Pennyverse is an ongoing storytelling project involving the coinciding stories of two recent arrivals to a tiny, overgrown, isolated coastal village named Apricot Bay around the turn of the millennium, right in the midst of a war between two neighboring settlement guardians. The perpetually-irritated Sebastian and his chaotic friends Kevin and Penny make up one plotline; a small, abandoned teenage raccoon named Colton, who's soon taken in by the old gay bohemian hippie Art Gallery owner, makes up the other.

As they acclimate to the weather and to the town's strange but friendly atmosphere, they soon learn the town and her Guardian's decay is the result of a being called The Spirit of the City trying to cast disunity and misery over its residents, causing them to pack up and leave, killing the Guardian and the community she feeds off of, and claiming the land for City developers to inadvertently help him sustain his own growth and power instead.

The Spirit plays dirty, coming in on the backs of the recent arrivals, but will they stand as a reservoir for his powers forever, or will the town's residents help ease their City folk tendencies before long?

Latest Bulletin

Hey! Listen Up!

Posted 4 years, 7 months ago by  Sebastian caby

The bios got finished yesterday, if you didn't notice. So if you're just dying to know more about the gibbering lunatics that live around here (or me), have fun. I'm sure this isn't all of them too. This town loves surprises.

There's still another story or two to tell before the end of the month, I'm told, but I'm exhausted from life and being a model now, I guess. You tell me why that cavy girl needed to sit there drawing me for two-and-a-half hours.

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