House Kalama

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Infernium Prestigia, Revenant of Ashen Lands

The warmth of the volcano welcomes you to the house hub for the ashen goddess, Kalama. Here you can find any new house updates and quests pertaining to all laurelles that choose to follow House Kalama. Below you will also find a member list of all laurelles as well as their current level!


The house of Kalama is warm and welcoming, echoing the nurturing half of the five star’s nature. Though it is typical for artisans to pledge themselves to Kalama’s house, any who strive for creativity and ingenuity are welcome amongst her followers. Hands on work, creation, and independence are the values that are emphasized within her house, and those who share such values often find themselves right at home.

The house itself is a long, warm hall, boasting common spaces in which laurelles might focus on developing their craft and creating. It is located near the volcano that has come to represent the five star, so her followers do not forget the duality to the five star’s nature - those who can create are equally capable of destruction. Though Kalama, like the other two members of the trinity of five stars, does not interact directly with her followers, it is said those who embody the valued traits of her house will receive visions and messages from the five star to guide them on their path.

Level-Up Quests

The path forward is not yet lit... (Coming very soon!)

House Members



LVL 1 - Novice


LVL 1 - Novice



Goddess Boon

Current active buffs for all members of House Kalama:

+1 GOLD & +5 EXP bonus to any submission featuring the laurelle, made by you.

+30% chance to double a crafting material drop of any rarity. (Planned for our future CRAFTING release!)