show me characters with black hair!

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it occurred to me the other day that i am a complete sucker for black-haired ocs. if you share this sentiment and feel strongly about it, show off your fellow black-haired baes here!

i shall start off with the one and only kanen.


Sucker for black hair right here! xD

Starting with Nyria, naturally. xD

Then her daughter:

As well as her son:

And finally, Keira, my necromancer:

Not pictured? All my other characters that are in the process of getting art. Like Nyria's other daughter. xD


..... i counted 10 lol xD

Aliester, Argent, Chrysler, Derek, Leroy, Lloyd, Lucien, Mikail, Sigmund, Vax  

Alice Somnificus reinapepiada

HELLO I have a handful!

Alice, obviously, but also Agni, Azira and Sayan (their hair is slightly blue but it's more for palette reasons, it's still black if they were irl), Haneul (she dyed half of it tho), human Leppo, Moke, Naomi, Nicanora (the tips are green), Numai, Piperine aaand Tebeo!

Francis RU-HX

I have a fair few! I've got a weakness for black hair so when I make new OC's I have to force myself to use other colours otherwise I just default to black hair LOL. 

As well as Francis I also have Raven (very long black hair), Nikko (very long black hair with green dye) and Pike (needs a re-design but will always have black hair).


Oh geez I have a whole ton, I love black hair :'D

But here are a few:

Junkie, Rebel, Spike, Reese, and Riot!

Big Daddy Dianya

I have a few- more besides Big Daddy ♥


Princess Anne



&& Wolfie


I can't post IC for all of them as it would spam the thread, so here are some if you'd like to have a look :D

- Esteban, the big villain.
- Seems like most of my Pokemon gym leaders have black hairs.
- And there's a long haired-Pokémon professor. Wait, are all of my black-haired characters in the Pokémon universe?

Also, do black-maned anthro animals count? 8D If so :
- Argyros, some lady who loves to dress her hair
- Hippolyte, who dyes his hairs but they're naturally black

 Yasahisa Kiku [FMN] shrio-nii

aughhh i feel you. I'm also a sucker for black haired characters as well XD here's mine!