LF: Art of my male OCs / O: $ [OPEN]

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Looking for an artist who can draw either of my OCs Valentine or Aurelio, possibly even together. I'm building a backlog of artists I want to commission and will bookmark y'all whose art-style I'm interested in! This is open indefinitely.

One of them is a male crossdresser and the other has darker skin so please be comfortable with drawing those things. I don't wanna make my mans look like a full-blown cis lady and the other be pale/ashy. I don't have a set budget!

I AM looking for: Anime styles, chibis (can be detailed or simple). My pixiv bookmarks and TH favorites should be a good showcase of the art-styles I lean towards for males.

I am NOT looking for: Moe anime type art (think of re:zero and idol anime), cartoony style, anthro/furries

Show me your goods! I'll pay via PayPal, no trades please. I’m not limiting the submissions I get either so don’t feel pressured about the amount of comments before you! Thank uuuu

Also adding, PLEASE DON'T POST MORE THAN ONCE. I see everyone's replies and I automatically discard people who multi-post from my commission list. If I don't respond, I'm probably not interested.


Helloo I have commissions open!

Examples: https://pamelooart.weebly.com/

Commission info: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/91916.-custom-characters-weapons-illustrations

Thanks for considering, let me know if you have any questions!


Hi! Please take a look to my commission sheet! Please let me know if you are interested ^ ^



Hi! Please check out my commission sheet!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CCe3Afll7Vy/ let me know if you are interested~


Hello! Here's my commission info Thank you for your time!


Hello~ 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

I only have sketchy bust commissions open at this moment. The prices are 12 usd for a monochrome one with no to little added color and 30 for a full colored one. This is the commission info and here be an example: 


Thank you for looking~


hi there! i'd love to do a piece for you! here's my commissions for more info!

  • Portrait: $5+
  • Waist up: $10+
  • Full body: $15+
Flat color
  • Portrait: $20+
  • Waist up: $30+
  • Full body: $50+
Full color
  • Portrait: $30+
  • Waist up: $50+
  • Full body: $80+

*bg are $30+ depending on complexity.


Hey there!

You can find my prices and examples here: https://ironborn.carrd.co

Thanks for the opportunity ✨


Here is my commission info! Hope you find what you're looking for!


My significant other is trying to get started and I want to help him out, here's his commission page! I hope you'll be interested! https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/159300.---cheap-sketch-commissions


Hiya! I'd be happy to draw either Valentine or Aurelio (Or both!) for you! I can always slightly adapt my own style to go for something more like you provided in your Pixiv bookmarks/TH favs.  

My Commission Thread: https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/154073.-open-elodie-s-art-commissions-3-5-slots-

Let me know if you have any questions!


Owo Boys you say ! XD       
hahahah valentine looks very interesting XDD
o3 O here is the link of my art shop if my style is your interest - https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/96297.fear-the-old-blood-artshop-open-2-slot-?page=0

and o3 o me and my friend collab shop - https://toyhou.se/~forums/71.art-marketplace/155437.emerald-and-neizfer-art-commission-open-



Here's my gallery containing my latest pieces





Colored Art

☆ Bust Shot $35

☆ Waist Up Shot $55

☆ Full Body Shot $75

☆ Extra Character -20%

Additional Background (Portrait)

☆ Simple $15 (Flowers or Simple Patterns)

☆ Standard $30 (Nature Environment, Non-Structural)

☆ Complex $65 (Structural, Populated BG, Complex Environment)

If you're interested, kindly let me know! You can reach me via private messaging or through the following:

Discord Chat: Axel#5357

E-mail: [email protected]


Hi~ if you're interested here are some samples here and there as well as my commission offers~ uwu


Hello! If you're interested, here's my commission information! :D