Holding Folder

It's like the unsorted folder, except it isn't full of unlisted drafts and vaguely sorted by story¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Every folder past here (except for UFT/UFS) is empty. I'll sort characters into them once I have more. 

Key   (mostly a note to self)

Incomplete Info - Missing written info. Ranges from mostly finished to only a few sentences written. 

(a - small details missing/need to edit) (b - mostly finished, missing a section,  coding) (c - barebones, has coding) (d - summary only, no coding)

Incomplete Ref - Old or no reference sheet

Incomplete Art - I need to make an icon and not just rip one from their ref sheet 

Characters posted (40/??? 100ish), Refs Completed (17/40)