Show me your lesbian characters!

Posted 7 months, 8 days ago by Mephix

idk if there is already something like this already but im too Gay to throw money at this site just for the search

I know there's an lgbt thread, but I'm looking for lesbian specific characters!

I absolutely love lesbians w all my heart so!!! Please show me em!!!tumblr_mngdmpP3i81qda511o1_540.gif


I got a few! There was a pretty old thread for this topic, but it was so long ago this was a good idea to make a new one!~

Falchion likes big swords, and cute girls. Very relatable!

Aurora and Harmony are two cool lesbian mamas, and grandmamas!

Scarlett here is a cool Soldier/Cop with a sword who's also all about cute girls. That's a pretty common theme with my sword users I just noticed.

EDIT: I somehow forgot my super rad tigress Alice, she shreds on guitar on stage, and off stage snugs the cutest goat gal named Dahlia~


here's three for u!

lauren/lahoré: big tiddy goth gf
djenah: nice old lady
silene: 12'0"+ tall river siren


I'm a lesbian who projects a lot so like Half of my characters are lesbians

Verena and Syvia/Silas are femme/butch lesbians who are in love!< 3

Then there's "Lady Stardust" who's a lesbian magician! Her gf is bisexual :3c

Lillian, Cerise, and Konda are also lesbians. I have more but their designs aren't finished yet :D

Pureen Byrna Judas-la-Carotte

I have a few!


how fitting because when i opened sai this was what i was doing last night that i retained no memory of


anyways with like no joke, literally all of my female characters except like, 4 or 3 are lesbians because I'm Gay and thats just how it is . anyways ill just throw the four in the pic out there

  • angie is #1 fight lesbian. she'll kick your ass, she'll kick your friend's ass, she'll kick her own ass. her alignment is probably just straight up chaotic and she's the coolest crimegal and i love her
  • aster is the local sword lesbian who's also probably a witch just for Funsies. she puts the aster in disaster lesbian because while she might look like shes got her stuff together she cant cook and also thought giving a 7 year old a sword was a good idea. along with her gf theyre the chaos crew. also they live isolated in the mountains and i aspire to be like that honestly
  • emmy and renee are the prime powercouple ... they like saved the world twice together. they just like..... love eachother so much, man. along with their daughter, aster, and her gf they make the strangest family in the world and its like. i love it. i dont have any fancy words here i m just a humble gay who cries seein my gals happy because im an egg bye

I have so so many owo... But, here's a few :D

  • Helewys - Gay princess. V. gay.
  • Ginga - Gay knight, will fight for the honor and love of all the ladies.
  • Dree - Gay guitarist. Also an auto mechanic. #1 turn on=ladies with a bit of engine grease
  • Kaho - Gay punk, gonna fight you.
  • Aibel - Gay sky pirate and stoic charmer.
  • Makeda - Gay mythical queen.
  • Warren - Gay undead knight.

you: show me lesbian character-

me, a known lesbian: -bURSTS OUT OF WALL-

put in a spoiler because its almost every single female character of mine

Pariah Jules

The only confirmed lesbian is Pariah. I prefer to have my OC's be either hetero, ace, bi or pan. 

So yeah, confirmed lesbian! Whee!


I don't have many, sadly... 

But here are my lesbians 

Honey and Miracle are a lesbian pair, I felt I needed this to be a thing when I came across that cows exhibit more homosexual behavior than bulls

And Dariah. She's looking for a lady love =w= b


i have a couple, but hinata's my most active one atm !! she's a very sweet big-sister figure :>

Amexa MadAssistant

Amexa is the very first human character I adopted, and I only did it because she's such a massive lesbian

Porcia Dalia Discordia

Porcia here is a lesbian, I’ve got a few bit she’s the biggest one, lol

Nila Qalazah FoofyFaun

I've got a few lesbians! But lately I've been pretty obsessed with Nila in particular.