Show me your Pathetic and Weakling Ocs

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I didn't see this anywhere, so hopefully I'm not making a double thread

Show me your characters that would do poorly in a fight, or are horribly weak in some way. 

Perhaps they are strong in other ways, in intelligence or have a stellar sense of fashion, or are an excellent silvertongue and can get themselves out of any situation etc.  but physically they would not do well in a fight, they'd trip over themselves or turn and run the first chance they get, they might flee from a battle because they are afraid of getting so much as a scratch or simply don't know how to throw a punch. 

Maybe instead of physically, they are weak willed and can't control themselves from stealing objects when someone isn't looking or they must hit on every pretty face they meet.

Feel free to list the weaknesses (and if you want to include strengths too) /pros/cons of your character if you want!

Or write/describe a scenario showing the character's weakness

Show me your pathetic characters!


I'd say that Malka is my physically weakest and pathetic character in terms of their strength. Sure he has a powerful enchantment ability, he gets people to do whatever the heck he wants because they fall in love with him! 

Without that power, he couldn't hold his own at all. first sign of trouble and he panics if he doesn't get his way, or if his powers don't work the way he wants them to. I doubt he even knows how to cook food or dress himself properly without someone's guidance. He depends too much on other people and on his own magic abilities.


Alright, after reading all your guys' amazing, cowardly and pathetic ocs, I want to witness a battle royale where they all try to fight each other. come'on, it'll be hilarious. I promise.

Grandiflora VincentVanGoat

He's really darn physically weak from the elixir he uses to live forever. I mean he's pretty sharp mentally, and has magical abilities to back himself up, but if it came down to a physical fight, he'd probably stand no chance.

Rien Blackly wormancer

Oh man "pathetic weakling" was Rien's whole character when he first appeared

 Saeva Marion cosmicconundrum

she's physically weak in that she has a petite build and is incredibly nonathletic. even her power is based off of camouflage, and has no offensive capabilities whatsoever.


SHIVER SHIVERS AT THE FACE OF DANGER!!! he's weak, doesnt know how to harnass his demony powers well and often gets hurt. he bruises like a peach!!

HOWEVER. HE might be physically weak but god he is smart and conniving and sneaky!

Rafael Beefy

It's not that he's terribly weak per say, it's just that he's not strong. He's average in terms of strength and intelligence however he's constantly over extending himself, putting himself in situations where he appears weak. He's pathetic to say the least and average in terms of everything else.

Amali Almondlover

Amali is a cowardly a-hole who becomes a whimpering mess when faced with an opponent. It's... honestly quite sad, really, because as much of a jerk as Amali is, seeing him balled up in the dirt, shielding his entire body to defend himself from just about ANYONE that makes so much as a small threat.... it makes you pity him. But he's pathetic, snarky, rude, and an all-around coward. It probably stems from his subconcious forgotten memories of being a pup when the great war was going on, but who's to say?

Zamir hedgemaze

Oh boy, I love this thread haha. By every definition, my most pathetic character is Zamir.

He's cowardly and fearful, he's physically weak, sickly, and asthmatic, he's unfocused and a little clueless, and he always seems to get himself in trouble. Zam's a good guy though, sincere and selfless, and he tries hard. His greatest strengths lie in how he can deal with people and organize them.

Bane hedgemaze

My other most pathetic character is this guy: he's fierce and always too eager to fight, but he's skinny and weak and it rarely goes well for him. He has terrible judgment and trusts the wrong people, so he's always getting himself into bad situations. He's brave and loyal though, the kind of guy who would do anything for his friends.

Other characters who would do badly in a fight: Izzy (he starts fights but never intends to finish them; he'll talk his way out of anything if he can), Gabriel (skinny, weak, passive, too nice), Crane (would not even know what to do).

Shaelon Krellner Whiona

he is weak and will not survive the winter

Josh Fiore 5inthemorning

I love weak characters tbh...,,,,,, I'll just leave my pile here:

  • Josh (IC) is the wimpy nerd boy to rule them all. He's never worked out in his life, and he's both thin and squishy. His skin damages pretty easily, so seeing him with oddly placed bandages is not uncommon. He also doesn't have any magic (magic is common in his setting) to defend himself with. I think if someone tried to fight him for real, he'd probably just fall over and/or die when the first punch is thrown... 
  • Sihlaon is feeble and also lacks magic. They're also not a strong personality at all, and they can be scared of things that other people see as unreasonable or pathetic. They're ashamed of their weakness; Sihlaon doesn't try to do a lot of things because they seem to think they're going to fail at them automatically. 
  • Dee is strong for being a spirit, but that's... not saying very much. They're weaker than most other humanoids in just about every way. No strength, no stamina, and other than shifting, they also have no magic. (seeing a theme here? lmao) Dee is especially bad because he's also really short and skinny... His physical strength would make anyone sad. 
  • Rusty is the same species as Dee, so they're in the same boat of being stupidly flimsy. They're also of the weak-willed variety and just cannot resist the urge to set things on fire or otherwise get themselves into dangerous situations. Both the doppelgangers can regenerate, so it would be difficult to kill them, but if Rusty didn't have that going for them I can't even imagine the shape that they'd be in by now :'D
  • Maerin is the first person here to be able to use magic, but she doesn't actually have any. If she wants to cast a spell, she has to steal the necessary energy from another person. Personality-wise, she's shy, sensitive, and weak to negativity. She is the type of person to burst into tears and run away if you make fun of her. 
  • Creature is about the size of a cat. If you had a beef with him and wanted to destroy him, there is not much he could do about it. As big as he likes to talk, he's a coward and likely to turn tail if you look like you'll put a dent in him. He doesn't stand up for himself at all. 
  • Rowan gets an honorable mention for being a big baby and acting like he's going to die whenever he gets so much as lightly shoved. He's pretty average otherwise. He gives off the impression of being fragile, but he's not really. 
Eggward Eggcellent Dangerine

Eggward is emotionally and physically quite weak. Anything can make him bawl like a baby and if he trips on something there’s a 67% chance he’ll die.


Dominus darkrai

if you even so much as look at dominus in a way that suggests physical combat he will crumble into trillions of pieces. he doesn't know how to throw a punch all it does is hit himself.

Ethan Wilhelm PicklePantry

He's incredibly average

Claude Lovelace Caine

Claude is physically agile and has a great stamina, but there is no way ever for him to win a physical fight without cunningness, because he's physically just that weak. No muscles whatsoever. 

Aabel is also physically very weak as his body is starved and his muscles didn't develop properly because he didn't get to use them enough while growing up, and this was done to him intentionally.
Daniel is like... ehcnically he can stand up for himself and does know how to sword fight, but in actuality he's so very sick so often that there is a high chance he probably couldn't do much without fainting
Knut is just kind of pathetic compared to the other squires, as he's clearly smaller and physically weaker than the rest and struggles even carrying a proper knight's sword
Marion can't fight and he's chronically ill so no fighting for this man without serious consequences
Njal is strong but he has the mind of a coward which he really is. He runs away from all his troubles honestly
Omarion is honestly a runt compared to other sphinxes and he grew up spoiled and pampered, so he couldn't survive on his own at all. He's also an idiot on top of that
Rose can't really protect himself super well either, as his body is pretty much just as fragile as it looks like, despite being a vampire. Also, he's considered pitiful by other vampires
Thomasis yet another sick boy so he can't really stand up in a fight either, but at least he isn't a coward in the least bit