The birthday thread🎂🎉

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Your birthday month?

23 Votes January
22 Votes February
19 Votes March
21 Votes April
18 Votes May
28 Votes June
17 Votes July
20 Votes August
19 Votes September
21 Votes October
19 Votes November
29 Votes December

Hello! This is the birthday thread. We noticed that most birthdays here are not hugely celebrated among the forums, hence, it's decided that this thread exist so we can celebrate birthdays of (hopefully) EVERYONE here, as well as a masterlist to compile everyone's birthday. ^^

If you want to be a part of the TH birthday masterlist, please comment HERE to keep things organized. We will try to update the masterlist as often as possible :)

Things you can post in the thread:

  • Promoting your birthday. Things like "today is my birthday" are always welcomed here! (We would promote everyone's birthday for each days but unfortunately, life concerns and we're not sure if we could do that daily.) Late or early birthday promotions are also allowed.
    • You can include a brief wishlist for your birthday this year (either IRL or online-related), your wishlist can be goals for yourself, or actual gift-related wishlist. 
    • Keep artwork/writing gifts-related wishlists as short and not demanding since this is not a request thread. Go to art freebies if you want something more specific. (Do not beg or guilt trip for gifts either. Not everyone is obligated to do it.)
  • Wishing others a happy birthday! (Make sure to ping them if they're okay with it.) Either it's a response to the above point or not. You can post gifts or any messages/compliments here to them if you want.
  • Sharing any birthday memories, new or old. We would prefer if it's a positive one since we don't want this thread to turn into another vent board.
  • Just any birthday-related things, as long as it doesn't go against the site's rules or the above points that were mentioned.

Want to celebrate YOUR OCS' birthday instead? We have a character version for this thread! Birthday Masterlist: (Format still in an experimental mode.)

7th: SikaMouse
8th: timeandtimor
11th: Drowzee
14th: poptartle
16th: FellowPigeon
17th: flower-magic
23rd: PhantomForest
27th: AlleycatIrony
31st: acne
6th: Carlo
7th: Kogami, TheLadyAnatola
13th: is_an_astronaut
17th: Memesogic
20th: iinasmuch
23rd: sofmi
24th: Angry-Moth-Noises, @CasseDrake07
3rd: Kingfauna
7th: Maiden-of-Ghosts
8th: MageofHearts
12th: CloudiiSkai
22nd: @familliarfarris
24th: VincentVanGoat, Phantasmal
25th: kye
28th: Avistella
29th: Litwick, KymPerson
2nd: Clockwork
4th: TheStrayCat
9th: kimodamari
10th: Isoprene
11th: gummy
12th: Judas-la-Carotte
TenMomentsTill, @divsybean
15th: Waltz
17th: SoraDeathEater, spiritphone
18th: sylphystia
8th: rosieoci
9th: haxelnut
11th: Pam
14th: Mwins
19th: cyantrashcan, HowlingCat
21st: RustHeart
24th: MoonFlames
29th: GeckoSauce
2nd: lillywise
3rd: syskey
6th: Kazeun
7th: Monochrome-Melody
14th: Pixelated_Prophecies, sigma_draconis
18th: TyrianCallows
19th: Ressy
20th: ElithianFox, darkrai
25th: junebuggy
23rd: celestiials
28th: Amber-Lynne
3rd: Akira
12th: alliegunther
13th: Vowltures
18th: Stormchi
21st: Renigee
23rd: Caine
25th: crowjokes
26th: Riixinkuu
27th: @Tone
2nd: MiniMilkshake1001
4th: @Croix
5th: Beed
8th: RoseNines
12th: Kana
18th: cresom
19th: Orion_Overdrive
22nd: Adalana
23rd: Kirbygal
27th: Pummie
28th: Ikayuro
1st: nox-pluviam
7th: Lotor
8th: Azrael
18th: AeroHail
28th: Laneu
30th: RoyalProtector
15th: Tick
22nd: Historia, Pyatiugolnik
29th: Sourpunch
30th: izsumi
4th: hedgemaze
15th: apricot, ch1sh10
18th: knightofpherae
22nd: ShadmeTheAngel
24th: MxMartyBellvue
26th: colorful
27th: cinnamon_bun_puff
28th: dogstarlite
3rd: Rav3n
9th: BroodingBungalow
10th: cati, yumies
11th: awepossum, JelloPotato
12th: Serja
14th: 123penguin64
16th: HellMilk
20th: 5inthemorning, Niiero
21st: yoosung
22nd: KittyKnight, SnowSpirit
23rd: SkysPris
26th: Aviecat
27th: SweetieSylveon
29th: Alexg47
30th: Raddishes

Remember, if you want to be added to the masterlist, comment HERE.

If you're here to celebrate your birthday, then BirthdayMod wishes you a happy birthday in advance! May you have a great day!


Maiden-of-Ghosts BIRTH!!!


//Hello! Mod apologies for leaving this acc dead in a while, we'll try to update the birthday list now. We're glad to see this thread still being in use, at least. Happy birthdays to every past and upcoming ones :)


It's my birthday today!! :D


Judas-la-Carotte HAPPY EXIT WOMB DAY




Judas-la-Carotte Happy birthday!     


Alexg47 Omg I'm late, but thank you!!


happy birthday!

and my birthday is on may the 14th, every year!


My birthday is November 27.

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?
For my 5th birthday (I think?) I had a party at the maison de pays (unsure of the English translation or if it's even translatable, but it was basically a huge "house" that was a bit of a museum, with a lot of regional stuff in it, and it had a small function hall in which you  could ask to throw a party). My classmates had attended it and I recall my kindergarten best friend was there, too. I just found out this place was sold 2 years ago and is going to be a hotel now, and I'm pretty much bummed out. It was such a nice place. I loved it.

  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?
Usually I receive a huge load of money (like, 100-250€) that is made up from all the smaller amounts my relatives give me. I rarely ask for anything for my birthday.

  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

Mhm. My 20th birthday. Just for the sake of having a different digit and a zero. Also, more cash in my little cash box~


My birthday is coming up here in May! May 16th, to be exact. c:

  • Your most fondest birthday memory, if you still remember?

            Last year I got a piece of art drawn for me by one of my favorite artists/biggest inspirations. ;;v;;

  • What do you usually receive as gifts on your birthday?

           My family doesn't celebrate birthdays, so normally I don't get anything other than some cake!

  • Are you looking forward to your next birthday?

           I definitely am! I'm treating myself to something special. c:


i’m reviving this thread because ..... i’m no longer jared 19....... i finally learned how to read........




zinnia Happy Birthday! My b-day was yesterday actually :)