broken again... i'mma fix that.


haven't fixed my thread yet, but hey, i finally got that calendar code working!

it's not buggy but it is very large so... uh... yeah, sorry.

here you go Calendar!!


new code up!! have the utility Sticky Tabs, a rather basic code that combines tabs with a sticky header (hence the name lololol)