Dorky References In Character Design

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 7 months, 26 days ago) by Lonestarcelt

When creating a character. Sometimes we like to throw in a bit of the things we enjoy into their creation. Be it a small reference to a game we enjoy, styling their hair to resemble someone from a movie we enjoy, or maybe giving them a name or personality that mirrors a character we love. At times our character can be filled with all sorts of small references big and small. From the ones that people know at a glance to ones that need a good bit of explaining. It doesn't matter which in this thread. Feel free to share the references that helped make the character who they are today.

However please note this is a thread for references. Small things that informed part of a character's design but not the character itself. For this basically think of it like this. A character's design could have references to a game, movie, show, or comic but cannot be a fan-character for said media.  

If you need some examples on character design references :
My character Fabian wears a tooth necklace in reference to the Halo short story "Head Hunters"
My character Scott has a pet pig named Tuskers which is in reference to a card in the game Hearthstone.
And my character Shizuki has a phone charm in the shape of the horde symbol from World of Warcraft. 


sprixie- named after the fairies from super mario 3D world

aisha- gets her name from Neopets

mooncake- that alien from final space

retsuko- you should know it


maxwell- name is a nod to sleepykinq's character mystery

deacon- every single last one of you know who shares that name....

susie- deltarune lizard

frita- that girl from el tigre, an old nicktoons show.

tippi- super paper mario

marv- home alone

harry and lloyd- you should know this one too.