Ask a question to the above person's OC

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So it'll go like this: A person posts a question to the above user's OC. Then, after a new person posts a question, the first person edits their post to have an answer.


Something like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

then Person A edits their post so it's like

Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


Person A: (posts a question to the above person)
I do like cupcakes!

Person B: Does (person A) like cupcakes?
No, I absolutely could not take Goku on in a fight, have you seen that guy?

Person C: Could (person B) defeat Goku in a fight?


EDIT: Try and ask questions that lead to the development of characters!

EDIT2: Cant believe this needs to be said, but make your posts legible!!!!

EDIT3: Also. Read the person's profile before you ask a question!
Follow these rules or I'll implement a banlist!


I'll edit this post to include a response to the next person's question, once somebody posts!

(re: "Do you enjoy sitting in a garden to relax?")
"A garden? Pfeh! What kind of pansy-ass garbage is that? Lemme tell you how I relax! A warm, musty couch, some snacks, and video games! Hah!" ((But to be honest, she might enjoy just lounging around under a tree on a hot day))

"Do you enjoy sitting in a garden to relax?"


"I-I'm unsure how to answer this question... There isn't much that I usually feel confident about. It may seem cliche, but I am... Really confident in my skills on making bouquets. It's better when it's for something like weddings and such. I enjoy things like that... It brings happiness to people that I know I will never have... O-other than that... I'm not really confident in myself."


"Is there anything that you feel really confident about? Or that makes you feel confident, in general?"

"Strong? Yeah! i don't want to brag, but... hey who am I kidding I LOVE to brag! I'm the mayor of this town, at my young and handsome age, and I couldn't have done that without being strong in some way! But, I ain't doing anything without my bodyguards, we're a team. It's been that way since we were all very little, too!...

But, uh, hey... between you and me? There's been some SCARY strong people showing up in my city lately... if you know anyone who can help, send me a call? I'll make it worth your while."


"How strong are you without your bodyguards?  Do you think you'd be able to take care of things without them around?"

"What, my nickname? Oh that...Shade is just short for Shadow, which is my species. My boss couldn't pronounce my actual first name properly so I guess the nickname just sort of stuck."



"Hmm... How did you get the name shade?"


"It's a long story, but let's just say dealings with supernatural beings can take you a long way."


"Tell me... How did you get to be so wonderfully powerful?"

"Because my non-human form is a prison." 


"If you have two forms, what do you need your human one for? Why not just stay in a feral form?"

"Nah, to dislike the smell of corpses would make me horrible at my job. In fact, I smell it being close to home. What I don't appreciate is when people think it's alright to use strong perfumes. You don't need to try so hard, you know!? It kills my nose!"


"Does the smell of corpses not bother you? If it doesn't bother you, is there any smell that does?"


"Don't worry, dear. Not everything I've done is eating. In fact, I don't do it that often. If I had to say something... I guess it's still watching how the jerk who summoned me and the other guys lost so brutally because he thought he could defeat a part of Hell. Not so smart, but a very good memory! I had fun, though others weren't so lucky. I've seen all kinds of things after that, like fairies and dragons and ghosts and stuff... But I always stick to humans, and humans sometimes do have the ability to be surprising. That's just something you gotta see for yourself, though!"


"You've lived for centuries? You have to tell me, what's the most interesting thing you've seen during that time? Or, uh, tasted? I guess?"

"Uh, it's not so hard. It's just the empty frame of a car, for one. And I'm really strong. Makes for a really good shield! Or at least, I thought it would, but the few times I've ever fought anyone, they've always been much smaller than me. I should have invested in shin-guards instead..."


"You have a car. Taped to your arm. Now, it's gotta be hard to manuver around with that, right??"


Love your name, kid. [comments the woman who named one of her kids 'Mars'. Of course Cordy loves it.] Did you name yourself that, or did it come with you from birth?

-- v --

Hah! Good guess! Any other grandmama would be, but I've trained and groomed these crocs to be good to my kin. Magic goes a long way when you groom and raise an animal, and that's no exception to my water babies. We're all family and they understand that. Just think of them like big, scaley lapdogs! They look after my grandbabies and treat them well, give 'um rides and even look after 'em when they know danger is lurking.

And my kids have seen to keepin' the lake in check while I was out of commission. Keepin it clean of litter and crap like that. They forged bonds with those crocs. No one's in danger here -- just everyone else who ain't a Thimble! 


Aren't you a little... scared? About the crocodiles, I mean. Did you train them not to hurt your grandkids, or did you enchant them so they won't attack? I've heard they can be dangerous. How can you trust them?


I'm living in Dr. Jones' laboratory right now, but if I had a choice... I would leave. I don't know anything about outside, but I saw it recently. Dr. Jones lets me watch TV. I was never able to do that before... But I want to know more about it. Outside, I mean. I want to see it for real. I want to live in it like the others do.

(Thank you! He's one of my older characters and he's in need of a little dusting off, but I'm quite happy with how he came out!)


So, if you have the chance, what would you want to do with your life now? ((great character btw! :O))


"Ooooh, fashion...! Well, after High School I used to wear a lot of dresses and high heels but that... just wasn't very sensible since I started working in the FBI. I don't even own any shoes with heels anymore. So, for me, it mostly has to be comfy, and with real pockets! Let's not talk about what I wore in High School though..."

"... Uhm... do you have a style of fashion you aim toward these days..?"

"How do you feel about cold weather?"
"I kind of like it. At the very least, I like winter clothes."


"How do you feel about cold weather?"


"What were some memorable times with this 'knight' if you have any?"


"Why do people keep asking me this There isn't much of a story to tell darling. I mean, my father wasn't the best at haircuts, and it doesn't help that where I'm from, everyone tries to kill each other. Especially with blades. And scissors don't sound very... nice... when they are next to your ears..." //shudders

"But really who would want these beautiful locks to be cut?"