A strange, wonderful world of bright colorful cartoon animals getting lost in their imaginations.

Pennyverse is primarily told from the perspective of a trio of new arrivals to Apricot Bay, a mild coastal town surrounded by miles of unexplored wilderness: Sebastian, an easily-stressed and booky yellow-and-blue armadillo, Kevin, an abnormally large aardwolf who only wants to love and protect his friends, and of course, Penny, an orange, hyperactive, sassy kitty who climbs on everything (mostly Kevin). The three left The City after the events of Darkpenny, where Penny goes missing and Sebastian and Kevin go through Hell to save her.

They're surrounded by a variety of weirdos much like them. Some were born in Apricot Bay and live for it; others, like the trio, came from much worse places to find stability. Whatever they see in it, and whatever they desire, the town has a tendency to deliver...just not as they might expect.

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