World Map

The Lαurϵllϵ Cσrσnα World



Isle Nike is the first released continent of the Laurelle World. Named after the goddess Nike herself, it is a land that prides itself on the laurelle way of victory. A vast land with a wide range of terrains and people.

Diadem: From the shape of the island is where this region takes its name. Resembling that of a crown, it's a testament to the laurelles who live here. A high ranking, and wealthy region, only the most prestigious and accomplished can fit into the luxurious life style in Diadem. A truly thriving elevated island full of entertainment and decorum. Most of their exports consist of luxury items, but their main source of income are their academies and volcanic soil. Being closest to the isolated volcano island gives them easy access to harvesting any volcanic rock, which is the most fertile soil in the land. 

Fendrid: A prominent agricultural region of Isle Nike, producing most of the land's food. Consisting of vast flat lands perfect for mass farm lands. Its central cove provides an equal source of water throughout the land, perfect for building a system of aqueducts to stretch out the water supply. They trade their quality harvest for volcanic soil from Diadem, establishing a beneficial symbiotic relationship between the two regions.

Artemisia: The central hub of Isle Nike, one of the most diverse regions in terms of rank, class, and social standing. With mountains to the north and deep forests to the east, it's a region full of plentiful resources for any aspiring laurelle. It's one of the main hot spots for the market and trading. A notable amount of laurelles aim to come to Artemisia as a stepping stone to someday make their way through the golden gates of Diadem.

Marrow: The smallest of the regions within Isle Nike, the colder climate and access to some of the most dangerous mountain ranges in the land cultivate a region of hardened combatants. Only the strongest and most disciplined laurelles come to Marrow to train and become stronger. A majority of these laurelles leave to pursue militant positions in the other regions. Others, of the more blood thirsty sort come to Marrow for the thrill of the hunt. It can be a dangerous place to be if you're not familiar with the land and its people.

Guildon: Known for its artisan goods and art, Guildon is a hub of creativity and culture. The marble deposits and other rare metals in the north provide the resources to create grand stone sculptures and breath taking architecture. As well as access to the west ocean offers fine shells and sand for art and glass. They are also known for their pearl harvesting and pride themselves on only the highest quality jewelry and fashion. Many caravans travel in and out of Guildon to sell finished goods and refined materials. 

Anguisolla: Mostly surrounded by water, this is a very sea-faring region full of naval laurelles and boat savvy individuals. They share their knowledge of oyster harvesting with Guildon, but they prioritize the oyster meat itself. Being on the coast of peninsula, they also have access to the small collection of islands where they harvest tropical fruits and animals. Scavenging and hunting is a skill most laurelles learn here, as food supplies can run short and it's difficult to transport mass quantities of food from Fendrid all the way to Anguisolla. Fish, fruit, and live stock are the main food groups here.

Winchrest: Heavily concentrated with magic tools and knowledge, Winchrest is a hub for innovation and invention. Having metal deposits of its own, and a long history of magic orientated laurelles cultivating the region, it's no surprise that Winchrest is one of the most technologically advanced regions of Isle Nike. With magic-fueled transportation and an appreciation for knowledge, it is a bustling place full of wonder and experimentation. The more populated cities are filled with buildings so tall, you'd think they could touch the clouds. Winchrest is also known for having the best medical professionals in all the land. From surgeons to professional potion masters, they are pioneering the way for all there is to know about the medical field.

Elysium: A more disconnected island from the continent, often shrouded in mist, it is known as the allocation point for corrupted laurelles. It is the most concentrated area of corrupted laurelles ever since the island was used to 'exile' them. Now no longer used as a location for banishment, it is merely where corrupted laurelles go to seek others of their kind to escape any mistreatment they may have faced on the mainland. While, it is safe enough to live comfortably, there are desecrated battle arenas and ruins occupied by desperate laurelles seeking retribution, solace, and redemption. Corrupted laurelles go here in hopes to clear their corrupted status, but most end up fighting in these ruins until their very last breath.