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couldn't tell you the exact episode but it was from one of the flashbacks in last year's lord el-melloi ii case files: rail zepplin case note!

that's waver between his appearance in fate/zero and becoming lord el-melloi ii!!

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you should probably watch or read at least fate/zero first since that would explain most of the backstory. you can watch it without (my sister did with no fate knowledge, she enjoyed but liked it. she liked it a lot better after watching fate/zero and having more context) but not recommended

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youre welcome!

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I need to watch the 2nd year season but yrs Onoda is a good boy lol 

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YES they are all currently from starz' live action.

I really liked it although I'm biased af since AG is one of my favorite novels. The first season kinda ends in a weird place and it's not exactly like the boojs, but all the actors are great and they play their characters very well. Hopefully season 2 does happen 

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It's a visually stunning series but it's weird and can be confusing at times because there's a lot of plot going around.

Unless the person is okay with cliffhangers, I would actually suggest waiting to season 2 because season 1 ended in a weird place 

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Sounds like a plan!

So there's like... 3 different versions of the book - original, a "writers cut" (which is longer and contains more of the original draft) and the 20th anniversary edition (which is midway in length). I haven't finished reading all 3 yet so I can't say if there's a huge enough difference to matter. 

Also if you like audio books, there is a full cast production for American Gods and it is 👌

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You're welcome! I hope you enjoy the site 

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This username is so good. 10/10

I was both surprised and very happy that it wasn't taken!

more fate usernames need to be claimed. >:V 

Very, very true 

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of course! they're really pretty!

i can't wait for mine this week lol

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Dimension hopper and urban necromancer.

Which I guess means actually the end of this week / early next xD 

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I wonder what anime you are currently into lol XD

My Hero Academia is GREAT

it really is tbh.


superhero anime really get me. 

same with tiger & bunny and concrete revolutio.

Thank you for the favorites and I really love the Detective Conan on your profile! ; w ; <3

That  was my favorite growing up.

Oh man DCMK is great and I'm always glad to meet other users love it 

And you're welcome!

Happy chirps! Seems someone stopped by to thank you for favoriting them!

Awww 💗💗💗💗

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Lol no problem!

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YES always great to meet a fellow fan lol. If you ever wanr to talk about the series, I'm always up for it!

Fun fact - lulu, one of the site's creators, is also a huge fan! For a while their page was decked out with an Amuro/Bourbon theme.

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Oooh yeah very nice!

I'm hoping i can snag some merch come Otakon

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Omfg thats sso cute 

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well now we know!

o////o thanks for the fav lady love <3

gunna get that sketch for you done today >8U I apologize for the wait... Life keeps getting in the way. >8(

Thanks for the heads up o3ob totally understand

Hey there! A promise is a promise, here's a character I got from you now in color: http://toyhou.se/882198.gaige#3721082 ♥︎♥︎ I hope he looks alright. ;v;

HE LOOKS GREAT WOW. You both chose great colors and colored him well.

Ahhh thank you thank you!! I'm glad you think so! *w*)/ ♥︎

That icon... Isn't that Jaehee?

Yes it is very much Jaehee ♡

Sooner or later I'll have an icon that works eith my profile

x3 I loved her route so much omg <3 The Valentine ending especially!

..../shit/ I haven't played since Christmas omfg what happened in the Valentine ending

Omg you should! Jaehee's was really cute! You think that Yoosung's would be my fav since he's my fav but nope XD

I'll definitely check it out tomorrow

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Hello !

I saw you in a post in a thread, where you said to someone they could see in your entire gallery for see if someone interests them. I myself did this and i have seen Felicity and (fem mecha) i'm interested ^^ . But the problem it's i don't see anything seeing they are uft/ufs ;v; . They are ? If yes, what are you looking for them ^^ ? If not, it's fine and sorry for the bothering XD

Hi! Thanks for the message. Both felicity and fem mecha are up for offers! They're just kind of tentative because I could use them but I don't *shrug*

So yeah if you do art or have designs for trade i would love to see (both of them aren't for sale, sorry!)

How good ^o^ !! I will considering Felicity, And i'm definitivly interested in the fem mécha, having some ideas for her ^.^ ! Just before i offer, thèse 5 arts are 5 differents filters of thé same picture right ^^ ?

Sure! feel free to offer.

And yeah, fem robot has 5 arts but since are bigger and some have slightly different colors o3ob

Well for her i can offer some characters from here ^^ ( i say some because if multiples interest you WE can discuss i won't bite 8D ) https://toyhou.se/709975.ota/gallery

Or 2 full-bodies and 2 half-bodies ^^. Here's my artwork :) : http://jolsma.deviantart.com

I'm sorry I didn't see anyone I could really click with :(((((

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Forgot to ask, but were you able to see the review I gave you on Commiss.io? I hate to think you weren't able to see what I thought of the commission!

That's... actually a great question. I can see the rating but not the review e3e

Edit: so yeah, I can only see the stars and not the attached comment lol

Oh no, that's what I was afraid of. xDDD Well, I'll include it here!

"Hane was great to work with! As a writer, they obviously spent a lot of time researching and asking questions about my request to make sure the characters and universe were captured just right. The characters I requested a story about were written perfectly and just about spot-on to how I would have written them! The dialogue and action of the story was well-written also, and it was a fun read!

Hane was also wonderful to communicate with and kept me updated on a regular basis with this project. I was happy to work with them and I highly recommend them!"

Omfg you... just omfg... thank you! I'm glad you liked it and that I got the characters right --- it makes me really happy that you said they were spot on ^^

You're welcome~ It inspired me to keep doing my best as I continue to write dialogue for my characters! Sometimes I worry that when I'm writing their story, I'm making them OOC because it's been so long since I've worked with them... But reading the commission was really reassuring and made me happy that someone else at least really understood what I was trying to convey in their profiles. ^^ Thank you again!

Your profiles are really easy to read and understand - you did a great job of fleshing Sam and Alexander out so getting them in character wasn't hard after I scrapped my first couple of ideas for the heist lol.

Honestly character dialogue is really hard??? Like it's frustrating because you want to make sure it's obvious who's speaking but it can be hard since most accents don't convey well in written form. Best idea - write little drabble about your characters from time to time, and that should help you thibk about how your characters sound and react to things.

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Can you tell me who did your icon? I'm in love with it, such a precious Jaehee!

Yeah it's by cutenikechan on dA!!!

Aaah, thank you !! I will take good care of this bab.



I have no idea! I'm actually not sure if I'm subbed to you either because my phone won't show your full profile

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Aaah! Thank you ♡ Your OCs all look really cool too (and your profiles, very nice)

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Lol still better looking than the got mess of muy profiles

Hi may i draw Tv from http://toyhou.se/218957.scott-t-v-/gallery ? just as a gift to you and because him and scott are so cute! It wouldn't be much because my art supplies ran out and my art sucks (my avitar is not my art) but would that be alright?

Yeah that's totally okay! I'm always happy and thankful for gift art ♡♡♡

Thanks for asking first though ♡

No problem i always ask! What Image hosting site would you like me to post it to? I haven't got stash

Photobucket works. Or sna.gy... or whatever you normally use o3ob

i used Photobucket but anyway http://s50.photobucket.com/user/Theravensheflys/media/IMG_2273_zpsahs81kdv.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 sorry its not much but i tryed my best.

This is really cute, thank you ♡♡♡

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Thanks alot for the subscription! :D

You have a 80s style space crew, how could I *not* subscribe. I really love your style lol

Awww, thanks! I really appreciate it! ^^

thank u for the sub <3




My twitter is a mess of MM through my first route and what it's encompassed so far and it's a trip lmao

> tries for jaehee >ends up getting zen route orz

Yesss. I'm kind of sad I made my twitter after I played but I'll probably do a live tweet when I play my next route lol

Pfft nice.

I just keep seeing you everywhere, Hane LOL

Lol yeah, when I'm on I try to check everywhere ♡♡♡

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Yeah I really love mine ♡

I finished the art http://sta.sh/01coi3cx6j1n

Aaaaand he's sent! Thank you so much i love the chibi ♡♡♡♡

Boy, do I love Yugami. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some Yugami fresh out of the oven and rub him in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way he feels running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum

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Glad to great it! I'm sorry it took so long to get the unit (and your money)to you ^^;

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Yeah ^^

Ahh<3 thank you for the faves c':

Serkan is precious baby. -pets him v nicely- I might draw him an ID tbh. 8)))

this might sound like a weird and random q, but for your page coding do you have width="100%" listed with your background image url?

Ah no - the bg is tiled so i tell it to repeat

Ah okay x3 I wasn't sure since the bg wasn't filling up on my ipod

yeah i noticed on my phone that the tile doesn't go all the way sometime slol

Haha alright I was just checking- It must be toyhou.se's kinda derpy mobile version, then XD

probably lol

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Thank you for subscribing~ I hope you'll like what you see! ^^

Hehee, thank you so much for the fave c:

Did it work? *winks*

Huh what are you - //checks

Omfg babe you. ... ahaha thank you! //hugs


Thank you ♡
when I'm on break tomorrow I'm going to have fun trying out the css!

I can't wait to see what it looks like X3

still messing around but at least i got the best bg image xD

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I wanted to let you know Kurohime and Koishii are back up. :)

kaodniealncek Thank you so much for the subscription!! <3

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Ah it's just brill/yuu following you on my new account xD

I knew i missed Tagging someone. ...

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You're not weird xD

I had some problems with people irl so i I'm nipping it in the bud a bit by moving accounts //shrugs

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They have before. It would be harder since you'd need an account to post here but they could bother me about it offline too e3e

It happened with my tumblr which is why i normally just reblog on it now

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Ahhh i knew your profile was familiar, Brilliant :) So is this your more active account, now, or...?

Yeah this is whwre I'll be active on now♡

I'm just still in the process of getting ithings up lol.

Thank you for the sub!!

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Oh hey can i reply?

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Humm, do authorize users see anything special on your TH? I still only see the watermarked images

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Np, was just checking