an invitation to pigerton manor 2


May 14th - June 14th

Based on a previous event.

The very rich and very eccentric Pigerton family has once again extended invitations for their yearly summer celebration: a cavalcade of entertainment and merriment, ending with a big reception dinner and dance.

It’s also the grand opening of another season on the marriage circuit, where hopeful singles walk the wisteria-draped grounds and secure themselves a match!

New to the circuit? Is it your first year playing the game of love on the grounds of Pigerton Manor?

here's how it works:

  • Use our template ( [psd] and [png] ) to create a dating profile for your character, complete with three silly character traits per heart. The image of your character doesn’t have to be new -- you can use any artwork of your character for this, even their reference!
  • Upload the image to your character's Anathema tab, tag this character profile and link the image in the comments below.
  • When you comment here, you’ll have two options: Blind Date or Betrothed. Please indicate which you’d prefer in the description of your image!
  • If you selected Blind Date, you will be randomly matched with another character! Please take a look at the list here.
  • If you’d prefer not to be matched with a stranger, no problem—select Betrothed, and you can pair up with someone you already know and receive the same event bonuses to your gold count. (Characters do not actually have to be betrothed—or even like each other!)
  • When you receive your match, let the courtship commence! You are to write or draw a piece featuring both characters; it can be a love letter, an activity they do together, or showing how they met. Roleplays and collaborations welcome!
  • Submissions should consist of at least two uncolored headshots (featuring both characters) or 200-words . They can be earnest, funny, repulsed—whatever floats your boat—or doesn’t!
  • After you and your partner have completed your submissions, be sure to tag this character profile and collect your gold! Your work will be worth its usual weight, but as an added event bonus, both participants get double gold!
  • You may participate in this very silly event with as many characters as you like, mage or non-mage.

Wishing you all the best of luck—or at least some fun in the process. Let the game of love begin!

Here comes one of our beautful debutantes!

All Blind Date participants must have profiles linked below before May 21st!
All works must be complete by, or on, June 14th!


We also have a few (entirely voluntary) prompts to jog your imagination:

  • Did your character receive an invitation? How did they react? Or if they didn’t, how did they get in?
  • The event is in full swing. Where can your character be found? On the dancefloor dancing their heart out, near the buffet taking their pick from the wealth of delicacies, chatting with the staff in the staff quarters to get the latest gossip, or the sprawling garden to get away from it all?

collaboration/roleplay prompts

  • Show something your two characters do together. Maybe wear matching outfits, share a meal, or ask for a dance?
  • Sometimes, matchups don't quite work out. Do your characters find each other agreeable, or does the evening end in an argument? (or worse?)


❓ Any questions?

Feel free to comment on this bulletin, or don't hesitate to contact staff on our Discord server or our forum! We're happy to help!


Natasha, Edison, Jelena, Mariya

All blind dates ^^

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Hemlock: https://toyhou.se/~images/82318789

Blind Date!

Ok im doing it im submitting Kaz: https://toyhou.se/~images/82312168

Blind date :)

Caterin is here for a blind date: link.

Lamia up for blind date! Lamia
Gehenna is Betrothed to Brynn Gehenna

Seble: https://toyhou.se/~images/82275061

Blind Date :3

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Lena: https://toyhou.se/~images/82118769

Blind date please :3c

Isen: https://toyhou.se/~images/82078630

Betrothed :) U better believe it Ishq


Jesper: https://toyhou.se/~images/82078657

Also betrothed!!


Enn: https://toyhou.se/~images/82078677

Blind date!