House Song


Lunaris Antiquus, Mother of Phasing Tides

The glow of the moon welcomes you to the House hub for the lunar goddess, Song. Here you can find any new house updates and quests pertaining to all laurelles that choose to follow House Song. Below you will also find a member list of all laurelles as well as their current level!


The house of Song is ethereal in nature, elusive and hidden from most. Knowing the nature of the five star herself, this seems only natural. Many support laurelles find themselves drawn to the house, though one does not necessarily need to be a support leaning laurelle to follow the five star. Any who strive for intelligence and compassion would find themselves at home following the five star. Here, magic, learning, and close companionship are the ideals.

The house itself is difficult to find, the actual search forming the initiation to the house. The airy temple is located on a hidden island, reachable only at high tide across a floating bridge. It is said if you follow the moonbeams, they will bring you home to Song. Though the five stars do not mingle with typical laurelles, it is said that those who dedicate themselves to learning and empathy for their fellow laurelles will receive visions and messages from the five star to guide them in their work.

Level-Up Quests

The path forward is not yet lit... (Coming very soon!)

House Members


Mikey Tortillini

LVL 1 - Novice

Kiyo Hamasaki

LVL 1 - Novice

Nahir Ifran-Sul

LVL 1 - Novice

Zéphyr Wallace

LVL 1 - Novice


LVL 1 - Novice


LVL 1 - Novice

Goddess Boon

Current active buffs for all members of House Song:

+2 GOLD bonus to any submission featuring the laurelle, made by you.

+5% increased chance for ultra rare & rare crafting material drops. (Planned for our future CRAFTING release!)