With the new literature update, it's time for a new forum game! Simply browse through the user above you's 'library' and link to your favourite of their works with a reason explaining why it was the one you liked the most!

Some simple rules:

1. Must have at least three works in your library to participate
2. Write more than a sentence about the work you like - put some thought into it!
3. Wait two posts before you post again to let some others get a chance

I'll start! :D

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Smile - (The description on this is amusing.)  I like the mystery in this.  We don't get to know who the man is nor do any of the characters seem to have any idea.  Dispute this Cassidy doesn't seem fazed at all by a random stranger coming up and giving her a gift.  That seems like something a little kid would do, just assume that someone is good because they speak friendly to them.  The way the man speaks to her sounds very natural.  It sounds like how someone would talk to a child, I hear people ask his questions to little kids all the time.  The little comment of 'they get even' really adds a lot to the character because this means he isn't innocent.  This isn't a totally normal man but instead someone that won't let something go.

Orphaned - In the beginning the setting is very good, I think we have all been there waiting for our parents to pick us up and getting impatient.  I like the comment about them not being fazed by the police sirens and lets us know that danger is common here.  The children not being worried about the police officers really shows their childish nature and how they have not experienced or seen any of the dangers even though they know of it.  Kids have a tendency to not connect anything with themselves and think they are immune to it.  Just like in Smile they dialog sounds very natural between Cassidy and the women.  The one thing that was slightly off putting was that she said her parents were killed and not something softer like 'they aren't coming back' or something.  The one thing that I think could be improved is the ending, it sounds a bit rushed.  I think it would be better to just end it with them going in the police car and driving away, perhaps looking back at the school and wondering what is going to happen to them.


Okay so it's a toss up between Everything is Unknown, because at the time of reading I have one bitch of a headache and enjoyed reading about our protagonist's own head pains and confusion and disorientation (the thought of his eye having shattered and possibly cut him? OUCH!), and found the part where Stone appears and helps him out and feeds him the bulb very sweet. I liked the part where he didn't realise he was still whining until Stone tells him to shush, that sticks out to me for some reason.

And Negativity because I just really like the concept of there being some kind of process to literally make someone only feel positive or negative emotions. It's just very fascinating and cool. I like the contrast in attitudes between the two kids, and all three of the characters here feel very distinct even though it's only a few scenes long. "But I was happy before!" wow, ouch. Curious where you would've gone with this idea because you could probably worldbuild a whole setting out of it, it's good, and the literal division of the negatives and positives is already a glimpse at a pretty interesting setting. How do they do it??? Why do they do it??? idk but I'm interested enough to ask.