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Here is the guide for the new leveling system introduced with the new housing release, please consider giving it a read before choosing your house, as your selection effects what rewards you can earn! Leveling is completely seperate from ranking and has no effect on a laurelle's rank. By participating in the housing system you can unlock rewards and perks for showing your dedication to your chosen house. To find out more about the different houses visit our THREE HOUSES page!

By earning experience you can begin to level up through the leveling system in your house. (For a guide on how Experience is scored please visit the Currency & EXP System page!)

Levels and EXP totals will be tracked on the Google spreedsheet alongside your laurelle's name once they have completed the intro quest everytime you submit art. For every level past Novice you will have a new EXP goal to reach as well as a level up quest. Once your level up quest has been submitted your laurelle's level will be updated and you will be granted the rewards below. Their EXP will start over at 0 for that new level.

When a laurelle has completed the intro quest and chosen a house they will keep their current house and level even when traded, but lose all their EXP for that current level. Laurelles will be able to switch houses later on but will restart back at the Novice level and all EXP earned will revert to 0. However you will be able to keep any traits and rewards (excluding Goddess Boons) even if their house changes!

Level 1 - Novice | 0 EXP
To reach level 1, complete the INTRO QUEST and choose a house.

+ Goddess Boon
+ 'Novice’ discord title
+1 Starpoint

Level 2 - Initiate | 1,000 EXP
To reach level 2, reach required EXP and complete the first LEVEL UP quest. (Coming very soon!)

+ Your choice from the Tier 1 Trait list!
+ 'Initiate’ discord title
+1 Starpoint

 Level 3 - Apprentice | ??? EXP
Level 4 - Master | ??? EXP
Level 5 - Champion (Custom Title) | ??? EXP


Alongside the new release of the housing system comes rewards that can be unlocked during quest and level progression! As of right now there is currently only Tier 1 traits and rewards available. Further rewards and traits will be revealed with each new tier of quests and levels that are unveiled. Please keep in mind that the house you pick for your laurelle during the INTRO QUEST limits what kind of rewards they will have access to, and changing a laurelle's house will come at a cost later on.

Goddess Boons

During your INTRO QUEST, you will be presented with the opportunity to choose from one of three different goddess houses your laurelle will join! Based on which house you pick you will receive a permanent buff that increases various aspects of the ARPG as long as your laurelle is in that house.

kalama_by_laurelle_archives_dgaxs2p-pre."Kalama's Spirit"

+1 GOLD & +5 EXP bonus to any submission featuring the laurelle, made by you.

+30% chance to double a crafting material drop of any rarity. (Planned for our future CRAFTING release!)

nike_by_laurelle_archives_dgaxs2b-pre.pn"Nike's Courage"

+10 EXP bonus to any submission featuring the laurelle, made by you.

+30% chance to gain an additional crafting roll of any rarity. (Planned for our future CRAFTING release!)

dgaxs1z-c87f44f2-6634-4203-a306-592ff51f"Song's Blessing"

+2 GOLD bonus to any submission featuring the laurelle, made by you.

+5% increased chance for ultra rare & rare crafting material drops. (Planned for our future CRAFTING release!)

Future buffs will be added as more levels and ARPG features are released! Crafting buffs may be subject to tweaking for game balance purposes.


Each house has a set of earnable traits that laurelles can unlock as they progress through the House ranks. The traits will always represent the different house goddess in some way, though the exact look can be tweaked to fit your own laurelle when designing.


Tier 1 Traits: Eyes

Dark Sclera are a unique trait for House Kalama. They allow Laurelles to see more easily against light and keeps their eyes from getting tired. A good trait for Laurelles that like to stay up for prolonged periods of time to work on their next passion project. The trait is also good for look out purposes too.

Slit Pupil are unique to Laurelle of the Nike House, and it allows Laurelles to perceive more depth and see more easily in dim light. It's reflective of the survival nature commonly found in House Nike.

Glowing Iris can appear in Laurelles of House Song. As Laurelles in that house have a strong affinity for magic and the celestials, the glowing suggests an even greater connection with one's inner magic. The light is an effect of free flowing and plentiful power, shedding a soft glow where ever the Laurelle looks.

Tier 1 Traits: Omni-levis

In House Kalama, Laurelles can be bestowed upon a Crest. The Crest comes as a simple circular disk in which the Laurelle can design however they want. Artisans will often use the disk to display their own personal monogram or sigil. As long as the design can fit within the confines of the circle. It is a trait that is ultimately determined by one's creativity.

Laurelles in House Nike can earn a small floating crown. Much like a sash, the Crown is regarded with much prestige and regality. The Crown is a sign of a respected and esteemed Laurelle. Crowns can come in gold, silver, and bronze.

In House Song, Laurelles can gain a swirling comet of star dust and light above their head. It's typically a sign of being a beacon for celestial energy. The comet itself consists of a small glowing rock surrounded in light and stardust, and leaves a fading trail of illuminated particles.

Finally, in addition to rewards and traits, there will be community goals that will unlock new and special ARPG features. These goals will be unlocked by reaching certain milestones for cumulative EXP earned for all players! Some unlocks will be secret and can range from special events, to new Goddess Boons, and more!

First Goal | ARPG Crafting - 2,500 EXP
Unlocking this goal will introduce an entirely new ARPG feature based off of crafting! There will be a one-time quest required to unlock crafting for you as a player, and once done you'll be able to submit crafting requests to unlock new exclusive crafting-only items we have planned. Crafting material will be found on expeditions as well as possible other reward payouts. You will not need to have crafting unlocked individually to earn materials once this goal is met! More details will be released on launch and may be subject to changes during development.

  1565 EXP Earned
2,500 EXP  

The current community total EXP earned will be logged on the roster as well as updated semi-regulary on this page!
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