might use the free crown one for a couple ^^


Yup! I took a part of code from another FTU Template by Coywolfy because i really wasn't sure what to do. So if it seems out of place or anything thats why ^^'


Uwah, love your templates! Going to use the school ID one in the future!


using the simple crown and the moodboard! tysm!


Hi! I’m interested in buying a code, but I can’t purchase through gumroad (I don’t have a card u.u). Is there any other way I can pay you?


Using some free to use, tysm! 👓💛


oooh I love these! Def using some!


Ah i love these one! I happen to be using them for my sonas~


hey there i love your work! i just bought the simple aesthetic css code myself!

i have an issue though, its saying there is an issue with the code in line 1 and it won't work properly, what should i do?


itsgerce hey there, first off thanks!

Did it first give you an issue with the unedited code from the download or had it given you issued after editing any of the code? Secondly, can you either send me a screen shot of the code or send me a text file of it so I can take a look?


de-mise if you can DM me your email I can do payment via paypal and email you the file~!


Aa thank you so much TT !! I’ve sent you a PM!