What's your preferred age range for OCs?

Posted 11 months, 25 days ago (Edited 7 months, 27 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Pretty much what it says on the tin, as always! I was wondering about this since I see that many users seem to have a preferred age range, or sometimes an exclusive age range for their characters! What's yours?

(I'm of course talking about physical/mental age here, keep that in mind if you mostly have immortal OCs haha-)

Also please stay nice in your replies! Having preferences is 100% okay, but don't insult people of a given age range (ie. "elderly people are ugly", "minors are boring"), whether you're referring to real life people or just characters. I want this thread to say enjoyable to read for everyone, no matter their age or the type of characters they write.

My answer:

My current one would be 10 (ie. Tobie) - 30 (ie. Moroni), I guess! Even if I have some characters who are younger or older than this range, they are usually way less developed and often serve as being my other OCs' relatives only (parents, children, younger siblings, etc.).

If I should make my range more restrictive, I guess it would be 15-25, since I tend relate to characters within my own age range more (or slightly younger ages I still have a clear memory of), but that's more a preference for super self-indulgent OCs than anything! I feel younger teens/children pretty fun to write, but I'm a bit less confident with adults since it's not really something I've experienced yet, but I'm not closed to the idea of young adults!

This range will probably evolve as I grow up; I remember that when I was younger (9-11), all my mains were my age, and even side characters who were around 15 were super difficult to me to write, and ended up being super stereotypical angsty and rebellious teens lmao


My youngest character is Gilravock at age 16 But Grippli, his species, have a different lifespan, and so he's been fully mature for the last four years. (A human equivalent would be ~20's-30's)   

Aside from that, most of my characters range from mid 20's, 30's, and 40's. My oldest characters being immortal or brought back to life in pretty much every case.  My immortals, undead, and semi-immortals are all around 100, with the exception of one 4000+ year old vampire. 

Hara is considered the oldest, as he is a demon born thousands of years ago.  


for characters i plan to buy art of, they all fall in the "young adult" range as that is what most artists are comfortable drawing. for characters in general, the mains tend to also fall in that "young adult" range while the cast as a whole is a pretty wide variety from baby siblings to grandparents. i love characters that are old people who dont give af... that's how im trying to be when i get old LOL


I think in the past a lot of my characers were 16-18, now my youngest tends to still be around that but I prefer characters around 25-30.


i kinda always end up with..25-28 

it just feels like a good range, not too old and not too young


20 - 40. (I have few exceeding that range though, and some that are younger)


I am most comfortable making ocs range between 14-25 ! But i definitely thought about ocs younger or older than that age, since it could be interesting writing from that perspective but in most cases, i think it would just be nice to relate to my ocs so they aren't totally foreign to me fhghjfgdhjgfdjdfg


Typically somewhere in the 18-26 range, a pretty small age range, but I'm a fan of very action, intensive, and sometimes gorey stories, and young, reckless adults are great for that! I do still have plenty of characters that fall outside of that range though.


I have some characters who are exceptions. Like, I have one that's 7 at the youngest and others in their 50s but the bulk of my cast are young adults in their early to mid-twenties 22-28 and the exceptions are more often than not either their children or parents than just simply on their own.