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Closed Species, do not make any on your own without permission

L A U R E L L E    C O R O N A  


Wreaths, Victory, Crowns, and Weapons

Laurelle is a species of humanoids who develop wreaths on their heads, and that wreath grows as a person gains victories. As the wreath grows, it manifests a weapon/tool perfectly suited to the wielder. Victories can be obtained from battles, missions, completed deeds, etc. Victories don't necessarily need to be "good".

Laurelle ears are organic and plant-like, their ears are where a wreath will start to grow from. The material of the ears is an organic mix between plant fiber and cartilage, it's pliable and sturdy and can even change colors with the seasons. It is also possible to decorate with ear piercings and jewelry. A laurelle's wreath will start off being of a similar material but as one ranks up, the wreath will change as it becomes more imbued with inherent power.



  • Laurelles can come in many shapes and sizes, similar to the variety of humans in terms of height and weight. In terms of strength, they can surpass humans by a large margin.
  • Their skeletal structure is also similar to humans, but with much stronger and far more flexible bones (making it easier to form horns).
  • Laurelle hair is very light, acts like sheer fabric, and is very floaty. Round soft brushes are usually the best tool for grooming Laurelle hair!
  • A 1-2 star laurelle's wreath can shed, but will grow back, similar to how human hair works. It will hurt if a wreath is tugged at or damaged up until rank 3; at stage 4, a wreath will become a sort of ethereal "halo" and cannot be physically harmed, but is tangible per the Laurelle's desire. 
  • The average life span typically depends on the stage a Laurelle is at. For example, a stage 3 Laurelle can live up to 200 years while a stage 1 Laurelle can live up to 100. A Laurelle's life span will extend whenever a Laurelle progresses a stage. At stage 4 a Laurelle can reach near immortality. They can't die from old age, but can be killed in battle, or by deadly diseases.
  • Most Laurelle appear very young despite having been around for much longer than you'd expect. Elderly-looking Laurelles are quite rare, but highly respected!
  • Laurelle need to consume lots of water! They do not need to consume a daily intake of nutrients, but hydration is very necessary for their health and survival. When they do eat, they can eat a lot. Laurelle can eat meat and veggies if they so desire.



There are 4 recorded stages of wreath evolution. Wreaths are organic, plant-like crowns that grow from behind a Laurelle's ears.


Rank 1    : The beginning - 1 victory. This is when a Laurelle gains their wreath and weapon/tool. 1-Starwreaths should generally be leafy, or at the very least follow an organic, natural design structure. There are no color limitations on wreaths and they can be stylized to resemble things like metal filigree or have somewhat inorganic designs, but should stay closely aligned with nature. 1-Star wreaths should remain close to the head and not raise too far above it. Minor magical effects can be given to the wreath if it ties into the laurelle's magic; a laurelle with fire magic could have a wreath that is burnt or glowing with heat towards the ends, or a laurelle with frost magic could have ice covered leaves, etc.

Rank 2    : After obtaining 3 victories, wreath starts to grow out. Some differences can be seen in the Laurelle's weapon/tool. 2-Star wreaths can stray further from organic growth and patterns, able to take on more inorganic structure. Wreaths should begin to come higher off of the head, can either create a circle shape, or a complete circle. At this rank any elemental magic and design elements from their summon can become more apparent in the design of the wreath. Wreaths can be made entirely from elemental based materials such as ice, or metals.

Rank 3    : Completion of an additional 2 victories (total: 5). 3-Star wreaths have even more design freedom, becoming larger and oftentimes more complex, but must maintain a general circular shape. These wreaths no longer attach at the back of the ear, instead floating behind the laurelle's head like a halo, generally resting at the neck or head and rising above it.

Rank 4    : The highest recorded stage, signals the completion of a total of 10 victories. 4-Star wreaths are the largest attainable, generally resting behind the shoulders and rising well above the head.

Rank 5   : -LOCKED- [God-Hood] The Three Goddesses: Nike, Song, and Kalama are attributed to this rank. It is said they will grant this rank to a Laurelle who is worthy enough to join them among the celestials. 



Weapons/tools resemble the design of one's wreath, and grow as the wreath grows. The type of weapon/tool varies among Laurelle, as they are a reflection of each individual Laurelle and is determined by the Laurelle's first victory. Sometimes a laurelle's inherent magic can have a genetic component to it and has a chance of influencing the type of magic their kin may have as well. Some say that summons can do that too, but it brings up the subject of nature vs nurture and whether or not a summon is completely inherent or is entirely based on the surroundings/circumstances a laurelle grows up in. 




Laurelle Prestigion

All Laurelles have leafy ears and the wreaths that grow from them, but sometimes something else flourishes alongside them...

  • Floral Ears (Uncommon)   : Some Laurelles have the ability to grow flowers from their ears. The growth of flowers is said to be a sign of a natural affinity for nature and is often associated with prosperity. They sprout from behind the ears, around the same area where a wreath can start to grow, and will show around the ear/wreath area. Any kind of flower (and sometimes mushrooms) found in nature can grow from a Laurelle's ears; floral ears do not bear fruit. 
  • Gem Ears (Rare)   : Even rarer than flora are gems/crystals forming together to hover by the ears. They're seen as a sign of power, whether it be one's physical might or mental fortitude. It's considered a very respectable, formidable look. 
  • Branch Ears (Heraldic)   : The organic matter of the leafy cartilage can very rarely lend itself to developing into a more tree-like form, growing more sturdy and elongated like a tree branch. Branch ears are oftentimes a sign of long life and a strong family lineage. Some cultures honor branch ears to such a high degree that any individual who develops them will automatically become a figure of idolization and influence. 

A most prestigious victory can earn a Laurelle a Sash of Celebration. A Laurelle who's sash floats on its own is a sign of great power radiating from the Laurelle. Each sash is woven by adept sash weavers, masters of the ancient craft.

  • Basic Sash (Uncommon): A Laurelle can receive a ceremoniously crafted sash as a sign of accolade and honor for a newly acquired victory. But not just any victory! A sash-earning victory is one that stands over the rest and is deemed as impactful as it was genuine. A true demonstration of one's skill and character. Earning a sash is one of the highest forms of recognition a Laurelle can have. Sashes are traditionally worn around the arms but can be worn in alternative manners such as (but not limited to): tied around the waist, used as a scarf, or interwoven with the hair. 
  • Floating Sash (Rare): A floating sash is typically the byproduct of a Laurelle's inherent magic. Laurelles who are more magically inclined are more likely to have a floating sash. In other cases, a sash can begin to float merely from ranking up. 
  • Adorned Sash (Heraldic): Similar to how gems can sometimes form around a Laurelle's ears, the same can happen with their sash. This can only happen once the sash is already floating. Adornment can happen naturally or can be custom made as a fashion choice; either is still a sign of prestige and success. Adornment is when alternative and rare material is added onto the sash such materials include: precious metals, crystals, gems, and polished stone. 

Thorns are typically an evolutionary trait that are supposed to help protect a Laurelle. Though thorns may be rare, they can hinder a noncombative lifestyle. Think of how many pillows a thorned Laurelle might go through! They typically show up in Laurelles who gain victories through battle. Thorns can come in more than 1 pair, can be asymmetrical, may appear all over the body, and come in different types of material.

  • Bone Thorns (Uncommon): Bone thorns generally have a very organic shape to them and tend to have a matte, velvety, or polished texture. Cannot be extremely inorganic in shape. 
  • Ore Thorns (Rare):Generally made of naturally occuring solid material such as stone, marble, gold, iron, etc. Cannot be made of crystals/gems (only corrupted Laurelles can form crystallized thorns). Their formation allows for more inorganic shapes and orientations.
  • Elemental Thorns (Heraldic): Thorns of this rarity are said to be a gift bestowed by the ancient elementals that forged the lands before laurelles walked the planes. Elemental thorns can present in a multitude of ways such as being made entirely of ice, glowing with light, or burning with veins of magma. Material should consist of natural elements (often but not always tied to the laurelle's magic), keep a horn-like shape, and have a solid base when consisting of fluid (non-solid) elements such as water.

Thorn Decorum
In addition to the thorns is how their surface can be decorated. Adding another layer of rarity to a Laurelle's thorns.

  • Engraved (Uncommon): Distinctly unnatural sculpting of the thorns or patterns carved into the thorns. Laurelles can go to specialized artisans who practice exclusively in the art of thorn carving. Carving the thorns can be done as a way to bless a Laurelle or as a coming of age milestone. Some even get their thorns carved for purely aesthetic reasons.
  • Encrusted (Rare): Any decorative adornment to the thorns such as gems, jewelry and metals. Thorns can naturally form this trait or be added on by skilled artisans.
  • Overgrowth (Heraldic): Any natural growth from the thorns such as flowers, leaves, moss, or tree canopies.

Corrupted Laurelle Guide


 A Laurelle's wreath can become corrupted from victories that bring great regret and guilt to a Laurelle. Corruption will cause the wreath to split and grow downward opposed to the typical halo shape they are supposed to grow in. The immense regret of their victories literally weigh them down, they become overwhelmed by the result of their victory. 

Corrupted Exclusive Traits: Crystallized Ear + Thorn. As a result of their corruption, parts of them start to crystallize and reject the nature growth of their bodies. 

Extra info: It is possible for wreath corruption to be inherited if at least one parent has a corrupted wreath. 

The first corrupted Laurelle spread wrath and chaos to the land long long ago, creating a rift between the corrupted and untainted. Thus, an island was appointed to allocate corrupted Laurelles. This island is located off the eastern shores of Isle Nike, Though, corrupted Laurelles are allowed on the mainland, some can face prejudice for having a split wreath. 



   Combatant: Battle-orientated Laurelle's who gain victories primarily through combat.

  Subclasses include (but not limited to):

  • Ranger - bows, crossbows
  • Rogue - daggers, knives
  • Gladiator - swords, battle axes, war hammers, maces, clubs
  • Sorcerer - staffs, magic orbs, arcane focuses
  • Lancer - spears, lances
  • Brawler - knuckles, chakrams, claws, gauntlets

   Support: The healers, doctors, and alchemists. Most supports are gifted with magical properties that let them heal and enhance abilities. They can gain victories by creating new medicines, saving lives, developing new healing techniques, etc. We also have support Laurelles who may be more front-line orientated, the damage sponges and heralds!

  Artisan: These Laurelle's are creators, builders, they cultivate and innovate society. They range from architects to tailors to farmers. An artisan can gain victories by completing monumental projects, impressive works of art, and completing commissions from high-ranking Laurelles.

Keep in mind, your Laurelle doesn't necessarily need to 'fit' in any of the listed classes above. They're just different kinds of roles you can think of putting your Laurelle in! With different kinds of Laurelles there can be some crossover between the classes. It is possible to be a Support that has an unconventional summon like a mace. It just depends on the kind of magic you choose to give your Laurelle. I encourage variety and having creative builds!



According to myths and legends, Laurelle were once warriors and soldiers, made by gods to wage war. Now, Laurelles live and thrive in a society of their own. With a vast world, there are bound to be cultures of an abundant variety as well as ideologies that may clash and cause turmoil and ire. While there is an emphasis on magic within societies, there is a level of sophisticated technology thanks to our artisan Laurelles. They've been able to harness energy from multiple sources to create mechanics and tools to make everyday life easier. Things such as transportation and construction are more streamlined and accessible to cities across the continent. While there is some form of advanced technology, much of it is mechanical; working with gears and wheels enhanced by magic.

In addition to the Laurelles, there exists a species of small cherub-like creatures whose purpose is to assist Laurelles in their pursuit of god-hood. Myths say Plumettes originate from shed feathers of the goddess Nike. They start as buds and grow in large terrariums waiting to be picked by their future Laurelle. Born with tiny laurel wings, they are heralds of victory.

They evolve as their Laurelle levels up. Plumes are equipped with some sort of instrument, used to announce victories of their Laurelles. As babies, Plumes need lots of rest and love in order to grow into healthy full grown Plumes. They are curious, playful, and creative creatures who learn how to fly before they learn how to walk.