Totmansdoll (clicky)

..say hello to my headworld and daydream characters, living in my head rent free. Every single character is connected.. I use them to make stories. many stories... well, in my mind lmao, but sometimes I actually write.

This world takes place in a modern fantasy world, with it's focus on relationships, dragons and mysteries! The village´s name is Totmansdoll which is the main focus of the universe.

Any zzvyHJm.png character can turn into one (or more) other form!

Note: Full character profiles and much, much more detail about them can be found on my personal website. Just follow the "read more" buttons. If you see this, and it brings you to the red error screen, it means a site hasn't been linked and written yet, this is not a mistake.


Lui zzvyHJm.png

Rebecka zzvyHJm.png

Fred & Anna zzvyHJm.png

Rodwig zzvyHJm.png

Niche zzvyHJm.png

Annicka zzvyHJm.png

Nicole zzvyHJm.png

Infinity zzvyHJm.png

Lucius zzvyHJm.png

Max & Anna zzvyHJm.png

Feli zzvyHJm.png

"D" zzvyHJm.png

Karly zzvyHJm.png

Wutz zzvyHJm.png

Side Characters

For the most part they just support the main characters and stories.

Orion zzvyHJm.png

Chucky zzvyHJm.png

Fred zzvyHJm.png


Peter zzvyHJm.png



Mike zzvyHJm.png

Shine & Star


Ferals, Beasts & Monsters

They're more feral than human. The minority can talk. They're just creatures that populate, appear on the flying islands or related places to it.

Black Death zzvyHJm.png



Misc & Stuff

World Graphics