Dorky References In Character Design

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Is there anything more fun than creating new characters? Probably not...but there are certainly things that we enjoy outside of that creative process. From movies we love to watch, songs we listen to on repeat, books we can go back to over and over, and games we could play for hours if not days on end, and as a result. Sometimes, intentionally or not. We inject a bit of our other loves into the creative process. This thread is for that very purpose. Was your character's name a reference to someone from your favorite book? Was their fashion sense lifted from a show you watched? Did you get their hairstyle from an anime you saw ages ago or did some aspect of their past come about from listening to that song that you just love? Why not post the connections here? All references from big to small. From details that may seem super obvious to you to the minor minutia that someone only as in-depth in whatever lore as you would even start to recognize? It doesn't matter. If you have something that helped influence your character why not share it here and let everyone know, not only something that went into your creative process, but also maybe introduce people to something new. 

Your character's pet is named after something from a video game
Your character wears a bit of jewelry taken from some part of a short story
Your character has a phone charm of some video game faction

Please note: This is just a thread for references. Sure these references could inform large parts of a character's design or world but there's a difference between that and say a fan character for whatever bit of media they were made for. Nothing against fan characters it is just not the goal of this thread. However, if you have a fan character who has a reference to some other bit of media? Say a wizard for the Harry Potter universe who loves a particular band from the 90s enough to have some merch on them to a Homestuck fantroll with some obscure video game reference? They are more than welcome here. In essence.

X: A fan character on their own
✔: A fan character with a reference in their design to some outside media. 


ive got quite a few !! however im only gonna link some of my favorites here ;o

atlas's favorite mug has the aperture logo from portal on it!

in the same vein, libum is loosely based on glados!

violet's personality and occupation were inspired by entrapta from the she-ra reboot.

alastor's name came from none other than alastor moody from harry potter.

i love my gal calamity despite being quite an old oc with the typical edgy wolf aesthetic haha, but her name is a pretty obscure reference to a character (who is also a canine) from the survivors series by erin hunter of the same name.

finally, nabiin is based on a couple things, all falling under a certain trope. she seems to be an extra/throwaway character in the grand scheme of the plot but is actually spewing foreshadowing almost every time shes seen. a more commonly known example could be ronaldo from su who foreshadowed a multitude of huge events through his conspiracy theories, however nabiin is MUCH more heavily inspired by (and is almost exactly the same as in this respect) whiteout from wings of fire, a character that can see the future but only shares it in very strange and cryptic messages that most other characters dismiss as nonsense.


I’ve got a ton

  • Alumon is a reference to Alucard from castlevania 
  • Akirenamon and Akechimon are references to the protagonist and Goro Akechi from Persona 5. Monamon is based off of Morgana from the same game but I haven’t uploaded him
  • Chromon,Marsumon,Aikusmon,Sigursmon,Celimon, Arvisimon and Rindimon are all fire emblem references to different lords and an antagonist in the series.
  • Scorpmon and Piexcmon are homestuck references
  • Tide Pod is a reference to that one meme
  • Spring Roll is a reference to Zuko 
  • Oni Ruby is a reference to the Oni, mainly the ones in Yokai watch
  • Crista Gemini is based on the song “It’s over isn’t it” from Steven universe
  • Rontao is also a reference to a fire emblem character 
Kasper Frauxfield Spazzes101

ok so you know the time in su when the gems went away and connie, peri and lapissed had to fill in 

his hair is lapis's hair 

shhh dont tell 

Kuramei OceanBean

Kuramei is very inspired by Kurama and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho :)

He even has Kurama's rose whip ^^

Ricoh Blizz

This guy is named after a printer brand lol

It was the printer I used at my old job.

Also my character Shai is named after the sandworm Shai-hulud from the Dune novels because his dad is a nerd. He also has "Show Me How to Live" on the back of his jacket because I love Chris Cornell and I also found out that particular song used clips from the movie Vanishing Point! Also his character is based off a lot of Soundgarden and Audioslave music. He has a Dodge Challenger because of that movie as well. And her plate is a vanity plate with Colorado OA-5599. He also has the Icon of Sin from Doom on his shirt.


oatmeal wears various bandanas that are relevant to my interests

rocket's name was inspired by team rocket 

alluri has a legend of zelda inspired tattoo (a triforce)

he doesnt have a toyhouse yet, but hades' boyfriend patrick is named after patrick stump, the lead singer of fall out boy. it's a really dumb joke hgjkfs; they were originally gijinkas of haunter and phantump respectively, and i thought it would be funny to make my phantump oc a very literal interpretation of my favourite singer at the time's name. 

sakaki; idk if this one counts bc she is both a fan character and has a reference to a different aspect of the same franchise, but her name is the japanese name of giovanni from pokemon, since she's a persian

albus is named after and very loosely inspired by the character from harry potter; he started off as an AU feline version of the character but developed very quickly into something separate from that

archer, ariana, and proton are much the same way; named after and draw a tiny bit of inspiration from pokemon characters and started as an au, but are so far from what they were originally that i consider them ocs at this point

snowpoint is named after the city from the pokemon universe

love stuck and stomachaches are designed after and explicitly named after songs/albums i like (love stuck by mother mother, and frank iero's album stomachaches). on a similar train of thought, hesitance is a reference to gerard way's album hesitant alien, and vinny was designed for me based on danger by you me at six. vinny's name is also a reference to the album that song comes from.

ryan and  shane are named after the hosts of buzzfeed unsolved, and their designs and stories are somewhat inspired by the two sides to the show; ryan is my true crime boy and shane is supernatural. morti and apple, who are part of their story, are also references to unsolved things.

i think that's all my characters who have some of reference to something, but i might be missing some. 


Nightmare's design was inspired by the Xenomorph!

Peter has a couple tabs that are different outfits; the Bunny Boy tab is him wearing the bunny pjs from A Christmas Story, and the Alien Boy tab is him wearing a onesie that looks like the Xenomorph! Yup, another Xenomorph reference! Also I may or may not have named him after Peter Parker-

Ripley is named after the heroine of the same name from Alien!...Wow I must really like Alien XD

...And I might have other references but I can't remember right now! XD


I love references ;0; so I'm bumping this thread

I'll start with just my webcomic characters:

- Cyrus was named after the Pokemon Platinum boss, since I needed a name that rhymed with "Osiris". His tunic is directly inspired by the one my character Panic wears, and in-universe this is also the case. 

- Helene was name after a classmate of mine in high school. It's likely that her wavy crown was partly inspired by Feferi's from Homestuck, but I don't know if it actually is.

- Trickster has pink heart-shaped glasses just like Trickster!Dave from Homestuck - at least the popular fanon version. Did Dave ever get a canon Trickster form? Maybe in the pre-epilogues?? He also used to have the green-colored lens, but I simplified his color scheme before his appearance in the comic. His white baseball cap is likely taken from an old Gengar character of mine fittingly named Goro.

- In her earliest design Xisea had more smaller eyes around her large eyes, which was 100% a Vriska reference (you see, I was a huge Homestuck fan when I came up with this story.) Now she just has one pair of small eyes.