Laurelle Corona

W e l c o m e!
Hark! A new dawn approaches!
laurelle-corona.gif?4Laurelle Corona is a new ARPG that centers around the Laurelle species. Here you can embark on quests, level up your character, battle foes, buy a home, collect pets, and more!

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Music by primalsheep


11/13/22Corruption Quest is now live and can be completed to corrupt your laurelle! Additionally gold purchasable MYO slots and corrupt subtype item have been added to the shop!

12/23/21The free MYO event has officially concluded — thank you for joining!

11/13/21For the first time Laurelle Corona is opening a completely free MYO event! Go here to learn more!

8/15/21Join our Discord Server for a brand new summer event! Also we're hosting a FTO/Non-owner MYO slot raffle over on deviantART here! You can earn an additional ticket for joining the world and more.

1/10/21 Our new Housing System is live! Please check out our new pages 'The Three Houses' and 'Leveling & Rewards.' Our currency system page has also been updated with information about EXP.

1/7/21 ”The time to pick a path approaches...”

10/12/20 MYO Slot opening! Please view the newest bulletin for more info.

9/28/20 Our new visual Laurelle Masterlist has been released on DeviantART! In addition we've also written up a masterlist guide - please be sure to read it over for help with MYO submissions, character transfers and more.


  1. Laurelle Corona is a Closed Species: please do not make a laurelle without a MYO slot.
  2. This ARPG is a WIP and lore and gameplay elements may be subject to change, this may include needing to rewrite aspects of your character but generally we're happy to work with people to avoid this if possible.
  3. Must be at least 18 years old to be part of the Laurelle community.
  4. Do not be toxic or malicious. This behavior includes (but is not limited to) using slurs, bullying, vague shading, alienating group members, and abusive behavior. Targeted harassment will not be tolerated and will warrant a ban from the Laurelle Corona Server. If you can't be nice, don't participate in the group.
  5. Please provide proper credit to the closed species when sharing art of your laurelle outside of the group! And sharing art of work-in-progress, unofficial MYO laurelles outside the discord server is not allowed.



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