Weird Nicknames for Characters

Posted 6 months, 19 days ago by RustHeart

I have taken to giving my characters weird nicknames.  Also my friends give them nicknames.  What are some nicknames that your characters have picked up?

Error has been called Glitchy, Glitchface, Glitched Burnt Fruit Smoothie and Tree!Sans
I call Inkstone a burnt marshmallow
Glitch and one of my friend's characters are called Small Puffs of Anger
Photo is Banana!Sans and Neon Ball of Anxiety
Nightmare is Purple Nurple Nightmare Child or Lorax!Sans
Ink has been called Inky, Inko, Inkster, Inkstain and many others
Alex is the pissy healer boy
Duncan has been called Dankcan and Buff Boi Duncan (he's an innocent bean why have you done this!?)
Fenn is a popsicle apparently
Electro is a gooey boi

Then there are nicknames of my friend's characters.....
Stinky Trollman (Karkat)
Shades Penis Man (Dave)


Leo used to be a very different character named Egg. I rarely ever call him that anymore and I actually forgot that was his previous name, to be honest. I only call him that for memes and jokes, though.

Quam is sometimes called Vidi in reference to music I've been recently singing in choir, Vidi Aquam.


I frequently refer to Francis as Captain Resting Bitch Face. He has resting bitch face and often utilizes it to his advantage. 

I describe William as a Sarcastic Ray of Sunshine often enough when making story/character notes in my phone that it's stuck to mind as a weird nickname.

Lancaster Jackwell wormancer

party renamed him Lanky Mad while I was offline, still have no clue why

Alistair McLain (Actino Volain) AlleycatIrony

his nickname is 'air conditioner' and i was so lowkey sad that i can't apply that to his human AU self bc his name didn't have the 'AC' like 'actino' did so i gave him the middle name colin(s) so his initials are AC and it still applies


Soudelour is Soup
Octav is any variation of (NSFW/nonsense 2-syllable word that ends with -us or -us) (1 random "aah" syllable)assador - ex. Bepis Hambassador
Cemlys is just "bastard"
Wormwood is Warmwad, Woody, Wourmwot, etc.

Also Michael used to be "Magic Mike" and I still hate myself for that one

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

I always call Roswell, Tosti. Ros - Tos -Tosti

Weenus (Arche Borkowski) _exxus_

meet 'weenus peenus'


i call fletcher here "ass pecker" sometimes bc he reminds me of a bird and kicks ass ... its really a strange name gNFHG i have plenty of others too

  • rinri - que golazo, no real reason its just smth he says a lot and i find it rlly funny
  • aizen - asszen. not cause hes an ass but bc of his ass
  • tatsuya - lollipop bich. my friend started calling him this and i just picked it up
  • mio - bee boy. his shirt
these are just the "stranger" ones, i refer to my characters a lot by other "nicknames" (ex. i sometimes call aizen "that chunni nurse"), but that really is just a way to describe who they are? other nicknames arent rlly very "weird", just affectionate, such as how koba is called koba boba by me, my gf, and his bf kosei. plus some of these nicknaming things are things my gfs charas call them that just stick, and vice versa. kosei is called "long football senpai" by rinri, and sometimes i use this to refer to him bc thats what rinri does.
Colgate 💖 birthday

justin chose colgate for his rap name and makes everyone call him that so that could apply :'D him dressing like toothpaste kind of enforces it too

jaivin is called scammer by his friends because even though hes rich, they think he looks like a shady car salesman when he dresses up

also not exactly unusual but antonio calls himself papi chulo and every time i think about that it makes me laugh

Beppe DukRuk

 His main  nickname is space pirate,  he was inspired by outer space and he was once a pirate when I drafted his first story. His other  nickname is Bepper, Beppe  plus his last name gives him the right to use Bepper as his nickname.

Kanaye Hebichi centipede

Kanaye has been called Kan, of course, but also:

  • Kanaenae
  • Kanye
  • Kanaya
  • Zankan (which is actually the name of another character--)
  • Feral Catgirl
  • Crusty Bastard Meat

it's fun. it's a fun time.

Peter Jensen cyantrashcan
  • 🅱️eter
  • peet instead of pete
  • stinky bastard man
  • gross boy
  • bastard
  • hes. just a bastard


  • Kelby (derived from a typo)
  • Goat Boi
  • Best Boi
  • A lot of bois basically
  • Plant Daddy
  • Car Lady
  • Aesthetic Lady