Favourite TH threads

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by ElithianFox

Since some threads sometimes tend to get bumped to the back of the forum, I'm making a list with all my favourite threads and linking it to my frontpage so that I can easily access them and check if I can post.

Pick and choose games

▶︎ Choose an OC for the person above you to develop
▶︎ Favourite picture of the above OC
▶︎ Favourite artwork from the person above
▶︎ Favourite a character and explain why
▶︎ Who do you prefer between?
▶︎ Your OC's favourite OC of the person above

Feedback and critique games

▶︎ Rate the character design above you
▶︎ Rate the character above you
▶︎ What do you like about the above user's OCs?

Development games

▶︎ Write a headcanon about the OC above
▶︎ Make an assumption about the character above
▶︎ Ask a themed question to the above OC
▶︎ Ask the person above OOC about their OC
▶︎ Guess the character's personality
▶︎ Create a backstory for the character above you
▶︎ What job do you think the above OC has?
▶︎ What ability would the OC above have?
▶︎ Guess the sexual orientation
▶︎ Guess the above OC's secret
▶︎ Give the above OC a weapon and/or fighting style
▶︎ What age do you think the above OC is?

IC and OOC games

▶︎ What does your OC think of the OC above?
▶︎ The above OC is after you - how screwed are you?
▶︎ Write a physical description of the above OC
▶︎ I want to see a character who...
▶︎ Two truths and a lie - character edition
▶︎ Praise/compliment the OC above
▶︎ Give advice to the OC above you
▶︎ What is/are the above OC's Pokemon types?
▶︎ The ^<v thread
▶︎ Pick an alignment for the OC above

Art games

▶︎ ✨ Draw for the person above you! ✨
▶︎ Create a character
▶︎ Create an outfit
▶︎ Grant a wish

Generally useful threads

▶︎ Name at first sight
▶︎ How well known are you on TH?
▶︎ Show off your newest character
▶︎ Show off your newest character art
▶︎ Your character profiles


Ooh this is a smart idea, and there are some threads in here that I keep losing too. Maybe I should make my own version of this....

You should! I sometimes find threads I love but forgot about because they had been inactive for a week and I could perfectly revive them ;v;