Receive an Egg

NeoPaneruga holds a magical flower field which was once teleported from a feral planet called "Pastel Paradise".

The flower field now lays in one of the caves of NeoPanerua´s Jungle Mountains and is guarded by Leqez, a former alpha Griffin who now is also representative of Jungle Mountains.


You´re wondering how the flower field works? Well, we didn´t find an explanation why it works like this but here is HOW it works:
The blossoms are open for a limited time each day. If dna of two different beings flies in, mainly hair or skin particles the wind carries in here, the blossom will close and will produce an egg.
The egg will share the dna of the two beings the dna comes from. We call it a clone or to make it sound better "Flower Child".
Some raise these Flower Childs as their offsprings, other prefer to see them like siblings.
Either way, it doesn´t matter. What matters is, that you will take good care of them.

Flower Childs usually grow adult within 1 month.

(If the egg had a crack your Flower Child might stay an actual child  / pup for longer / for forever - That is up to you to decide.)

 For your reference, here is the usual aging procress of a Panerugan.

Passing down features

If you´re a Panerugan that gained 10 or more levels, you can pass down some features. More Info here:…

How to pass down features

Reply below with the filled in form:

Link to your MYO Ticket: (you need to already own one)
Species that will hatch:
(free / xxx dA Points / Art (link) / Bonus /xxx Pawprint Coins)

If you have a Panerugan that can pass down Features, link to the "parent"´s register link:
Which Features are you passing down:
Link to your Player Tracker:


If you have a Furlep MYO Ticket and a horned dog that is able to pass down a feature, you can get a Furlep with horns!