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Thread Masterlist

List of my open threads you can post, bump and discuss on

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Sky's Creative Space Art Thread THAC (mature locked) Commissions (mature locked)

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Favorite colors/areas to shade & render [Survey] Art & Styles Unpopular Art Opinions Hardest Part Of The Face Comments not liked by you Easiest thing for you to draw

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What are your characters wearing? show off OC(s) you wish people would like more (similar) Show off Unloved Characters Show off unthemed Ocs [Weekly] Show me your character artwork.. Show your most and least colorful OC People with a HW: Does your characters look "right"? Show me your 8 legged Ocs Would you feel safe sleeping next to your OC? Flat or Normal Muzzle? Show off human* Ocs Show off characters who don't look like their name Show me "one color only" characters Show me characters with detailed art


Stress-free OC commenting What species is the above OC Guess the hobby of the above OC

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If you could have any pet, what would it be? Rate Reddit Karma Dragons you like Do you read forum posts? Screen Time The Neocities Thread Show off your special items What do you label yourself as?


Fav 4 Fav [genuine only] LF: None-furry telegram groups

*this bulletin does not feature every single of my threads ever, but those I found important

Extra Info:
= 100+ posts, or generally popular threads
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Christmas Art Gifts 🌲⛄

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago by Skykristal

Merry Crisis 

I don't know if I will have the time and energy for it. However if you are fine to receive gift art, let me know here. I am not drawing your specific OC request here btw. If you post ic here, I will ignore your post. This is me making you a gift of pretty much any character of yours that I like if I should feel like it. (Ofc I'll pay attention to art notes, rules if you should have some) I know that some folks don't like to receive random artwork, reason for this bulletin.

I already have a few on a list I would like to gift something. Please know that if you comment here, and pretty much never interact with me, my content aka I don't know you, that the chances to receive something are slimmer. I don't like to draw for people who don't care about thier gift. Which is a common issue when I draw for strangers outside of commissions. It's not impossible to get something even if I don't know you, but just for your information

edit: yes, I am very happy to receive something myself. It's mentioned on my profile since ages that I love gifts. 💕 No need to ask. please note that this is not a secret Santa or arttrade here though. If you draw for me please don't do it with the intention to receive something back.  I can't and I will not guarantee that. 

gifts so far


Hi guys, christmas is near! Why not exchange some messages we can open and enjoy.

A compliment, fun fact, joke, a simple kind message or anything else you like. As long as the message is positive. 

Here is my tree you can leave a message on for me to read. Leave your own tree in the comments so I can return something! 

Dark Bat Adopt 🦇

Posted 1 year, 29 days ago by Skykristal
Skinny Bat Adopt

Made an adoptable again.. after 2 years and 10 Months. (yes, really LOL)
For sale only no trades, click on the image to get to it.


Man I feel old D:
I went through a ton of old images my mom has in her google photos archive and couldn´t believe what I found.
So many memories...

I would love to make a "then and now post" about my human artwork as well... well maybe in a following Bulletin.
If I can still find them. The folder should hopefully be flying around here in the house somewhere haha.
 Even though I never really drew humans as soon as I used social media,  
I did a ton of anime drawings before that time because my best friend I had back drew them too.
But I actually didn´t knew what I was doing .. so.. get ready for some cringe then XD

Look at 2009. Not my oldest art piece but the oldest in the archive. Bunny arts all over the place..
Compared to my newest artwork... it´s kinda cute.


Speaking of old things... I also found old photos of my pets from 2008. These two were the only pets I ever had. And I also didn´t had them for very long..
We had financial problems and had to give them away after a while. Often I´m quite sad when I think about them. Also because I was a very problematic kid with many issues and remember that I didn´t always thread them that nicely. They were also quite afraid of me .. and whenever I think about it now I could cry. :(
They deserved better... and I hope they had a great time in their new home at least.



A little older


Happy New Year :3

Posted 2 years, 1 month ago by Skykristal

I hope you all will have a good start in the new year2022! 2021 had a lot of ups and downs
... well mainly downs.. but I still hope you all had made it through and had some great moments as well.
 Stay safe! <3

Oh and I made this piece to celebrate and "end" the year .. just like every other year xD
It's a little tradition I like to do for fun.


Art Wishlist

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by Skykristal
this is for general information, idea list / birthday list (and birthday thread)

  • Any kind of couple art Lui x Becky
  • Pixel art in general of any oc here
  • animations?? I need to practice more
  • Cool fire and fight scenes Involving Lui and Infinity
  • pagedolls of any character here
  • More art of space god
  • Better concept/style art for D. He shouldn´t look like a Mario character lmao. rip my turtle art style 


Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by Skykristal

You absolutely don´t have to read this. I´m just venting and ranting...
If you do read, well.. enjoy? idk. sorry I´m akward

I wish I could improve more .. or just make my art more interesting. Close to on one likes and cares about art I do of MY characters. The art I do of my own characters are usually not high detail paintings. aka the stuff I do for commissions. And this not-so-high detail, none furry stuff doesn´t interest one fucking soul out there. Others get comments on how lovely their characters are, how cool they´re written, how creative their concept is, how interesting they are and I don´t get anything along these lines.. ever. It maybe happen once in a blue moon and after a day I feel depressive again because I know nobody will tell me anything positive about my ocs in the next 507465959373 years. Don't even let me start on IRL support. I don´t have any. Nobody ever cares about anything I do and love. I often share my stuff with my mom but she doesn´t understand what OCs are, I already explained it to her several times. So of course she´s not as excited or happy about this as I am because she doesn´t understand it. But she does support my love for art which I´m grateful for.

And I hate pointing out that I get no attention on the things I truly love because some users will come to me AFTER I vented and leave comments about my ocs. I absolutely hate this so much. Come to my characters and my content naturally and because you generally want to leave something nice. Not because I was mentioning that I want feedback. I´m also not in any way happy when you do it that way. It feels like a forced piece of text you´re not genuine about.

I hate being so damn alone all the time and I´m afraid I´ll die alone.. Nobody will even notice when I´m dead. Nobody in my life loves me the way I always wanted to be loved... I have nobody. The only damn thing I got back then was being bullied by all the dudes in my school and the others I meet at events always treated me like trash a year later for no damn reason. As if I killed their pet or anything. I never received any kindness or love in my life, Only pain. physical pain, mental pain. It´s honestly no surprise to me how I get more and more socially awkward year by year. Felt more and more worthless and small. No, I´m not suicidical- at all. I´m very scared of death even. I´m scared of anything that hurts me or gives me discomfort. But on the other hand, I hope my suffering won´t last forever. I hope my life gets more positive, I hope things for once, work out for me. I don´t think I deserve the awful life I have. I really don´t. Art is the only positive thing in my life. At least.. I have that. Without art I don´t know where I would be now. And that´s a reason why it´s so important to me to get attention on my work. I don´t draw for numbers, I don´t draw to make others happy. I draw to make myself happy and to give my life a purpose and I want others to see that I exist. I want them to be interested. I want them to see my happiness and joy. Because there is not much positive I have outside this bubble.

some positive notes?

I´m more than grateful how I.. somehow got a lot people into buying my artwork. I also have this one person who tells me I´m their favorite artist and how they always frame the art they buy from me. This guy has been such a big supporter for a couple of years now. Unfortunately, they don´t really have social media, at least not active. They´re not an active follower I have on platforms x and y. But the support by buying art from me here and there means a lot to me. And I really mean that.

Not too long ago I joined the flipaclip discord server and the people on there make my depression go away. The majority of the people on this server are amateur artists and whenever I share my more "experienced artist" stuff people truly show interest and love for it. Once I also almost teared up because of it. It´s such a rare thing these days and it makes me at least, somehow feel loved. And I always genuinely enjoy the give others the same love back on their work, even if it´s beginner artwork! Usually I don´t feel like doing this. I´m just too negative and sad to give others feedback and just post and run. I hate being like that and I don´t want to come across as selfish in any way. It´s just that my sad mind can´t really put together compliments most of the time. And if I give comments, they´re genuine and I always always want them to be genuine.

Are you excited for Inktober? [& Poll]

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by Skykristal

Do you plan to join?

8 Votes Yes
7 Votes Not sure
1 Votes Nope

(or goretober and all the other versions you wanna do)

I'm very hyped this year. Last year was a fail for me with only two pieces but maybe this year I will do better. I still need new copic liners (those are my favourite for inking) but hopefully I'll get anything I need before October is here. :3 It will most likely be a "OCtober" for me again. I love drawing my characters.

I´ve now set up everything and these fellas are up for sale!

please check this forum thread :

reply on this bulletin, on the thread or PM me. I don´t regularly check messages on my storage account