The contortionist.

serious // persistent // dedicated

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2001?


Full Name Roger Einhorn Age Appears 23 Species Unicorn
Stage Name Emrys the Elusive Birthday November 12 Gender Male (trans dfab)
Prefers Roger Zodiac Scorpio Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Fearless Freaks circus sideshow Religion Atheist Sexuality Gay
Group Role Contortionist, escape artist (straitjacket, etc.) Background German Relationship Status Dating Angus
Day Job Law student Birthplace ??? Living Situation In an apartment with Angus

Roger, or Emrys as is his stage name, is the contortionist and escape artist in the sideshow. He's quiet and serious, but dedicated to wowing the audience with his stunts.

  • little hors
  • his boyf Angus (Ulysses) is a big hors
  • incidentally roger makes great hors d'oeuvres at parties
  • five feet tall and i guess you can't teach that either
  • unicorns are real and they're spectacular
  • traditional sort of unicorn with cloven hooves, a goatee and a goat tail
  • a symbol of purity and grace who bends himself into freaky poses in a sideshow
  • sure
  • nautical tattoos all over, they also cover his top surgery scars
  • really unassuming by day, law student
  • yes contortionist is a dangerous career for someone with a horn on their head
  • but roger lives dangerously
  • be nice to roger he is a good boy
Height: 5'0"/152cm Build: Lean, compact, athletic
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond, fluffy
Handedness: Right Style: Professional
The freaks will probably just be regular humans for the comic's reboot, but these forms are fun, too.

Ulysses Boyfriend / Coworker


Mephisto Coworker


Roxy Coworker


Hannah Coworker


Charlie Coworker


Etta Boss

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