Terms of Service

   Laurelle Corona Terms of Service

  • Laurelle-Corona is a closed species ARPG, meaning you are not allowed to make a laurelle/plume without permission or without a MYO(Make your own) slot. MYO Slots can be purchased here: Laurelle Corona Toyhouse
  • By obtaining ownership over a laurelle or plume you automatically agree to these terms.
    • Repeatedly breaking the TOS or committing any major violations will lead to blacklisting and any applicable designs and in-game items being voided.

General Terms

  • Adoptables, designs, and artworks sold under the breeveyten account or under the Laurelle-Corona name cannot be used commercially. 
  • Do not trace or alter the original artwork created by breeveyten or sold under the breeveyten account without explicit permission.
  • All adoptables can be gifted for free to another user. Please make sure to refer to the Laurelle Archives and read the journal(s) so you know how to comment on your laurelle to let us know of any ownership transfers.
  • Link back to the breeveyten account, or the original artist's account if you post the original art on a different account or platform. Do not claim any of these artworks as your own.
  • If posting your laurelle onto Toyhouse please credit breevey10 with the design. 

Trading & Reselling

  • All parties of a trade/resell are responsible with knowing the Laurelle Corona ToS, and therefore will be held accountable if any terms have been broken.
  • All ownership transfers can be found on the Laurelle Corona Masterlist .  "To have an ownership transfer you must comment on the laurelle's master list entry and @ the user you are transferring the design to, as well as the method of transfer (resale, trade, gift, etc.)"  
  • All designs with a price listed on the master list can be sold up to that price.
    • If a design was obtained initially via purchase, it can be resold for up to that amount or exchanged with another user for a voucher. Please refer to the masterlist to see how much your laurelle can be resold up to. Unless the design was made in 2019-March 2020 and comes with additional art such as commissioned works or gift art. This only applies to designs made by breeveyten. The date in which the design was uploaded onto breeveyten's deviantart is the date they were made 'official'. Please respect any guest artists' ToS. 
    • If a design was obtained initially via trade, it can be traded for other designs, artwork, or other goods. It cannot be sold, unless it was a design released in 2019- March 2020 by breeveyten and has additional art such as commissions with it.
    • Paid commissions can add to the base value of a laurelle. Please message breeveyten to get your laurelle appraised and approved so the masterlist may be updated with the laurelle's new price.
  • Designs won from free raffles may not be resold or used for vouchers, only gifted or traded or returned back to the group.
  • You may transfer the rights of a laurelle/plume or MYO slot through trading, reselling(no more than the original price), and/or gifting. New owners must be made aware of this TOS and any ownership transfers must be noted(or dm on discord) to breeveyten to be logged.
  • MYO designs can be traded, gifted or resold for no more than the listed price on the master list unless it comes with additional commissioned art. The price of commissioned art can be added onto the initial price of the MYO design. Gift art and traits bought with in-game currency cannot add to the total of the resale price. 
    • MYOs that have been gifted can only be traded or gifted.
  • Additional terms made between individual buyers and sellers aren't officially protected by Laurelle-Corona and cannot be enforced by the group.
  • Under no circumstances can a Laurelle/plume be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. Nor can they be used to mint an NFT.


  • All payments for designs, MYO slots, commissions, and custom slots are made in USD through PayPal. The buyer will be invoiced for all payments. Payments to breeveyten must be paid upfront, at least half of the total payment if the total payment is at least $100. Payment plans can be discussed.
  • A claimed design or custom slot must be paid for within 24 hours of the invoice being sent unless otherwise discussed with the artist. If payment is not sent within this time, the design or slot will be put up for sale again for another user to purchase. 
  • See breeveyten 's TOS for more detail: Terms of Service
  •  Do not file charge backs against breeveyten or any artists selling under the breeveyten account. In the event of a charge back you will be blacklisted from Laurelle-Corona and all sales on the breeveyten account.
    You lose all rights to work, design, custom, artwork, or slot that has had a chargeback filed on it. If you file a charge back all work and adopts covered in said charge back with have ownership revoked as they have no longer been paid for. The artist creating that work has the right to resell or re purpose any revoked designs, custom work, and commissions.
  • Refunds will not be given for any purchased adoptables, designs, artwork, custom slots, or MYO slots. All sales are final.
  • Full refunds will not be given out for any custom designs that have been started unless the work cannot be completed. In this case, a partial refund can be discussed with the buyer.
  • For auctions, backing out of a bid will result in being blacklisted. 
  • Accounts must be at least a month old to participate in bids unless the user has proof of an older existing account.


  • Designers retain showcase rights to their design. This includes all copyrights, rights to the intellectual property, and the rights to distribute, reproduce, and use in their online galleries. Artists will not reuse or resell the design again for personal and commercial projects, unless the design has been traded back to them or the design has been reclaimed due to TOS violation(s).
  • Ownership of laurelles require the laurelles stay within the Laurelle Corona universe and can not be listed as otherwise. Laurelles can have AU forms but must always have their closed species form listed plainly so not to cause confusion with a one-off design. 
  • Custom designed laurelles with AU forms or laurelles based off of pre-existing ocs must have all forms given away if the laurelle is sold/traded/gifted to someone else. Those AU forms may not continue being used separately from the original form unless significant design changes are made so it no longer resembles the laurelle form.
  • Ownership of laurelles can be revoked from an individual with repeated offenses and who is black listed from the group. Any laurelles and plumes will be voided and cannot be used any further in the group or ARPG.


  • You are not allowed to edit the original design of a laurelle or plume to change the overall design. Some design changes can be made without in-game purchases such as, drawing your laurelle trying out a new hair style, having an alt outfit, or exploring alternate universe looks of your laurelle. 
    • Buying the appropriate shop items is necessary to change things such as, traits and summons.
  • Plagiarizing another laurelle is strictly prohibited along with making a design closely resembling another without permission. 
  • When it comes to copywritten characters, please reference Toyhouse's rules on the matter, and keep these rules in mind when thinking about where you're drawing your inspiration from;

We do not host canon character re-uploads. This includes:

-Direct re-uploads of characters that exist in published media

-Direct AU versions, re-designs or kinsonas of these characters, who share the same name, personality, and identity.

Regarding Canon-Inspired Characters:

We allow canon-inspired characters specifically where it's clear they're an original character who has been inspired by the canon content, rather than AU fanart and fanfic of a canon character. As long as your character has their own name, and a profile/design that reflects they're intended to be individual from the canon character and are not literally the canon character, they should be fine to upload. Adding some background to the character's profile to explain who they are will help a lot to ensure they don't get mixed up.

Don't advertise these as for sale or trade on-site.

(I will try my best to keep this ToS page updated, but if you'd like to double check and make sure you're reading the most up to date ToS you can read it here: https://sta.sh/02ekkuahcmmt )

Last Updated: 1/11/2021