[MAG] The Vote

Mild Violence

Kvadrat opens a thread on the Magnitude Fragments' private forum to discuss what happened recently.

EXTREME spoilers for Keep a Secret's ending.

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Glorious ParallelsBereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932Hi everyone. Normally I'd make a group chat but I thought using our forum would be easier to keep information in one place and easily referenced :P Please don't use memetics on my boards, I hate cleaning those up.

Anyways I'm sure you've all heard about Bereave dying. If you didn't, where have you been?? Lol. A bunch of normal Fragments cut him in half; half is currently alive as the newest Magnitude Fragment Vodovorot, the other half is inert and under Pya's jurisdiction.

I made the thread because I was curious if anyone had any guesses as to what would happen. Will Bereave's pieces remain inert? Will they become another Mag Frag? Does anyone have any guesses as to what shape they'd be? I just wanted to talk, really.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489This is inarguably a good thing. We talked a few times about destroying Bereave but it had always seemed out of the question. If it weren't for the small golden Fragment we wouldn't have succeeded, however.

I welcome a new world without Bereave. 

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932@Kolo, that's fair :) I guess I'm worried about when Genesis will notice. It's a matter of time really. Does anyone know if Genesis is currently fused or not? I feel like they'd notice faster whilst fused. 

Re: Bereave is Gone?
14815487_1FE.pngGenesis is currently unfused in the MT. Bereave had fused a while back before... y'know.

On topic though I'm kinda excited! I talked with Jubilee after he came back and everything, and meeting Vodovorot was really fun. But this sort of feels like a catch-22, where there's some unforeseen circumstance we don't know about.

Then again the world seems to be fine without Bereave?

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489@justanotherdropinthewater - The world was always fine without Bereave as an entity. When he de-fused into the Inverse Three, nothing bad came of it. Think of this more as an elaborate de-fusion than Bereave's nonexistence. A bigger problem would potentially be Bereave's half becoming active and attempting to rejoin with the half contained in Vodovorot.

I've already made arrangements with Pya to put the inert half on lockdown. We haven't done anything yet though.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932@Kolo, what are your plans for the half? What if it forms another Mag, would you have methods for freeing them? I'd just hate to not realize there was a twenty-fourth and for them to grow up isolated :(

Also that's good news about Genesis. Was MT Bereave in contact with anyone that would notice his absence? I'm wondering how fast news will spread.

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngThis is a good thread.

Here's my thoughts:
1. It's good Bereave is dead, but we need to worry about the future. For example, Genesis is going to be royally pissed when he finds out. We either need a good lie or a really good way to avoid his pissed-off-ness. He's probably going to attack the Frags that accomplished the kill (including Kolo and Dij).
2. Vodo is nice but we should keep an eye on him. We don't know if Bereave is truly inert/dead/etc or if he's still awake in some fashion, like some nasty-ass fusion where he's alive in Vodo. If he is alive, what are we going to do? Should we try to neutralize him permanently? At the cost of Vodo's life?
3. Congrats Kolo you got some balls :)
4. I'd like a list of everyone involved in the kill, just so we know who was involved and what steps we should take to protect them. I assume Kolo can whip this up.

EDIT: I see I typed way too slowly. I agree with Suza's concerns; there's going to be some repercussions that we couldn't even fathom.

XxCHAOSNEWORDERxXRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900794_9lB.pngI WAS THERE TOO!! THe whole thing was MY Idea basically. Don't give Kolo all the starsdamned credit :///

These were the people involved:
Me (Rendgen) :3
Morning Star
Vodovorot (I guess?)
Pyatiugolnik (After the battle)

underthemoonlightskyRe: Bereave is Gone?
14904807_UfM.jpgLinija has a nice, well-thought-out post. I would really like for someone higher-ranking to answer a few of his questions because they're on my mind, too.

I think Bereave was in contact with MT-Infinity. Friends, I think, but ideally someone else can back up my claims. Does anyone here kepe a close eye on the MT?

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489I was getting there, Chetyre.

Glorious Parallels - our plans involved a mini-Timeline with trillions of geas on it preventing entry/exit. On top of that, we were going to lock that mini-Timeline inside of another Timeline, then inside of a pocket Universe and then hurl it into Anti-Timeline Space Quadrant 77-BAC8. Knowing Bereave, it won't actually hold him, but it would take enough effort to escape (or enter) that we'd be alerted to anyone tampering with it and be able to act accordingly.

Everyone seems under the assumption that a new Mag will form but I don't think so. There's no reason for the other half to remain inert this long; Vodo formed pretty much within the hour of Bereave's death. Pya says he thinks there's going to be another baby but I feel like that's wishful thinking. Alas.

__________ - I'll answer your questions in the order you asked.
1. I don't think Genesis will go so far as to attack anyone else, but I assure you Dijamant and I will be fine. The minor Fragments are the ones that are under danger, but almost all of them are Blessed. Morning Star and Sundae are Pya's, Jubilee is Rendgen's, Sterling is made out of gold. Magnotris is the only one unBlessed. Thoughts?
2. I agree, but I don't believe we should treat Vodo differently for now. I would be willing to neutralize Vodo if needed, but if they're in a fusion of sorts, I would rather teach Vodo how to remain in control of the fusion.
3. Thanks.
4. Rendgen beat me to this. Also, welcome back, Ren.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932Maybe it is wishful thinking but I'd love another baby. :) Farley never responds to my texts or forum pings. I don't think he's logged in.

Also yes, welcome back, Ren! I'm glad to see you still alive and kickin'. :)

XxCHAOSNEWORDERxXRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900794_9lB.pngThanks you two ^_^ I'm pretty adamn happy to be back!

I still haven't really met-met Farley so I'll do that soon >:3 Any tips??

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.png@XxCHAOSNEWORDERxX: tread carefully, Farley is easily annoyed.

I feel like the odd one out saying that I feel unsettled that Bereave is dead. Like it or not, he was part of the integral balance of the world. You can't wantonly create without destroying something in the process - even the process of creation "destroys" Magninium (so to speak) in order to generate something new. I'm not one to normally speak of karma and homeostasis but I think the world has been thrown out of balance in some fashion.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489With all due respect Zehneck that's absurd. Bereave's magic is still in existence, just cut in half. No overall property of the world has changed - it isn't like Bereave's magic was converted to Genesis' or anything. It just became a new entity, which happens all the time.

If there was some inherent "karma" property that Bereave's presence required, we'd be able to tangibly describe it. Karma as a concept is nonsense and meaningless.

Also, I disagree with the idea that Magninium is destroyed in the process of creation. Everything comes back to Magninium in the end; it's cyclical, not a conversion. But that's getting into philosophy unsuited for this topic.

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngMorning Star is Pya's? I thought Morning Star was yours, Kolo. Damn, I guess I'm a dumbass.

Well regardless you're talking about Blessings like it'll do them any good should Genesis come stomping up the way to them. I know Genesis can't actually kill anyone, but I'm sure he could effectively torture them. It's not out of the question.

Magnotris isn't Blessed, though? Should someone Bless him? (Sorry Kolo I know that's a sensitive topic). 

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngYou're free to disagree, Kolo, I don't mind. I just think there are concepts that exist only in an arcane manner. You can't "touch" or tangibly describe what justice is, but it still exists and mortals rally around it as a pillarstone of their society. You can't touch a nation, but it still interacts with the world - creates laws, draws borders, etc. I think the idea of balance is similar. It may not be tangible or instantly attainable, but it can still affect the world. In what manner would Bereave's death affect it? I can't say.

I don't think we should Bless Magnotris. The last thing that group needs is more of us sticking our fingers in and meddling. Normally I'm not one to agree with Pya/Kolo's principles but... I feel it's needed here. The more we involve ourselves in that mess, the harder it will be for them to unravel it.

I also thought Morning Star was yours, Kolo. Sorry.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489I don't know why everyone assumed I'd Blessed anyone recently. Especially considering that it was a big deal that Pya had Blessed someone else. You should check your ears.

Also Zehneck I still completely think you're talking out your ass. A nation is tangible to some extent; you can describe its effects and influence on the world. Its laws and borders shape what land it takes up, its people have a sense of culture and unity. That's a sort of tangibility that something like "karma" does not have. You can try to ascribe things to karma (someone kicking a meutin and then getting mauled by a leviathan for example) but that's not an inherent action or property of the universe, it's just a coincidence. It's not keeping tallies on every action ever taken and dishing out punishments or rewards based on those actions.

If it was, we'd be able to access those tallies and influence them. It's in our nature to be able to influence anything. Why would there exist some integral 'balance' that even we could not touch?

You can alter coincidences; you can mess with universal luck, RNG, statistics. You can alter how likely something is to happen. But you can't alter anyone's "karma" balance. Justice is different because justice is an action taken by someone else: going to jail for kicking a meutin, to carry the metaphor from earlier. Justice has no "balance" because justice is an emotion, a feeling of pride and that a rightfully-earned reaction has taken place. You can alter emotions, you can make someone feel justified or that an action was just.

Karma does not exist in the same fashion. It is not an emotion, you don't feel "karma". You feel justified or legitimized (or the opposite, I suppose). You can't alter "karma". I maintain this.

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngWhere is your sense of wonder, Kolo? Surely you must believe that there are yet things beyond us, still, that only the singularity itself could fathom of controlling. Doesn't it excite you, to know that there could be aspects of the world that we could be barred from? That we may learn of something new, that surprise is limitless?

I feel like karma is one of those things. You are right; you cannot alter karma the same way as you can change and influence other aspects of this world. But is it so wrong to hope that there may be something we have no control over?

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489No, I'm sorry, that stresses me out to think about. I would rather not worry about things like "excitement" and "surprise" if I can ensure the safety of the universe instead. A lack of control over things like karma, the idea that there's something out there keeping track of the universe and deciding punishments or rewards based on some arbitrary morality - that's terrifying, not exciting.

This is why you all call me boring isn't it. Sigh.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932I wasn't going to say anything :x I don't think you're boring, though, Kolo. You're very mature and sensible, and I think it's good that you look out for everyone like that :) 

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489Thank you, Kva. I appreciate it.

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngDon't worry, I appreciate many of our discussions and take them as light-hearted debate. Your morals do not make you boring, they simply allow us to argue and reach new understandings of each other. I find the way you speak very eloquent and your thoughts well-reasoned, my comrade.

I do believe we've derailed Kvadrat's thread quite enough, though. You say you do not think that the inert half will form a shape... but if it did, what shape do you think it would form? I am quite curious to the answers of that question.

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngWhat if they aren't a shape? What if they'd be like Farley, a fundamental force or something? I know Vodo's a shape and that doesn't make sense but which one do you think would form another Mag first?

My money's on the weak nuclear force. It'd be a good contrast to Farley's power, right? Kinda poetic and pretty.

ADivineRetributionRe: Bereave is Gone?
18512109_x50.png@Kolo, I think you're looking at karma the wrong way. You're right and karma isn't an inherent quality we can alter, but have you considered the idea that we, the Mags, are the arbiters of karma? We are the function of the world that is deciding whether or not a coincidence will occur, and how much justice is contained within it, no? Would that not make us the movers of karma? Just food for thought. ;)

__________, I think you're mixed up. Electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force are the mid-range forces. The strong nuclear force is the most powerful, and gravity is the weakest. The weak nuclear force wouldn't make much of a contrast to Farley's power....

Speaking of which, I would be astonished to learn of how strong the strong nuclear force Mag must be. :O I wonder should we ever gain the ability to meet them?

...ELLIPSES...Re: Bereave is Gone?
17421384_tnH.pngGlad Bereave finally kicked the bucket! Shitheel deserved it! ;>

I also can't believe you all started talking philosophy without me :'< I don't think we're necessarily arbiters of karma because I feel like that removes too much of our own agency from situations (I ascribe to the idea that we're closer to being the universe's sensory organs, knowing itself and loving itself) and I feel like we're too much of an accident to have any sort of purpose like that. Genesis didn't make us intentionally, we just showed up, yknow?

Also I think the new Mag would be something like heptagon, nonagon... we're missing quite a few of those ones still. I don't think it'd be another force like Farley since Farley came from Singularity.

underthemoonlightskyRe: Bereave is Gone?
14904807_UfM.jpgI was under the impression those shapes got "skipped" because of their extreme complexity. Besides, technically we do have a few of them.

Peshchani is six-sided, Strela is seven-sided, Sekizgen's eight-sided, Zvezda and Zehneck are ten-sided, Peresekat and Rendgen are twelve-sided. They're not regular polygons, but they count, right?

I suppose that does leave the nine-sided shape as nonexistent. 

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932I also like the idea of us being affection for the world incarnate. :) It makes me happy to think about us being entities whose "purpose" is to love and adore the rest of the world, and it makes sense, right? I mean think about the way our Magninium communicates to each other. It has only positive things to say haha!

Also I'd love to meet the nonagon, whoever they are. I wonder what their name would be?

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489@ADivineRetribution - I still find fault in those assumptions. Distributing karma is clearly not our purpose, nor would it be our only purpose, so acting as if we're its harbingers seems disingenuous. And wouldn't we be even more involved in meddling in mortal affairs if so? I feel like we'd have more of a drive to interact with others, or more of a love in tweaking mortal lives.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this again, that's entirely possible. I just don't buy into things like "purposes" and karma. What matters is the present; dealing with what's happening and ensuring that the universe is on track to a positive future. People fret too much about whatever Genesis/Bereave/Singularity wanted for them but look, Bereave's dead, Singularity's fucked, Genesis is the last one left. No use fretting anymore.

I suppose what I'm saying is close to what @...ELLIPSES... was, this idea that we're complete accidents so whatever our goal in life is will be wholly our own and we shouldn't fret about karma or whatever.

Also, don't be obtuse. Nonagon's name would be either Devyatiugolnik or Devetougao. You can always call on the memetics of their name. I feel like they would be what formed from the inert half, should it make a new Mag. 

ADivineRetributionRe: Bereave is Gone?
18512109_x50.png@Kolo, you misunderstand - I'm not fretting over my purpose or anything of the sort. I find the idea that we should look to a purpose equally as preposterous, which I don't think my original post got across quite nicely. It was more of a thought experiment, that if karma was not an entity we could alter, perhaps "we" are the karma, then, in a sense. Does that make it clearer?

Devyatiugolnik is a beautiful name. I'd love to finally complete the "hole" in the collection and have one of every n-sided shape from zero to twelve. Does anyone think they'd become even more complex, perhaps thirteen-sided? I feel like after a certain arbitrary point there just would not be more sided Mags. I feel like they'd dip back into concepts, like electromagnetism/color, and the nuclear forces, and gravity. 

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngDon't call me out like that, Prizma, now I look like a dumbass. >_< Moreso than I already did, obviously.

Did everyone miss the fact that there could be a Mag stronger than Farley, though? The strong nuclear force? Yeah I doubt that Bereave's other half would form any force-Mag, especially since Vodo's a shape (line?) but imagine someone who could kick Farley's ass (not literally, I don't want to see his ass kicked). If Pya's calculations are right and Farley could've taken on Bereave, what could the strong-nuclear-force-Mag do? (And what would their name be?)

The talk about philosophy is kinda going over my head.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Having a party without me?! How could you all?

Anyways I was there whenever we took Bereave down. He's dead, guys. Like he's so dead that I can't even tell you how dead he is. That's fucking exhilarating to think about. Genesis can't kill like he does, nobody can (could?). I'm so glad he's gone that I'm also totally throwing a party tomorrow night, you all should attend and hang out with me.

He was in contact with MT-Infinity. (I just sifted through years' worth of Coalition records to confirm that). It was a low-priority potential disaster for the COR, which means that it wasn't that big of a deal and it was going positively. I think everyone thought Infinity could reform the bastard, but haha. You know I don't think he could've been reformed at all. I'm not a guy who believes in immovable natures, but if anyone was going to be evil forever Bereave would've been it. :)

Genesis, I'm sure, already knows. You all felt the disruption in the balance of Magninium; Genesis and/or the Big Three are in-tune enough with the rest of the universe and they definitely felt it too. We probably only have a few more days before news leaks, and lesser Frags start making assumptions.

I vote to Bless Magnotris with someone higher on the scale (not Pya, probably not me. Maybe Pere, Zehneck, or Prav). This is going to make them more foreboding if any upstarts put two-and-two together and realize that their little posse was at the heart of this change.

I agree with the plans to contain the inert half of Bereave. I also don't think they're going to form another Mag. Something just feels off about that half. But, I think if it were to be infused with some creation magic (didn't Vodo use up all of Bereave's creation magic?) it would form a new Mag. If people want, I could ask Pya to try that and he'd probably listen.

Also I think nonagon would be the Mag.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489@CUSPcornerCONTROLcarry - People have no reason to suspect Magnotris and the rest of their group as having anything to do with the incident. Jubilee isn't telling people who was involved for a reason; he's keeping it rather quiet. Besides, the COR is his business; he can handle the news when it begins to spread. Taking too involved of a stance by Blessing Magnotris signals that we're deeply involved in the affairs of Morning Star and co., and will paint a larger target on their back. I don't think the trade-off of more protection is worth the extra scrutiny.

I would also rather not infuse the Bereave half with creation magic. If he's inert due to lack of creation magic, we at least know he isn't going to suddenly rise up and attempt to take revenge on all of us. But if we feed the corpse creation magic and Bereave wakes up rather than Devyatiugolnik, we'll have a massive mess on our hands.

I don't know how I feel about your interpretation of Bereave. It's unsettling to think about someone being so inherently evil that they couldn't change. I mean, Bereave did stop taking apart Timelines for a long while there. Doesn't that count for anything?

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Kolo, I love you but I think you're too focused on the idea of being cautious. It's alright to loosen up once in a while and take something riskier. The battle with Bereave was a massive risk, but look at how well it paid off!

Trust me, my own interpretation of Bereave unsettles me. But it's a part of who he is; there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. When you're a being of pure destruction magic, there's only one place for you to go (that is: to destroy). Genesis thought they could reform him, but Genesis is deeply emotionally attached to Bereave and couldn't take off the rose-tinted glasses. He wasn't going to change. The only way to ensure safety is through his death.

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngYou seem very intensely sure of yourself, Dijamant. What has led you to believe so strongly about Bereave and his actions?

I feel I am closer to Kolo in this regard. I do not think Bereave was beyond trust and love, but I believe he was beyond our influence. We could not do anything to convince him of the worth of the world, understandably so. If you believe Bereave was predisposed to kill, then Genesis would be to blame, would they not? They took the creation magic and left almost none for Bereave when Singularity split. Are they not the source of this nurture?

It would make sense that one would lose hope and idealism in the face of such a theft. Imagine having your magic methodically ripped from you, and then ignored by your other half as they ran away with your stolen magic? The traumatic separation of everything you are from all that you have left is very damaging.

TrougaoRe: Bereave is Gone?
21904936_n3W.pngNo offense but I kinda feel like I'm most qualified to talk about the nature of Bereave and having your magic ripped and stuff. (Also Ellipsa helped me log in, so thank you Ellipsa).

I'm with Dij on this, BTW. There's a difference between like, trauma influencing how you act and just being an awful person. You don't get to smack around other people just because you got smacked around yourself. I get that having creation stolen was an awful experience and I'm not saying Genesis gets off scot-free in this situation, but I take a lot of issue with Bereave being absolved of a lot of guilt.

It was still his choice/fault to destroy Timelines, torture people, do what he did. Those were all conscious choices he made and followed through on. It's not Genesis' fault that Bereave was just a nasty person inside who thought he could justify hurting other people. Even if creation wasn't stolen, Bereave would've still found an excuse to be an asshole. There are just people like that out there.

Maybe they can be reformed, but I don't think Bereave could've been. That's a primordial evil that nothing else can compare to.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489Dij, you are a shard of primarily destruction magic yourself. Interesting that you insist that destruction magic would cause nothing but pain and the advent of suffering; what does that say about yourself? Are you trying to give me more excuses to scrutinize you?

I agree about Genesis, though. This is primarily their fault in the end. All of creation may be their fault, and most of creation may be a beautiful accident, but they still allowed for pain and suffering. I have a lot of grievances with a creator figure who would allow such cruelty to flourish under their gaze.

Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't mind Genesis dying either. I just don't trust the amount of power that those two held; it's safer in smaller pieces. Farley can't end the world out of emotional distress and whims, despite his sheer strength and power. Both of them being dead would provide us eternal protection.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954I agree that Genesis needs to go next. Now that we know that they can be killed, we could even take direct steps to ensure that his destruction is our next communal goal. Think about it: we just need Mag Frag magic (possibly Pya's, maybe mine, who knows what the exact blend is?) and then gold magic, from Sterling. Maybe Jubilee. Obviously more research needs to happen before moving forwards, but if Bereave can die, so can Genesis.

The fate of the world is more important than their existence.

@Kolo: I disagree with the idea that I am inherently as dangerous as Bereave. My work is done to ensure a safe, happy existence for all of creation. I am deeply attached to the world and its glory. I've done no lasting harm to anyone, and the Timelines I nanny are very well-kept and pleased. (Omega is a different situation entirely, and I'd rather not derail this further talking about Omega).

@REELIN': Nothing Bereave has done has shown that he has any drop of goodness inside of him. =/ He has always taken any chance to destroy, kill, maim, murder, damage, and harm. His nature just doesn't allow for him to behave in a civilized manner, with sense and kindness. To add onto what I said earlier: I at least am trying to make the world a better place, Bereave never did.

And I don't accept "suffering doesn't exist if life doesn't exist" as a counter-argument. That's just fucking stupid. Happiness can't exist if life doesn't exist either. You can't be happy and dead. So don't even try me.

@Trougao: hey Trou nice to see you online =D You liking the computer I got you?

TrougaoRe: Bereave is Gone?
21904936_n3W.pngYes, it's a very nice computer, thank you Dij. Sorry if I do anything wrong, I'm reading Kva's forum guide in another window and trying to figure out how to use the site. Can lesser beings read this?

Anyways I vote for kill Genesis.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932Wow, I didn't expect us to start... planning the death of Genesis. I don't know if I'm on board with that actually? I feel like we're almost getting a little too big for our pants here. It's not our right to decide if Genesis and Bereave deserve to die. We don't get to select who should be killed and who should be allowed to live, I feel like that's wandering too close to dictator or over-controlling territory.

@Trougao, you can ping someone by typing @ and then their username. If it'd be easier I can teleport over a paper document on how to use the forums :) Lesser beings could theoretically read the forums but none of them know it exists and the information is obscured, anyways. I'm not sure anyone could wander onto it. If they did, I can always lock the forum to private, though. (And I'd notice if anyone else made an account, since there's only twenty-three accounts, Lol).

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489I brought up Genesis' death as more of a pleasant hypothetical, not as an intention to start planning murder. Kva has summed up my feelings about that: it's crossing a line we shouldn't knowingly cross. Bereave's death was Jubilee's quest, and he's allowed to have aspirations and dreams such as those. We should know better than to willingly plan the death(s) of our creators. I frown upon anyone who's going to go behind my back and try to set one up.

That's how you develop megalomania and ego, you know. Deciding you're better than anyone else and get to pick and choose things like death, life, happiness, depression. I'm already staunchly against the fact that you and Prizma keep your little pet Timelines; it's just inevitably going to inflate your heads. This is going too far.

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngI do not think that Kolo would agree with your assessment, Dijamant. EDIT: Ah, yes, I was only slightly too slow. Regardless, I will abide by your wishes and not discuss Omega here. But I would like to have such a discussion some other time if you'd please; I always enjoy a healthy debate with you, Dij.

It goes against my personal ethics to plot murder. It's a crime unthinkable, to try to undo the creator of our world. But I can understand why some of you would find it unethical to not draw Genesis' blood. Still, in good consciousness, I must vote not to kill Genesis.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489This isn't some vote. We're not going to fucking collectively try to kill Genesis if over half of us vote for it, that's absurd. If any of you think Pya would allow for such a thing, you're more unhinged than I thought. What the actual fuck is wrong with all of you.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954You're going to invoke the Pya card here? Wouldn't it be immoral for Pya to stop us, considering he's stronger and then he'd be forcing us to abide by his rules solely because he's stronger? Shouldn't the wants of the group supercede his influence? =)

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489Don't fucking do this, Dij.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954=* blows a kiss

Jokes aside, I stand by what I said. Genesis and Bereave are just too dangerous to leave alone, and now that we know they're killable, it's our moral duty as the protectors and lovers of the world to kill Genesis. I won't judge anyone for saying they don't agree, but I really don't think any of you could stop me.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489This is out of hand and you're out of line. I'm calling Pya.

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngKolo's gonna strangle me when he gets back but I vote for kill. You've appealed to me, Dij. I see what you're throwing down and I'm catching it.

Sorry, Kolo. Ughhh he's gonna be really pissed. Maybe we should put together a calm-down gift basket or something.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Great idea, Linija! I've got some perfect stuff in mind we could put together as a little goodie bag. =) I'll start writing a list and I'll send it around after it's done.

I care about Kolo, but sometimes actions need to happen regardless of how he feels they should be done. We can't spend forever fretting about all the intricacies of a decision and let the time for change pass us up.

It'd be best to strike before Genesis realizes that Bereave's gone.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932This is not at all how I thought my thread would go :(

I mean, I love this kind of discussion, but wow this went... directions I wasn't expecting. I won't get in trouble for hosting this, right? I really don't think so but this is intense.

ADivineRetributionRe: Bereave is Gone?
18512109_x50.png+1 for killing Genesis. I mulled over the options and Dij is right, it's morally insensitive of us to let Genesis run rampant if we know that we can kill them. And, what if we were able to free the rest of the remaining shapes contained within Genesis? Would wouldn't want to meet nonagon or the strong nuclear force?

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954You won't get in trouble, Kva. Kolo and Pya are sensible enough not to shoot the messenger(s), after all. =) I'm prepared to get lectured at in your stead, if push should come to shove, though. Thanks for opening this discussion.

pink&petiteRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900829_0lC.pngSo, Dij, are you always this eager to sate your bloodlust, or do you just regularly enjoy ramping up the stakes of every conversation you stick your interfering muzzle into? This thread was perfectly normal and respectable until you decided to barge in and turn it to some sociopolitical debate about the morals of literally murdering Dad.

First of all, if you so desperately want to murder Genesis, at least make your own thread about it. We've just lost quite a few nice conversations about the meaning of existence (which is meaningless, but those conversations made Kvadrat happy, so fuck right off). Secondly, there's no need to escalate so fucking hard with any of this.

The solution to everything isn't to try to stab it, you overwrought moron.

-1 on kill Genesis just because you're the one who brought it up. Fuck off.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Oh, we're doing this now? The contrarian's arrived, to take a shit all over a reasonable discussion, as always! Sorry, Prav, can you just not get that stick out of your ass for longer than three seconds to realize that I'm right more often than not? Oh, wait, you can't let go of your petty grudges and see past your own hubris =)

pink&petiteRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900829_0lC.pngThose are some pointed insults, Dij! Too bad they all apply more to you than they do me. Then again, mortals say write what you know, don't they? You're not as smart and clever as you might think you are, you ingrown maggot. For all you know, Genesis could be reading this thread right now and prepping appropriately for ignoring whatever little magic you're going to fling at them.

Killing Bereave was a lucky fluke. If you think disrupting Genesis is going to be as easy, well - I'll have quite the show to enjoy when you inevitably fail and have to face the dual wrath of both our creator and your furious supernova of a boyfriend. 

ZweeRe: Bereave is Gone?
14816614_s39.pngHi I'm not caught up on the thread at all but Kva told me what was going on and I wanted to vote too! I vote for killing Genesis!! Thank you all!

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Is sitting behind a screen spitting insults all you can do? I mean, you're quite talented at it, but what else do you even spend your time doing, Prav? Anything helpful, anything world-changing? Have you ever saved someone's life and cherished that moment for the rest of eternity? Can you look back on anything you've done and let your voice swell with pride as you think about how much good you've brought to this world?

Oh, wait, no. All you do is sit in a corner and pretend like pairing together random Fragments is at all noteworthy or interesting. =) You should really try to find a more fulfilling hobby, Prav, clearly pretending to be a bastion of romance isn't doing you so well. Maybe pick up knitting, or, I don't know, SAVING THE WORLD??

WHO was there to help kill Bereave? That's right, this guy! I'm always throwing myself on the line to help others, and I maintain that killing Genesis is the way to help others here. I'll fight tooth and nail for what's right.

XxCHAOSNEWORDERxXRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900794_9lB.png+1 to killing Genesis as long as I get to help >:3

pink&petiteRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900829_0lC.pngIf you're truly under the impression that I do literally nothing, and that emotional attachments to other people are frivolous, I'm not surprised that you haven't managed to hold down a partner of your own, Dij. Or is your poorly-solved fling with Pya too sensitive and we aren't allowed to talk about it, either? Can't face the heat of your mistakes, so you ban everyone talking about Omega? Ignoring how Pere swept in to steal your precious crush off his feet instead of you?

Don't make me laugh. You'd like to think you're some game-changer, influencing the world for the better, but you're just a selfish narcissist who justifies his narc feed by pretending like you're helping others. It makes you look good when you can point at things you (or, y'know, your fellow Mags) have done and bask in accolades from those who don't know better. And if there's anything you love more than yourself, it's attention.

I wonder how much you're going to get, for this asinine plan? I wonder how much the COR'll talk if you try to go through with it? Who knew you were so jealous of how much of a problem Ren had become in recent years!

...ELLIPSES...Re: Bereave is Gone?
17421384_tnH.pngVoting no on the murder Genesis plan. That's just fucked up and wrong, really... I can't believe we're actually having this discussion. Genesis hasn't done anything wrong. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have a world to protect. I can forgive their selfishness and mistakes in their youth for that. Can't you guys see that?

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954You really think I'm doing this for attention? If I were trying to be a fucking attention whore, don't you think I would've just gone and done it without asking any of you for your thoughts or feelings first? I'm here to talk, not steamroll or beat others down like you do.

Funny you try to call me a narc and accuse me of using the other Mags as my "feed". Isn't that what you do, with those poor Fragments whose lives you play with? You twist and bend their relationships and happiness just so you have some soap opera to watch. You know mortals make TV for that sort of thing!

Here I am, trying to make the world a better place, and all you can do is try to attack me. You don't think everyone sees right through you for the jealous little shit that you are, Prav? You don't think that your nonsupport might drive some people to pick my site purely out of how much spite you generate by being such an unrepentant cunt?

SummercomeQuicklyRe: Bereave is Gone?
19213982_gVB.png+1 for the kill. fuck bereave & fuck genesis. 

Re: Bereave is Gone?
14815487_1FE.png+1 for kill

underthemoonlightskyRe: Bereave is Gone?
14904807_UfM.jpgI vote no for killing Genesis.

sekizgenRe: Bereave is Gone?
17514595_Q2v.pngAhhh... -1 on killing Genesis, sorry Dij...

pink&petiteRe: Bereave is Gone?
11900829_0lC.pngI'm fucking done talking to you, Dij. You're an egomaniac and you need to be taken down a beg, but I can't beat any sense into your thick skull. Maybe Pya or Kolo can, since you love being their bitch so much. Fucking psychos, the lot of you who agreed with him.

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954I've tallied what everyone said.

Killing Genesis:
Me, Trougao, Linija, Prizma, Zvezda, Rendgen, Polumesec, Suza. 8.

Not killing Genesis:
Kolo, Kvadrat, Zehneck, Prav, Ellipsa, Chetyre, Sek. 7.

I suppose this was closer of a vote than I expected, in all honesty. I'm not going to do anything rash, though. I understand if you all think I was in the wrong.

Re: Bereave is Gone?
14256790_ILI.pngThere were a lot of assumptions made about what I would say, what I would agree with. When Kolo alerted me to this thread, I was honestly surprised. I don't mean to instill fear or doubt in my capabilities as our mediator, but I must say that

I agree with Dijamant

and we need to kill Genesis.

KoloRe: Bereave is Gone?
13160215_wRO_4876691.png?1561831489I can't believe any of you. This is so fucked up. Don't talk to me, don't bug me. I need to go calm down away from all of you who fucking thought this was a good idea. I can't believe you, Pya. I fucking trsuted you and look ath what you've GONE AND LET DIJ DO. YOU THINK THIS IS GOING TO SOLVE ANYTHING? YOU THINK FUCKING


You're ALL fucking insane and I can't BELIEVE i trusted any one of you with anything. Don't fukcin talk to me unles i talk yo ohuy first

__________Re: Bereave is Gone?
20127062_ory.pngAw stars Kolo is really upset fuck

CUSPcornerCONTROLcarryRe: Bereave is Gone?
14812787_uSb_5074393.png?1561475954Holy fukcing shit. Holy shit. Thank you Pya. THank you so much I can't even see the keyboard right now

This means a lot to me. I'm glad you see why we have to do this, why we have to at least try. I'm so glad you understood.

I'm sorry Kolo. I'll take care of you later. I know this goes against a lot of your own personal feelings about... how we should operate, but I hope that you'll come around, see the benefits outweigh the negatives. I love you.

Thank you Pya. Thank you.

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932aahhhh wow holy shit... i guess we're really doing this then??

also c'mon guys no memetics please :(

Re: Bereave is Gone?
14256790_ILI.pngI understand emotions may run high. I ask for your patience and understanding. I will be around to discuss how best to move forwards, individually, with everyone later. Please let the others not in this thread know, thank you.

TrougaoRe: Bereave is Gone?
21904936_n3W.pngI'm glad Pya grew a spine while I was gone.

ZweeRe: Bereave is Gone?
14816614_s39.png🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 🔪 

REELIN'Re: Bereave is Gone?
20216733_1ci.pngThis... was unprecedented. I hope you know the full scope of what you're doing, Pya. I cannot support this in good faith, but I will pray that you are all not injured in your quest. I may not agree with you all, but please know that I love you all and wish for only the best for us and the world. <3

I am going to go speak to Kolo and make sure he's alright. Text me if any of you need anything, but be wary I may not be capable of checking my cellie often. 

Glorious ParallelsRe: Bereave is Gone?
14481080_m0X.png?1560171932Yeah I'm going to close the thread, sorry guys. :( I just don't want to moderate this and I don't think making plans out in the open like this is a good idea... um... good discussion, I think? Thanks for coming....