Rank Up System


Laurelles have the ability to grow stronger and level-up by earning victories. Within the ARPG, they can do so by doing special quests or participating in special events... as flavor text and lore outside of the ARPG systems, you can write their victories separate from how they were acquired in game! A laurelle's victories and level progression are tracked by earning "starpoints." Starpoints are gained by doing certain quests**, after completing the respective number of quests you'll be eligible to complete a Level-Up quest, so that means you can stay your level if you so choose until the Level-Up quest is complete.

** House Quests, Starpoint Quests, and Random Discord Quests can all be done to earn starpoints... with more ways coming in the future!

The Level-Up Quest requires the player to draw (or have drawn by someone else) a new reference for their laurelle featuring their newly acquired rank. The approval process is similar to getting a MYO approved. The reference must be at least a flat-color fullbody image that shows their summon; with it you must include a description of any magic they might have acquired, and how they use their summon. After you've completed your reference + description, send it to breeveyten for approval. This quest must be complete in order to gain any more star points for your laurelle!

Your Laurelle's Star Stage determines how many starpoints they need to earn.
For example: Rank 1 has one star, therefore they need to earn 5 starpoints (because 1 star has 5 points to it!). Rank 2 they need to earn 10 starpoints, and Rank 3 they need to earn 15 starpoints. Rank 4 laurelles can technically acquire starpoints, but cannot level up! Starpoints reset upon ranking up, so a total of 30 need to be earned to turn a 1-Star laurelle into a 4-Star.

Different ranks/stages allow for different benefits. You can read this guide to see what capabilities are available for each rank.