The birthday thread🎂🎉

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Your birthday month?

23 Votes January
22 Votes February
19 Votes March
21 Votes April
18 Votes May
28 Votes June
17 Votes July
20 Votes August
19 Votes September
21 Votes October
19 Votes November
29 Votes December

Hello! This is the birthday thread. We noticed that most birthdays here are not hugely celebrated among the forums, hence, it's decided that this thread exist so we can celebrate birthdays of (hopefully) EVERYONE here, as well as a masterlist to compile everyone's birthday. ^^

If you want to be a part of the TH birthday masterlist, please comment HERE to keep things organized. We will try to update the masterlist as often as possible :)

Things you can post in the thread:

  • Promoting your birthday. Things like "today is my birthday" are always welcomed here! (We would promote everyone's birthday for each days but unfortunately, life concerns and we're not sure if we could do that daily.) Late or early birthday promotions are also allowed.
    • You can include a brief wishlist for your birthday this year (either IRL or online-related), your wishlist can be goals for yourself, or actual gift-related wishlist. 
    • Keep artwork/writing gifts-related wishlists as short and not demanding since this is not a request thread. Go to art freebies if you want something more specific. (Do not beg or guilt trip for gifts either. Not everyone is obligated to do it.)
  • Wishing others a happy birthday! (Make sure to ping them if they're okay with it.) Either it's a response to the above point or not. You can post gifts or any messages/compliments here to them if you want.
  • Sharing any birthday memories, new or old. We would prefer if it's a positive one since we don't want this thread to turn into another vent board.
  • Just any birthday-related things, as long as it doesn't go against the site's rules or the above points that were mentioned.

Want to celebrate YOUR OCS' birthday instead? We have a character version for this thread! Birthday Masterlist: (Format still in an experimental mode.)

7th: SikaMouse
8th: timeandtimor
11th: Drowzee
14th: poptartle
16th: FellowPigeon
17th: flower-magic
23rd: PhantomForest
27th: AlleycatIrony
31st: acne
6th: Carlo
7th: Kogami, TheLadyAnatola
13th: is_an_astronaut
17th: Memesogic
20th: iinasmuch
23rd: sofmi
24th: Angry-Moth-Noises, @CasseDrake07
3rd: Kingfauna
7th: Maiden-of-Ghosts
8th: MageofHearts
12th: CloudiiSkai
22nd: @familliarfarris
24th: VincentVanGoat, Phantasmal
25th: kye
28th: Avistella
29th: Litwick, KymPerson
2nd: Clockwork
4th: TheStrayCat
9th: kimodamari
10th: Isoprene
11th: gummy
12th: Judas-la-Carotte
TenMomentsTill, @divsybean
15th: Waltz
17th: SoraDeathEater, spiritphone
18th: sylphystia
8th: rosieoci
9th: haxelnut
11th: Pam
14th: Mwins
19th: cyantrashcan, HowlingCat
21st: RustHeart
24th: MoonFlames
29th: GeckoSauce
2nd: lillywise
3rd: syskey
6th: Kazeun
7th: Monochrome-Melody
14th: Pixelated_Prophecies, sigma_draconis
18th: TyrianCallows
19th: Ressy
20th: ElithianFox, darkrai
25th: junebuggy
23rd: celestiials
28th: Amber-Lynne
3rd: Akira
12th: alliegunther
13th: Vowltures
18th: Stormchi
21st: Renigee
23rd: Caine
25th: crowjokes
26th: Riixinkuu
27th: @Tone
2nd: MiniMilkshake1001
4th: @Croix
5th: Beed
8th: RoseNines
12th: Kana
18th: cresom
19th: Orion_Overdrive
22nd: Adalana
23rd: Kirbygal
27th: Pummie
28th: Ikayuro
1st: nox-pluviam
7th: Lotor
8th: Azrael
18th: AeroHail
28th: Laneu
30th: RoyalProtector
15th: Tick
22nd: Historia, Pyatiugolnik
29th: Sourpunch
30th: izsumi
4th: hedgemaze
15th: apricot, ch1sh10
18th: knightofpherae
22nd: ShadmeTheAngel
24th: MxMartyBellvue
26th: colorful
27th: cinnamon_bun_puff
28th: dogstarlite
3rd: Rav3n
9th: BroodingBungalow
10th: cati, yumies
11th: awepossum, JelloPotato
12th: Serja
14th: 123penguin64
16th: HellMilk
20th: 5inthemorning, Niiero
21st: yoosung
22nd: KittyKnight, SnowSpirit
23rd: SkysPris
26th: Aviecat
27th: SweetieSylveon
29th: Alexg47
30th: Raddishes

Remember, if you want to be added to the masterlist, comment HERE.

If you're here to celebrate your birthday, then BirthdayMod wishes you a happy birthday in advance! May you have a great day!


To kick off the thread a bit while we're updating the masterlist... Here's some quick questions :)

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

And feel free to leave a feedback on whether we should create a character edition (mentioned in main post) of this thread or not! ^^

Oh hey, I like this thread. I admit that one thing every site should implement is the birthday countdown/reminder thing like deviantART or Facebook have, since it's a great reminder for me to do

I don't have much to say about fondest birthday memories (especially recent ones) but two most noteworthy ones are:

  • My late dad bought me a raccoon plushie when I was 12. It was the sole reason raccoons became my fav animal and I still keep that plush on my bed, even today, hahah.
  • On 2014 or 2015??, four of my friends (well, my sister included) drew me a birthday gift......all of them were Takuto. The funniest thing is that all of them were coincidence and unintentional?? I never said about wanting him as my bday gift or saying he's my fav lol it just. Happen. Not that I'm complaining though because it was the only year I got that many gifts and his birthday is a week after mine :9
(These were the gifts- Thumbnails because I don't want to repost them again)

Also majority of fictional characters that shares the same bday month with me are always born on Valentine's lol

P.S. I'd love a character version for this thread!


This is so cute XD 

My birthday is August 23rd. First day of virgo season yeet ♡

Not much find memories recently since birthday is standard sleep in, go out and shop   have cake late at night. Though I got my note 8 this year ♡ usually gifts are some sort of clothing and food. Definitely looking forward to my next birthday cuz I'm gonna be 21 b a b y ♡♡♡♡♡

A character one would be cool too, though I can see it being 100x larger than this one XD


Neat thread!

My birthday is December 9.

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
    • None of my birthdays have stood out particularly, but they've all been great. I get to go out to lunch with my family, then have a dinner made of my choice, and choose a movie to watch. I think one thing that stuck out to me was when I got Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games for the Nintendo DS. I was 8 when I got it, and it had been something I really wanted. I still love it and play it to this day.
  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
    • 1-2 small gifts, usually consisting of clothing, books, or video games.
  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?
    • Always look forward to my birthday. I'll be 19, so nothing huge, but it's still always fun to get together with family and celebrate.

I think a character version of this would be really fun! ^^


This is such a cute concept! I already commented on the bulletin, but my birthday is October 22nd.

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember? Ahhh I have bad memory, but the closest I can remember is eating out at a sushi restaurant with my family last year. I really love sushi.
  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday? It depends on my interests, but I usually get cash as a birthday gift (For some reason ^^').
  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday? Yup! Always been doing that since. Next year, I'm turning 17.

I never give any of my characters birthdays, but a character version would be nice too!


My birthday is March 24th!~ This is a pretty neat idea for a thread :D Would be cool to see a character birthday one, but I imagine that'd get pretty tough to keep up with, so I wouldn't be surprised if in the end it wasn't as feasible.

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
    I don't actually have one, I don't really remember them.
  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
    Money, and sometimes art, though the money goes to art these days so I guess it's always a gift :p
  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?
    Well hey money is money so I guess. I don't celebrate it really, and these days I celebrate it as Vangoat's birthday, since well we share one.


Oooo this thread looks so lovely!! ;v; This is such a cute idea!

My birthday is June 19th!

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
    I remember having a birthday at a zoo and being able to hold a chinchilla! It was so cute!! Because I had my party at a zoo, it was Madagascar (the movie) themed! I don't know if I still have the cake topper figurines of all the characters, but my mom might still have them? It was all planned out by her so I definitely thank her for such a good time! (Thats when I got my first Gameboy SP too!)

  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
    Oh um, not much really! I don't ask for a lot tbf. ;; But my mom knows how much I love Pokemon so she usually sends me a plush for my collection! If not a plush, then she just sends me money to pick something I don't have yet haha. I have gotten birthday art before but that was when I chilled out in the Ask Community on Tumblr. Sadly I'm not around there anymore. ;u; Oh! And sometimes steam games from friends who have me on steam! Not all the time, like every birthday, since I dont ask much. But sometimes if they see something on my wishlist and it's low cost, they'll get it. 'w'

  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?
    I'm kinda middle grounds haha. It'll feel like just any normal day for me to be fair. Also I'll hit 21 and I'm not excited for that haha!

born january 8! i'm hoping to treat my family out to dinner that night and maybe re-open art trades so i can do some writing freebs in exchange for some sketches >u>

i don't really have a favorite memory for my birthdays, my birthday is right after x-mas so everyone in family usually holds onto one x-mas present for me and waits two weeks to give it to me as a bday present lmao. i'm definitely looking forward to turning 19!


My birthday is July 23rd!

Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?

I got to meet my friends overseas and they all had bought me presents and I got so flustered by everyone congratulating me I got all red and embarrassed haha. I have never really spent a birthday with actual friends before so it was a particularly sweet memory ;v;

What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?

I'm already so old I don't really get birthday presents, but sometimes people draw me art! And my parents usually get me something practical I need, like new bedsheets or socs or something similar! 

Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

Not really? Like I said, I'm so old my birthday is now just one day among many. I used to make some noise about it on twitter in the past but nowadays I don't bother doing even that since I don't want people to feel like they have to get me something, since I never remember anyone's birthdays either and thus never give anything sdf. Besides, I'm born in the peak traveling season so I'm used to people not being around to celebrate anyway and this year's birthday I actually spent bedridden after some hospital time whoops. 


Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?

my third birthday! i remember it so vividly - i woke up to have my entire bedroom floor covered in b'day presents, my roof was clouded by a good hundred balloons filled w/ helium and there were another good hundred balloons on the floor along w/ streamers and all sorts of cool shit - there was also an orange wiggly balloon the size of my bed lmao
i still remember most of the presents i got that day, and i still remember that i'd always sit on the same spot on the floor to open them (like i'd walk all the way to the other side of the room, pick one up, then drag it all the way back to The Spot)
i remember this b'day that well that my mum didn't believe half the shit i was saying when i was recalling it, but turns out she had a VHS of the day that she'd filmed on her camera and everything i'd recalled was actually true haha - i think i remember this the most bc as a kid waking up to that seemed so magical u know? it was definitely unforgettable and i've never had another b'day like it (understandably, we're a p poor family) and it was one of the last b'days i had when my parents were together :0 (not that them being split ever bothered me, but hearing them together on the VHS makes me happy)

another one that i feel could be my fondest memory would be my ninth b'day - i spent it in hospital
i'd gotten v sick suddenly and almost died (w/ a whopping body temp of abt 41.5 degrees celsius - still don't know what was wrong w/ me tho?) so i'd spent a good week in hospital on a drip, barely ate tho (like hospital food isn't that bad but when ur spending most of ur time asleep ur toast gets cold bc they don't wake u for breakfast and cold toast sucks)
i woke up on my b'day to find that one of the nurses looking after me had strung a 'happy b'day' decal along the wall and it wasn't just that that made me smile, it was the fact that i woke up briefly during the late hours of the night to find her putting it up (i was a little bummed that i'd accidentally ruined the surprise for myself but it meant a lot that she did this during the night hours of her shift)
amazingly i had recovered enough that (while the doctors DID kinda wanna keep me another night) they discharged me and i was able to go home and spend my b'day w/ my family! 

i actually hold onto brief memories of all my childhood b'days if i can help it, things were nicer then - i remember when my mum used to make rly well done homemade cakes like a train one i had, a lala (the tellytubby) one filled w/ those lolly bananas, and one of mixy (god googling her she's a lot scarier than i remember) that i loved! tho my fave cake i still insist on getting despite nearly being 20 is the freddo icecream cake lmao (i'm certain they changed the recipe or smthn tho bc it doesn't taste as good as it used to back in the day)

What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?

when i was younger i'd get clothes, dragon ornaments, and trinket boxes (bc despite being a boy i collect them lol) - but now i just get w/e few things my mum can afford ;w; last year i got a pig the pug plush, an abra plush, a dreamcatcher, and a calendar w/ a pug on the cover haha (i'm honestly surprised she went out of her way to get me a pokemon plushie tbh, she's... never been too fond of my collection and keeps trying to convince me to sell it 😅)

Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

maybe :0 i mean not looking forward to being 20 but hopefully i'll actually have my ID by then (still waiting for it to come in the mail - i would've got it back when i turned 18 but i haven't been able to afford it until recently) so maybe i'd finally just be able to go out and get fucked up w/ my mates
well... not completely 'fucked up' i pass out if i drink too much and i don't exactly wanna spend my b'day asleep lmao
but nah i'd just be happy if i got to spend some time out w/ friends :0 i wish i could hang out w/ all of them but after highschool half of them moved to the city for university so i doubt i'd be able to haha

i wrote a lot more than most ppl i'm sorry---


My birthday is May 8!! (and I'm a taurus~)

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
    I don't remember many of my birthdays, honestly. I do know that there was one time when I was younger where my birthday fell on Mother's Day (this happens :'/) and only my aunt and best friend showed up... I got to hold my baby cousin though!! Still one of my favorite cousins... 
  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
    You really think I know? Cause I don't. It's usually like... money. Or a figurine. Or a plushie. Last year I got money, a cake, and my friend from school got me a Funtime Foxy figurine... I was SO happy about the figurine though. (hi i'm still fnaf trash ok byeeee)
  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?
    ... Kinda?? I don't know, honestly... I never get anything good like art or any good presents. It also falls in testing month, so I always have EOCs and tests around it. (Now its after, but earlier in school? Exactly on my birthday.) I just hope I get some good things, honestly... BUT my next birthday is gonna be my Sweet 16 so I guess I'm excited.
if anything helps, though, I do have a wishlist for stuff I like (ex. art, character designs, ect ect.) You can check it out if you want but yknow. Might be helpful for b-day presents i guess???

Update: We'll try to add submissions from this thread, but future submissions should go in the bulletin section so it's easier to keep track of them!

And thank you for the replies on the question! It was lovely reading everyone's answer!

Regarding the character edition of this thread, seems like we might end up doing it if we get more positive responses! Though, we do agree that updating a masterlist of that would be long and quite a lot of work so one more question is:

  • Should we exclude the masterlist for the character edition of this thread? While we can't compile them into one place like this one, all users can still share their own masterlist of their characters' birthdays! Everything else (promoting birthdays, wishlists, how you celebrate your character's bday) will remain the same, of course :)

Yeah excluding the character master list but keeping the other parts of this thread for a character version sounds good!~


oh this is a neat thread idea! just in time since my birthday is tomorrow (dec 20th) :D

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?

last year i played 50 turns of mario party with my friends and it was the first time i've ever done that and it was WILD i didn't win but it was fun

  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?

i'm not too sure?? it's different things every year... i ask for candles (the smelling kind, not birthday cake candles lol. i collect candles!) and video games every single year, but i don't always get any of either. i think it's cause people see gift-giving as an opportunity to give people what the gifter thinks the giftee needs that they might not buy themselves, not necessarily just... buying things they ask you for? but i'm not sure

sometimes my friends draw me art or something but again not every year bc i don't remind anyone when my birthday is usually LOL and they have lives and stuff (especially since my birthday is so close to a holiday) so it'd be weird and insensitive to pressure anybody into giving me gifts :'D 

but Hey i mean if you know me or like my OCs you can draw art of my OCs as a birthday gift... or anytime really......just so you know.........i will accept gifts with open arms.......................

  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

not really :( we're having a party but apparently no one could come so that makes me a little sad... but hey i ordered a cake with luigi's face on it so that's something to look forward to?