Dorky References In Character Design

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago (Edited 1 month, 4 days ago) by Lonestarcelt

Is there anything more fun than creating new characters? Probably not...but there are certainly things that we enjoy outside of that creative process. From movies we love to watch, songs we listen to on repeat, books we can go back to over and over, and games we could play for hours if not days on end, and as a result. Sometimes, intentionally or not. We inject a bit of our other loves into the creative process. This thread is for that very purpose. Was your character's name a reference to someone from your favorite book? Was their fashion sense lifted from a show you watched? Did you get their hairstyle from an anime you saw ages ago or did some aspect of their past come about from listening to that song that you just love? Why not post the connections here? All references from big to small. From details that may seem super obvious to you to the minor minutia that someone only as in-depth in whatever lore as you would even start to recognize? It doesn't matter. If you have something that helped influence your character why not share it here and let everyone know, not only something that went into your creative process, but also maybe introduce people to something new. 

Your character's pet is named after something from a video game
Your character wears a bit of jewelry taken from some part of a short story
Your character has a phone charm of some video game faction

Please note: This is just a thread for references. Sure these references could inform large parts of a character's design or world but there's a difference between that and say a fan character for whatever bit of media they were made for. Nothing against fan characters it is just not the goal of this thread. However, if you have a fan character who has a reference to some other bit of media? Say a wizard for the Harry Potter universe who loves a particular band from the 90s enough to have some merch on them to a Homestuck fantroll with some obscure video game reference? They are more than welcome here. In essence.

X: A fan character on their own
✔: A fan character with a reference in their design to some outside media. 


sprixie- named after the fairies from super mario 3D world

aisha- gets her name from Neopets

mooncake- that alien from final space

retsuko- you should know it


maxwell- name is a nod to sleepykinq's character mystery

deacon- every single last one of you know who shares that name....

susie- deltarune lizard

frita- that girl from el tigre, an old nicktoons show.

tippi- super paper mario

marv- home alone

harry and lloyd- you should know this one too.


Oh geez, I have a lot of references, it would be easier to list the characters without any.

Alphys- (Undertale) Name

Angle Dust- Mikian (Danganronpa) design, Name Hazbin Hotel

Rainbow Fluorite- Elder Prince (BookMormonrmon)/ Paul (The guy who didn't like musicals) Both with the preference of coffe and in Paul's case, the show tunes.

Audrey- Fall out boy mainly, especially their Young Blood chronicles videos

My Roses/Rosebrook, in general, is based off Welcome To Nightvale, but the Roses themselves are largely based off the characters from Ib (Violet/Goldie) and Rose Quartz (Pink Rose).

Black Diamond, Black Pearl, Bloodstone, Fairy Quartz, Grey Pearl, and White Pearl are based off characters from Repo! the genetic opera; with Fairy Quartz, Grey Pearl, White Pearl, and Black Pearl also being based off

Blitz Zone- Grave Robber (Repo!) hair, mainly

Blue Goldstone/Blue Goldston 7XS- Both have characteristics based off Space Core (Portal 2)


i don't have any in any of the characters i have posted here!! x_x
it's not something i do often which is why i'm all the more eager to share the one kid who does, Angel from Doomtrain hehe!


The second one under the spoiler there there is labelled Bonnie Jekyll - Angel went by that pseudonym when they were on the run after Carver's arrest.
When I decided to follow through on the partners-in-crime serial-killing-spreed-with-their-gf thing, the Bonnie and Clyde comparison was unavoidable, in this case, Angel as Bonnie and their wife Carver as Clyde. Shallow comparison at best but hey at least Raise a Little Hell goes hard.
And I already associated Angel with His Work and Nothing More from the Jekyll and Hyde musical, but that was followed up by me actually reading Jekyll and Hyde, and REALLY liking the dynamic of Hyde being a way for Jekyll to have fun without restraining anything. It really vibed with Angel's whole deal, so in this case Angel is Jekyll and Carver was their Hyde. So Bonnie and Hyde =)
Bonus points for being a lil nod to Angel being a bit more thoughtful than they give themself credit for!