feather's free HTML codes (2/23 - any homestucks?)

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago (Edited 5 months, 26 days ago) by _featherweather

Feather's Freebies

I'll be updating this so it looks nice at some point but today is not that day rip.

Here's codes i have so far, please take a look. rules are located here.



official release: /feather's codes/ (fortitude)! it's an expansion of Shinsou's  CHAR OO8 code - which is, in itself, based on a tumblr theme by glennthemes. thank you so much shinsou for asking the creator of glennthemes for permission to release 🙏

this is pretty much for anyone who like's shinsou's code but thought they needed more space. plus ultra mofos.


all codes can now be found on a-brilliant-loser!!


i am aware that fortitude is currently a little broken due to recent updates. i'll try to have a fix soon-ish.


fortitude has been fixed o3ob

updated on all ends. please let me know if you rather a black background or a white background for coding.

...and the shop code is broken again... i'mma fix that.


haven't fixed my thread yet, but hey, i finally got that calendar code working!

it's not buggy but it is very large so... uh... yeah, sorry.

here you go Calendar!!


new code up!! have the utility Sticky Tabs, a rather basic code that combines tabs with a sticky header (hence the name lololol)


New code! You Can't Fight The Homestuck which includes watergems' Wikia v2 code! Thanks for letting me franken code this together lol. 

If you haven't yet, please check out their layout thread because watergems definitely makes my favorite wikia/fandom type code. it's so easy to use e3e 

edit; also i now have a resources character although it's probably just gonna have links and free to use stock images (like the aspect images). and i have unsuccessfully tried to post the code for calendar on TH and once again the site time out on me


new code, Species. technically made for use of CS but can be used for any character *shrug*

i would definitely suggest changing the background color to match your CS especially if you are using the default theme e3e


not a huge update (hence why it's not being bumped) but i finally got around to setting up folders. yay for flattened folders


Fortitude is a really nice layout. I may make a few additions to it where I need more information but it is a good work!


NarretTwist glad you like it!! fortitude was one of my fave themes on glenthemes (even before i got into heroaca) and i love shinsou's version of it for toyhou.se. i just found it a bit too small for a lot of data which is why i expanded it lol 

if you do make additions, please let me know, i would love to see!


Hello! I really like fortitude! I wanted to edit the code a little to have a transition from an intro page to the theme, if that's alright? Like how your Homestuck theme transitioned from Intro to Wikia pages! (I saw your homestuck theme after I thought of this so I hope this doesn't come off as copying an idea or anything, that's not my intention ;;; I don't know if this counts as frankensteining either ;;;)