Hug, Hang out, Hit the characters above you [IC]

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THREAD REMAKE BECAUSE I MESSED UP THE RULES plus maybe it's better if I follow the original game's rule shfhdsgsh


Is it time for another forum game? Yes it is.

To simplify, this is the SFW and all-age version of the Fuck/Marry/Kill game. You see the three IC above your claim? That's how your character choose any three of them to...

  • Hug: Self-explanatory. This is a 1000% friendly and platonic type of hug, btw.
  • Hang out: Be friends with and have a good time with them.
  • Hit: NOT THE FLIRT KIND OF HIT!!! But rather, a character that your character would fight and well, hit with maybe a frying pan or baseball bat. However you like, as long as it's meant to be mostly comedic.

(Can be shortened to Hu/Ha/Hi if you want. Also I'm not linking the original game because...well, it's 18+ only.)

Fun fact: The choices are not even the official SFW alternative to FMK (afaik), I just mixed ones that I can find and ended up going with the HHH rhyme-)


  • Like the original FMK game, you post IC and choose from three characters above your comment to either Hug, Hang out, or Hit!
  • You might want to change your IC once every often to make things less repetitive.
  • Wait until five posts to participate again. (Unless the last post was left for over 12 hours)
  • This is a SFW game meant for everyone to join so make sure to...
    • Avoid any form of romantic implications/interactions, unless any of the above user is okay with it (and there aren't any minor characters/users above you). Your safest bet is to just avoid any flirting or any implied romance altogether.
    • Don't be rude or passive aggressive either (flexible if it's for IC accuracy reason, but harassing or insulting type of comments are highly discouraged), this especially goes for your "Hit" response. Please don't just hit a character because you personally dislike them.
  • Try to at least include the reasons why your IC choose to Hug, Hang out or Hit the characters that they choose in each choices.
  • OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY ADVISED RULE: To avoid any misinterpretation based off solely design or a really short response, you should read the bio of each characters above you, if they have one. 
  • Any problems, please contact my main at @Kogami. 

In case anyone's still confused over the rules, here's an example:

*Post as Character D, three IC above them is Character A, Character B, and Character C (in order)*

- Hug: (Character B) - "You look like a someone who needs a little I would give a hug."
- Hang out: (Character C) - "You look cute and super friendly, let's be friends"
- Hit: (Character A) - "With a book. I'm bad with obnoxious people, I'm sorry."

...then Character E does the same but with B, C, D instead.

The first three posts won't have to do anything (since there's not enough characters, haha) The fourth IC will be the one that'll start the game!

Kokoro Hidamari Kogami

(Okay again the first three IC won't have to do anything, the fourth IC is the one that will start the game)

LOLLBACKED I remade the thread so you can rejoin again- (I'm sorry for the inconveniences ajhsahgdfad I'm dumb)

Elsie Eadie eadie

how about this lady?

Yuuto Nijimura Akeya


Ryn (🔹 RPG AU) Aarix

Hug: Kokoro

"You're pretty chirpy for a mage.... hah, I guess that's easier when you're young. Whatever. Bring it in, kid. Just keep your grubby mitts off my talismans."

Hang out: Yuuto

"Ugh, if I have to spend time with any of you, I guess you're my pick. You at least look like you know how to shut up... Have we hung out for long enough yet? What about I just buy some wine off you and we call it a day, huh?"

Hit: Elsie

"Square up, princess. Probably think you're way too good for me, there's no way you'd have anything in common with a street rat. I normally wouldn't hit a girl, but that's the game. And that's life."

I responded to the responses even tho I kno I'm not supposed to. because rpg ryn is out of control on this night

omg Sun i cry
"Shut up," Ryn hisses, recoiling, "Don't touch me."
He keeps his voice and gaze low. He doesn't want you to notice how fragile either of them are.

"Alright, s' fair. Just try not to hit me in the face. I need all the teeth I can get, thanks."

The Prince
"Yeah? 'N' I don't like blue-blooded little runts thinkin' they know the first goddamn thing about me. C'mon. Make it quick, I've got places to be."

Sun Swissy

Hug: Ryn
"You really really need a hug and someone to comfort you for what you've been through. It's a sense of pity, yes. But i dont care if you dont want it or need it, you deserve to atleast be comforted"

Hang Out: Elsie
"you seem to be a nice girl to hangout with. We can talk about lots of things and go to different places! And i will personally fight anyone who hurts you"

Hit: Yuuto
"I really have no choice! I have no intention to hurt you! You're a really nice guy you see? You... remind me of my husband. Similiar even. But i wouldn't hesitate to hit you softly just because you're too sweet haha. I hope that last sentence didn't offend you"

The Prince Historia

Hug: Sun

"You... seem pretty warm. In the realm that I'm trapped in, Badcadia really is a cold place, so I think warmth is the key to survival, eh?"

Hang Out: Phoebe

"You seem to be a very nice person. Can we hang out somewhere? Maybe in a public park, if that's okay?"

Hit: Ryn

"Honestly... I don't like hitting humans. But sorry, I'm too tempted to fight you. You seem really nice, though..."

♠RUSE FARCEAUR♠ haiiroko

Hug: The Prince

"I know I'm no human,, but no one should have to be lonely!!.." Ruse smiles, semi-genuinely, at the unnamed Prince.

Hang Out: Phoebe

"Wowza miss!! You're super cool,, and colorful too!! I love color!! Me and you can be friends,, right??" (phoebe is precious. im love her.)

Hit: Sun

"I'm not trying to be rude one bit miss,, but I'm afraid I have no other choice..?? It'll just be a friendly pat on the shoulder though!! We can be good friends,, right??"

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

(side)Hug: Phoebe

He wrapped his arm around Phoebe's shoulder as he kind of forced her to walk along with him, "yer famous roigh!? I was famous too at some point! Maybe yer and me can help each other out eh? Maybe yer can introduce me to some of yer famous friends eh?"

Hang out with: the prince. 

"Alright kiddo, a lad like yer, with a name like dat, should have a groovy place to 'ang out!" He said with a grin as sharp as a dagger. His grin however weakens as the prince started to talk. "What yea mean. Yer can't go back? Yer aren't rich anymore?"

Hit: Ruse farceaur.

"Not really..a punch, " he said carefully, "moire like a good'ol' stinky eye, " Roswell nodded. "Oi deal with the outcast, de weakest in society, yer do that as well, " he cocked his head, "Oi don't want yer to steal mé outcast do yer get me?" 

Chūsei Venezia-Futuris Wonderland

Hug - The Prince (kind of a hug anyway): Chūsei frowns, actually looking a little sad, "It sounds like you've been through a lot ye? Lot on ya shoulders..." She awkwardly pats his arm and shrugs, "I'm pretty good with a bat ye? Maybe I can help ya out a bit?"

Hang Out - Ruse: "Ya seem pretty fun, how about we go cause a little mayhem!" Chūsei grins, grabbing Ruse by the arm. "Come on, a few explosions, maybe a fight? There's a lot of trouble and mischief to be caused out there!"

Hit - Roswell: "Ya seem like a right jerk... I'd be more than happy to fight ya, just to see if ya any good." She twirls her bat and crunches the lollipop in her mouth, sticking her tongue out with crunched up red lolly on it, "Someone who isn't loyal to his kin don't deserve kindness."

Akemi Takeji Akeya

Hug - Chūsei: “You’re... Kind of special. I don’t know why, but I feel connected towards you. Maybe it’s because we’re both Japanese? Anyways, come here and give me a hug.” 

Hang out - Ruse Farceaur: “I mean, there’s no one else, so I have to pick you. You remind me of my friend. She’s loud and cheerful too so I can hang with you. I hand out with her all the time so this shouldnt be any diffefent.” 

Hit - Roswell: “I hate people like you. Arrogant and self-centered. And you’re a kleptomaniac? Even worse. If I ever met you, I swear I’d hit you.” 

- jojinju

Hug: Roswell

Yzavelle was nervous for a bit before she had finally earned the confidence to hug the man, "A lot of people seem to hit you but I think everyone has a soft spot somewhere. Well, some don't but I believe everyone deserves a chance to be appreciated once in awhile."

Hang Out: Akemi

The black haired girl approached Akemi, tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention, once she had gotten it she smiled warmly at her, "Sorry if this was all so sudden but you seem like a really cool person." She stated and cleared her throat, "Would you like to hang out sometime?"

Hit: Chūsei

Yza had accidentally bumped into Chūsei while walking, "I'm so sorry about that!" She apologized over and over again before stopping and examining the person, "I.. I think I heard of you before." She thought over it before remembering, "Oh! I heard you were really good at fighting. If you have more time can you teach me a few things about fighting? I'm not very good at it.."

Pacify Saltminer

Hug: Chūsei 

Pacify clasped her hands together in admiration. “You’ve been through— so much!” She sighed. “What a resilient lady you are. I really admire all your hard work.”

Hang Out: Yzavelle

She cocked her head. “Mysterious. I’d like to get to know you more.”

Hit: Akemi

Flinching, Pacify narrowed her eyes. “I’m sorry, but you’re the last option... but hey, at least I’m a pacifist. I can’t hit you. I guess I’ll hit you with a sense of justice instead?” She grinned. “Keep your nose clean, and we’ll have no trouble!”

(Fixed it! My bad, I didn’t read the rules closely enough, sorry)

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Yunosuke Kogami

(Saltminer Not sure where did those characters come from but you should answer with the three characters above your comment, which is Chūsei, Akemi and Yzavelle ^^)


(Anyways I'll continue the flow of the game:)

Hug: Akemi

"If you need someone to talk with or even a slight comfort....I don't mind it okay? I know, opening up to people after going through your past is not easy."

Hang out: Pacify

"Superheroes are super cool! I would love to get along with one~ Also I admire you for being a strong women and never use violence for justice~"

Hit: Yzavelle

(OOC: I noticed that the written profile is a placeholder text from the original HTML template so I'm answering based off the small intro/design/moodboard if that's okay with you)

"Ah don't get me wrong, don't get me wrong~ I wouldn't fight anyone for no reasons myself, but you like supernaturals, huh? Can you summon anything with it, because I'd love to challenge one in a game if you can~"