King of the delinquents.

sharp // personable // mercenary

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Joseph Stuckey Age 21 Species Human
Nicknames Stuckey Birthday August 16, 1986 Gender Male
Prefers Stuckey Zodiac Leo Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Wild Dogs Religion Atheist Sexuality ???
Group Role The super shady friend Background Cajun Relationship Status ???
Day Job ??? Birthplace New Orleans, LA Living Situation ???
  • I have a lot of delinquent characters, but he's the most delinquent of all of them
  • loveable rogue
  • a little shit
  • well, he's not little
  • a big shit
  • as the oldest Wild Dog, that makes him the Responsible One
  • responsible for buying beer?
  • he's always looked mature for his age, so he makes use of that
  • when you "know a guy," he's the guy
  • has his fingers in a lot of pies, most of them probably illegal
  • incidentally the only kind of pie he likes is pizza
  • not deep dish though, that's just a casserole
  • has been shot at least once and now walks with a limp
  • but if asked, he laughs it off and easily changes the subject
  • clever, shrewd and very sharp
  • good-natured, the guy everyone comes to for help
  • but be very careful where you place your trust
  • he looks out for others, but never at the expense of himself
  • don't underestimate him
  • dangerous


iusbEy7.png hyXEX6H.png

Height: 6'4"/193cm Build: Rangy
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark brown
Handedness: Right Style: Hoodrat

Stuckey is a very tall, almost ungainly-looking guy, but he has some muscle. He has dark brown hair, thick eyebrows and scruffy facial hair, and hooded eyes that shouldn't be trusted.

He typically wears jeans and shirts in some dark color, but he's not a monochrome sort of guy and doesn't wear much black. He's usually wearing a gray hoodie under his green-and-yellow letterman jacket, tan work boots, and the coyote tail keychain he's known for on his right hip.

Pet's Name: Tupac Species: Dog
Sex: Male Breed: German Shepherd

Stuckey has a German Shepherd named Tupac who's nearly always by his side.

Like his owner, Tupac is a creature of the streets, rangy and kind of scruffy. His left ear has been torn off halfway.

Coding by hedgemaze, lowkeywicked, & WeltDerAthanasie // See gallery for image credits