「Suggestions & Bugs FAQ」

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by _featherweather

just a small hub of a lot of the questions i see get posted often.

feel free to ask any basic questions, although probably around 3/4 of the time, if it's not answered here,
i'll probably direct you to making a help ticket because it's probably an issue
or bug mods will have to answer.

please note this is all unofficial and not run by mods!!


Table of Contents & Links Out


Common questions

- How do I tag / ping a user?

To ping someone you type "@ username" with no spaces. Make sure you type the user name correctly, as editing in a ping does not notify them of the message.

There is no need to ping the owner of a thread as they are notified automatically. 

- how do I make a folder?

Head to your folder manager! This can be done by going to your settings under the manage section.

- where do I get an invite code?

The easiest way is to go premium - you get 2 invite codes a week. If you don't want to or just need a couple, go to the invite code request thread.

- how can I change my username?

Before you had to request a username change from the mods but now you can change your username once a month in your settings (direct link here). Please note that, unlike dA, your old username isn't attached to your account and any links that include your username breaks. Also, someone can take your old name. 

- how do I use profile codes/custom HTML/custom CSS/etc?

Uke explains how here.  If you have questions about coding profiles, they should be directed to this thread

If you're interested in finding pretty codes, please check out Coder Directory which lists out a lot of the coders here on ToyHou.se.

- how do I search for something on site?

There is a search bar! It's in the footer at the bottom of every page. Yes it's not very intuitive but it's there. You can search by keyword (in the character name and text), tag (added by users), or designer. How well it works is... um... questionable.

Searching for particular threads is a feature available to premium members, but it's very slow and still in the testing phase.

- how do I add a watermark to an image?

Go to your settings and head to your watermarks. You can upload and set your default watermark settings there. This applies to all future uploads and does not change the watermarks of images you already have uploaded.

To add watermarks to already existing images, you can go through a characters "manage image" section. If you're updating the watermarks on a lot of characters at the same time, use the image manager in your account settings.

Before uploading an image for a watermark, you'll have to edit the opacity and all that fun stuff because you can't edit it on site. If it ends up being too dark/light on the image, you'll have to delete and re-up.

- How do I report a bug or issue?

Check out the HelpDesk, which is linked in the footer at the bottom of every page. If you're reporting a particular thread or character, use the report button near the thread title or the character's side bar.

- How do I get premium / what are the perks of premium?

You can purchase premium in your settings (it's at the very bottom, link here).

The perks include getting 2 free invite codes a week, the ability to use CSS in profiles and character pages, and... a couple of other things (such as the mass editor, however that is currently usable by all toyhou.se users)

You can purchase premium for other users. 

Buying premium helps support the site.

- How do I contact a mod?

Easiest way is to file a helpdesk ticket.

also, thanks to Nonstop for providing here - staff members have crowns next to their names. also if you hover over their username, it shows that they are staff.


Common Suggested Features?

So when a feature is implemented, I'll move it up to "Common Questions" instead.

- Can we co-own characters?

The fact that it's under suggested features and not common questions kind of answers it for you but no, there is currently no way to "co own" a single character.

At this time, two versions of a character will have to exist. You can now upload an image to both versions of a character at this time though, that's cool.

This is a commonly requested feature (if not the most requested one) and it's on the to-do list just... no idea how long until that to do happens. Minsu has admitted that the implementation is giving the coders problems about a year ago?

- Can we credit multiple people for an artwork?

- Can we sort favorites?

- Can we auto sort images? Can we pin images to always remain on the main page of my character?

Also commonly requested but not implemented at this time. You can manually sort images so the correct ones show in the front.

- Why is there no app?

Mostly because the site is still in invite beta. The site renders fine in mobile for most users however there are known bugs on mobile.

- Literature submissions?

Implemented as of 10 June 2018!


Common problems and how to fix them

- I'm not getting pings!

The most common culprits for pings not working are:

  • You enabled quiet mode. Check your settings - if quiet mode is toggled on, you will not receive notifications from anyone other than those you authorize.
  • Someone edited the ping in. You are not notified if a ping is added after a post is made.

- My image won't upload!

First step - check the image size and type. TH only takes .png, .gif, and .jpg files up to 4MB in size so if the image you're uploading is too big or not the right file type, edit and re-save and see if that works. (ToyHou.se often doesn't give you the right error message when

If the size and type are fine and you're having issues, check to see if the rest of the site is running weird. If something's wrong with TH itself or there's an update, that can cause issues on other parts of the site, including uploads.

I can't upload a character, even if it's blank.

If you're having problems making characters, even ones with no pictures or anything in them, it might be a cache issue. 

Try logging into another browser or device and creating the character there to see if it works. In my experience, that cleared up the issue the vast majority of the time. The times it didn't, the whole site was having issues so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When the above doesn't work, file a ticket. The admin team generally gets to bugs like that faster than posting about it here.

I can't embed a sound file / youtube video!

This is not a bug actually, the coding team for ToyHou.se decided to not allow users to be able to embed sound/video files and other code. 

You can still link them just fine, but you can't set it up to like autoplay when someone visits a certain character profile.

I can't toggle for an In Character post! / I keep posting In Character!

Known issue, especially on mobile (especially on Apple), that can be frustrating if you switch from character games to regular forums often.


Reporting  & Blocking

- how do I report someone / a thread / a character? 

Every userpage has a button on their sidebar at the bottom to report a user. The three report categories are Miscellaneous, Harassment, and Scammer.

Every thread has a report button as well, located right below the page numbers / above the thread name. The report categories are Miscellaneous, Spam, Harassment, Incorrect Forum, Deletion Request, and Unflagged NSFW.

Characters can be reported as well - the location of the report button is also on the sidebar. The categories for reporting a character are Miscellaneous, Stolen Character, Improper Credit, Unflagged NSFW.

Good rule of thumb is to keep links (even if the location the issue happens to be deleted, mods can still research it), archive it, or take screenshots. ToyHou,se staff can only do so much for issues happening on site (like in discord servers, tumblr, deviantart). 

- how do I block someone?

You can block a user, thread, or character. Generally the block button is next to / above the report button.

- what does blocking do?

Blocking makes it so you can no longer interact with a person, character, or thread.

If you block a user, you cannot see their user page, their characters, threads they created, or posts they make. Likewise, users you have blocked cannot see your posts, message you, see your threads or posts.

- what is an IP block?

When you normally block someone, they can use another account or log off and they can see the content they are blocked from (however if they message you, that is considered block evading and is a serious offense that should be reported to mods!)

An IP block makes it that anyone using the same IP that you have blocked remains blocked even if they're not on the blocked username.

There are some drawbacks however - IPs of a user can change, especially if they log into TH with different networks or devices. Blocking an IP can also cause unrelated users to be unable to view your content if the blocked user was on free wifi (such as in a school or library). It has also been possible to IP block yourself which really sucks.


Slightly less common &/or complex questions 

- How to set right to left text?

Important for text in other languages (i.e. arabic, hebrew, etc). Add dir="rtl" into the <p> tag (or whichever tag you're writing in) and the text will format correctly.

- Why does it take the admins so long to get to my issue / update the site?

Mostly because ToyHou.se is a side project for them and they have lives and jobs and paying gigs.  Yeah it can be frustrating, but they made this site, and maintain this site because they want to. There's no ads, premium membership fees go towards keeping the site running (and I have no idea if said fees are enough to keep the site up or if the mods are paying the rest out of pocket). 

- Are there other alternative to ToyHou.se?

Plenty if you're willing to look.

Some I can think of off the top of my head are RPRepository, CharaHub, and RefSheet.

You can keep your characters on Tumblr and GoogleDocs or Sta.sh. F-List can be a possible (NSFW) alternative. I've also heard of https://www.notebook.ai (cannot comment on it though since I've never used it). Make a wix or proboards or jcink or amino.

There's other options out there, if you don't like ToyHou.se.


Known Bugs 

- individual cropping of images with multiple characters work per character, but watermarks do not.


_featherweather I know this wasn't a requested sticky thread but it's still useful so I went ahead and stickied it. Please let me know if you'd prefer otherwise!


minsu thanks! I wanted to see if it actually proves helpful before requesting a sticky lol.

Actually I have a few new things to add based off some of your recent answers to various threads. Good to know premium covers upkeep now so y'all aren't pulling more cash out of your own pockets 


ChewToys this issue was mentioned A few months ago after tagging multiple characters became possible but AFAIK there hasn't been a fix or resolution other than uploading two copies of the art so you can each have a copy watermarked as you prefer or create a joint watermark/crop (whixh obvs aren't the greatest fixes).

I can totally put in a help desk ticket and update you on any mod response or you can put one in yourself with the info you provided - I'll put this issue in commonly suggested features when I'm home o3ob 


_featherweather ChewToys

actually i think the bug was supposed to be patched in this update? maybe i misinterpreted the line "This latest update should introduce character-specific watermarks and privacy settings into multi-character images".


Nonstop ChewToys 

Sweet! Did test this during my break and the cropping works individually for each character, which is good. 

However watermarks are changing for both image owners. I tested with one of my images and updating it between two different accounts and if I change the watermark or image settings on one they change on both on nearly every test I could think of.


I´d like to suggest a feature that makes it able to chose one image from the gallery of a character that´s gets featured somewhere on the profile info box as reference sheet (or something similar to this).


JB-Pawstep that and pinned gallery images have been requested a number of times and mod team has stated they'll look into it, so hopefully a future update will include it