The Three Houses


In the middle of Isle Nike stands a forgotten temple, hidden away deep in the wilderness. No one would suspect a temple to be there, and it was only by accident did one laurelle happen upon it. Its stone walls are overgrown with vines and roots, nearly swallowed by the land. Within the temple lays a mural, one of great historic significance that would remind the laurelles of Isle Nike of their history and culture. Underneath the layers of dirt and dust stand three figures whom all of Isle Nike would recognize as the three goddesses of the land.

To the left, Infernium Prestigia, otherwise known as Kalama of the volcano. She is as destructive as she is creative. Some equate her to the volcano itself, the volcano just north of the Isle. While it is a force to be feared, it's volcanic soil provides the lushest harvests. Her duality makes her the perfect fit for artisan aligned laurelles who's creative endeavors are fueled by passion. As such, the same passion can also destroy an artist.

On the very right of the mural stands the diaphanous goddess, Song, Lunaris Antiquus. Legends have always described her as difficult to perceive, as if looking at her was like looking through a layer of water or seeing her reflected on ripples of the ocean. Her ephemeral glow mirrors that of the moonlight, making her the patron goddess of the moon and the celestials above. Her origins remain much of a mystery but her role as a goddess has always been that of a guiding light. Despite her clandestine history, her magic is one of clarity and truth, making her a suitable choice for support and magic inclined laurelles to follow.

And finally, standing in the middle with her golden wings spread wide, Coronius Victorium. The goddess Nike herself. The first five star laurelle, the first of the three goddesses. It is said when she was first bestowed a laurel wreath, the power of her victory was so great it became a part of her. The victory, set forth by the wreath, granted her the power of a ranked laurelle. From that day on she paved the way for laurelles to gain strength, wisdom, and innovation from their triumphs.

The mural reminds us of the history of the land. Those who make the pilgrimage to witness the newly restored mural feel strange energy emitting from it. An old and ancient power that continues to coarse through the land to this day. Carved in the bottom half of the mural are three glowing sigils, each one representing a goddess. Something tells you to keep an eye out for these crests because you just might happen upon a house with one marked on its door.

Choosing Your House...

Since visiting the newly restored mural you may find yourself recieving strange vision-like dreams. These dreams seem to be trying to tell you something, urging you that a choice be made. Giving you flashes of places you've never been before. The brilliant trail of molten lava, the glow of moonblossoms reflected on water, the morning sunrise peaking through marble columns. Perhaps it's the 3 goddesses reaching out to you, requesting your audience.

Three paths lay before you, and only one can be chosen. Which house do you support? Which goddess do you seek an audience with? It is a choice that none can make for you, for it is an intimate one, integral to the development of a Laurelle. You know in the back of your mind that you might someday switch your choice and follow a different path, yet… to do so will come at a price, so it is worth considering your options heavily before setting a foot down for one or the other.

Do you follow Nike, striving for strength and resilience? Do you follow Song, striving for intelligence and compassion? Or do you follow Kalama, striving for creativity and ingenuity?

Three paths lay before you... Which do you pick?


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Coronius Victorium, Herald of Divine Victory

Nike stands for strength and resilience, and it is not just combatants who follow her. Those who choose Nike’s path have their own reasons for doing so. Following the path of initiation into Nike’s house may seem daunting, but any who chooses to follow the five star knows that it is worth it.

The initiation to Nike’s house revolves around a trial by combat. Nike herself was a gladiator for some time, as most know, after all. The legends around the five star are vast and in-depth, so such an initiation should not come as a surprise.

There are many combatants, however, who have failed the initiation. The trial is not for the power-hungry, nor the bloodthirsty. The combat itself is more of a ritual than anything else. In the colosseum, combatants are paired with those of equal skill level who are also looking to gain entry to the house. The ceremony itself is simple: bow before your opponent, then the fight begins.

Nike is not a goddess of undisputed victory or thoroughly defeating your opponent. The fight is to first blood, and initiation itself is based more on conduct and less on martial ability. Show off your good sportsmanship, and you may just feel the eyes of the five star upon you regardless of the outcome.


Draw or write your laurelle engaging in their trial by combat. How do they conduct themselves in their fight? What are their weaknesses and strengths, and how do they use them to their advantage against their opponent? Who emerges victorious? Your laurelle does not have to win, and drawing their opponent is optional.

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Infernium Prestigia, Revenant of Ashen Lands

Perhaps you are an artisan. Perhaps you simply value working with your hands. Perhaps you see the destructive capabilities that lie latent within the house. It matters not, for if you have chosen Kalama’s house, you will follow her path of initiation.

The path is clear, though it is not marked. You must make your way to the island, follow the winding, overgrown path up the volcano. It is not the easiest of paths to follow, and there are many obstacles in the way, but it would hardly be a test of initiation if that were not the case. As you climb, the air grows thicker and hotter, and you can begin to see the streams of smoke emanating from the mouth of the volcano. Here you will find a statue of the five star herself - Kalama, long hair flowing, wreaths about her arms and legs, torch held high.

Like Kalama before you, you must reach the peak alone and light a torch. That is what this initiation, this pilgrimage, is about. To be a member of the house, you must learn to lead. You must learn to light the way for others, through invention and creativity.

If you can make it to her altar, if you can light your torch successfully, you can almost feel the eyes of the five star on you as if welcoming you home.


Draw or write your laurelle on their pilgrimage to Kalama’s altar at the top of the volcano. Do they struggle with the long climb, or become lost along the way? How do they face the obstacles in their way and how do they persevere? It is a journey your laurelle must make alone and without help.

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Lunaris Antiquus, Mother of Phasing Tides

Following Song is often viewed as the more difficult path. Being initiated into her house is an adventure all of its own, different from the other houses. By following Kalama or Nike, the path is laid out clearly by the five stars - Houses there to guide you on what you must overcome. But Song's ephemeral existence does not lend itself to immediacy or written rules. To choose the path of her house is to rely on intuition.

Initiation into the house is not limited to Laurelles of the support class. Anyone who believes in the ideals that the five star stands for can join the house - if, of course, they can pass her initiation trial. To follow Song, one must find her house.

It sounds like a simple task, you might think. Find the house? Surely there are directions or a map. And yet... there are none to be found. No signs point the way. You must follow your heart, listen to the hints that dance on the wind, watch closely the moonbeams on a starlit night. If you listen to your surroundings, if you pay close attention to the small details... the moonlight will guide you to the shore. There, at high tide, the bridge will rise, and you can cross the threshold.

Successfully reaching your goal, as undefined as it seems, you can almost feel Song's eyes upon you.


Draw or write your laurelle searching for the house at nightfall. What clues do they follow? Do they work it out like a puzzle, or trust their instinct? Do they get lost before they find it? How do they come upon the bridge at high tide? Unlike the others, Song welcomes cooperation on your search.

You know, upon completion of this initiation, that you have arrived home. There are those among the houses who are like you, who share your ideals, goals, and sometimes even motivations. You have taken the first step upon your new path, your new journey, and many new doors have opened up to you. You think, perhaps, there will be further opportunities to move up in rank within the house, in the eyes of the five stars. You cannot quite explain this feeling, but nor can you shake it.


Pick from one of the three listed prompts above and draw or write your Laurelle taking part in their initiation for their chosen house! Entries must be clearly related to the given prompts, though interpretation of the exact environment is up to you.

  • Drawn entries must be at least fullbody shaded and include a simple background.
  • Written entries must be at least 1,300 words.
  • Entries must clearly depict your Laurelle taking part in their chosen house's initiation.

Please remember that, though there will be potential opportunities to change your Laurelle's house in the future, changing houses will come at a cost.

Completing this quest will reward your laurelle with +150 exp bonus towards their house level, as well as a +10 gold bonus, and will unlock level one rewards.

When completed please submit the finished piece to our #arpg-submissions channel in our discord or to the Prompts and Quests folder on DeviantART with the following form:

[Image or submission link]
Laurelle Name: Name
House Choice: Nike, Kalama or Song

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