Trading system:

Any service or product which is created or collected / picked by contributors can be used or gifted or traded for something else.

If someone gets rewarded for their service or delievery for the greater good the one who received the service / good reports to the palace. Gina will make sure the reward will be received.

Bark Collectors

Bark can be used for crafting, for building nests, for healing purposes, for collecting or even for food. Delievering Healers is rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Bark Collectors:…

Berry Pickers

Everyone loves eating berries. Some are for healing purposes.

Pickers of the Crystal Berries are delievering those directly to the palace to fill the emergency stock.

Delivering healers and the the palace is rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Berry Pickers:…


Knowing best what kind of food works good with other foods. They even use fire and boiled water to make the food more delicious.

All Cooks:…


There are different creators on NeoPaneruga. Some create baskets, beds and other nice furnitures. Others create textiles like clohtes or blankets. Some create fake horns or other fake body parts like tails. There is no limit for creativity. Creators trade their creations for food, hunting services or what ever other collectors or creators are offering them. For this they all meet at the market of silent meadow which took place each saturday.

All Creators:…

(needs a list of which creator creates which item)

Crystal Cone Pickers

In Crystal-Cone Forest grow the Crystal-Trees. These trees have interesting cones. They are filled with liquid crystal cells. If you pick the cone and put the side that was connected to the tree´s brach onto your skin it will melt with the cells of your skin.

Crystal Cone Picker pick those cones and trade them to creators which grind them a little so they are looking like pretty antlers or horns.

All Crystal Cone Pickers:…


Crystalists take care of the crystals and gem stones on NeoPaneruga. They also collect gem stones to give them to healers or to trade them to creators.

All Crystalists:…


Diggers are the ones who are best with digging dens or tunnles or changing the shape of an outside place. Of course everyone should be able to do it but there are some who refuse to get dirty paws or some who just have no talent for good digging. Diggers also are best with extending dens and giving them more rooms.

They often work along with root finders.

All Diggers:…


Entertainers often entertain a group of gathered panerugans on special events or meetings with their talent. Can be dancing, singing, showing special tricks or what ever.

The entertainers often get donations during their performances.

All Entertainers:…


Farmers can farm fruits, mushrooms, special plants, berries and similar.

All Farmers:…

Feather Collectors

Collecting feathers from their own coat or from coats of others.

They can be traded to creators or used for bedding.

All Feather Collectors:…


Fishers are skillful in hunting water prey. When they work they often have a basket filled with freeze weed so the fish will be kept cold.

If the fisher isn´t one of the best swimmers or divers they prefer to hunt on rivers or pools.

But aquatic mammals like Kringels also hunt in the ocean or deep down in Genesis Lake.

All Fishers:…

Fruit Pickers

Good at climbing or agility flying is needed for this job. Some fruits and grow very high so it can become quite dangerous to pick them.

Fruit pickers use bags or baskets to collect their goods. Some also use freeze weed to keep the fruits good till they get traded.

All Fruit Pickers:…


Taking care of the flora of NeoPaneruga and especially of herbs. Gardeners can have their own little garden to handle but they also wander around and make sure any vegetation is well cared for. For this they receive free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol.

All Gardeners:…


They make you look pretty and comfortable. Cutting fur, hair, claws. Using Colorbombs to give fur or skin new colors or markings. The colorbomb colors hold for one week.

Groomer´s services are tradable like any other contribution product is.

All Groomers:…


The healres of NeoPaneruga mainly use herbs for treating their patients. There are a few mushrooms with healing effects as well as fruits.

They also use gems.

Every Lapiseo creature has healing abilities.

Nerdy who still is in contact with his human, a vet, often visits him to get things like bandages.

Human medicine is rarely used on NeoPaneruga but in the case it is needed Nerdy knows what is to do.

Healers get taught by different mentors. The lessons mainly take place in Healer Garden. For learning about gem´s healing abilities they travel with Farbleen or another skilled Unicorn to Klenotiper for a few days.

Healers have access to any product or service without trading something in return. The other part will get rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Healers:…

Mentors: Gina, Nerdy, Hazel

Herb Collectors

Herb Collectors are supporting the healers. The collected herbs are collected in a special part of Gina´s balcony where she tries to raise fresh herbs. Some get re-planted in Healer Garden. Sometimes they go on collect missions on Pastel Paradise.

Herb Collectors get rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Herb Collectors:…


Hunters on NeoPaneruga are trained for hunting birds since rodents are no prey for panerugans. They also eat small reptiles like lizards or amphibians like frogs. Some hunters decided to search (you can´t really call it hunt) for snails only. Sometimes they go on hunting seasons on Pastel Paradise. They are not allowed to go there alone because this place has dangerous creatures.

All Hunters:…


Panerugans called Leader are the ones that used to lead one of the former packs before NeoPaneruga united all packs. Now the ones who lead the training packs are called Mentors. When they really go in battle they take the leadership of the pack and are called Leader.

Other current leaders are Katinka and Gina, since they are the head of NeoPaneruga and share the leadership. Leaders would be getting rewarded with free food from the training packs but they all refuse to take any unless they feel too weak to hunt for themselves.

All former and current Leaders: (incomplete)…

Leaf Pickers

Leaves are used for healing purposes, for food, crafting or decoration. Picking them needs good climbing or flying abilities. Delivering Healers gets rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Leaf Pickers:…

Living Quarters Experts

They are like diggers but way better organized and creative when it comes to the inside of dens and caves.

All Living Quarter Experts: (†)


Mentors are the ones who teach the training packs or healers. They are rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

Or they just keep a bit of the prey from their hunting lessons.

All Mentors:…


Mainly flying creatures with good eyes and senses to find another panerugans. One can contact a messager every day to get informations or messages to another panerugan.

The messagers agree which of them is supposed to wait for a job on the palace´s entrance or inside.

They could use the portal for it too but only if they know there the panerugan they want to contact is.

They get rewarded with food from the packs even if they don´t get any messages to deliever.

All Messagers: none so far because this is all new!…

Mushroom Collectors

Besides the mushroom farm of Syksy and her family there are single panerugans who collect mushrooms from all over the planet. They travel to enjoy them theirselves or to trade them for other goods or services.

Deliveries to Healers are getting rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Mushroom Collectors:…

Nut Pickers

They know which trees grow nuts and when a nut is ready to get picked. Many nuts fall off by themselves so they just have to pick them from the earth but climbing abilities are handy in this contribution. Some nuts are useful for creators. Cooks also love to use them for their dishes.

All Nut Pickers:…


Painters are putting color or pictures on walls or other textures. They use colors from their glands or from color bombs.

All Painters:…

Pup Mentors

Pup mentors are teaching young panerugans their first steps of responsibilities like hunting or caring for each other. All basic knowledge about each species is taught as well as basic biology.

For their contribution Pup Mentors are rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Pup Mentors…

Pup Sitters

Taking care of young pups when their parents are busy or need a break.

They are rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Pup Sitters:…


Each area of NeoPaneruga has a Representative. This one meets with all the other Representatives in the Palace´s Meeting Room once a week or if there is any important thing to discuss or to share.
Representatives hold meetings in their living area to teach everyone who lives there about news. They also listen to problems and wishes of their neighbours and discuss those in the meeting with the other Representatives and Katinka and Gina.

All Representatives:…

Retired Panerugans

Old or ill panerugans. They are cared for by Healers and get food and bedding from the packs and creators. Creators get rewarded for their duties.

All retired ones…

Root Finders

Roots are used for healing purposes and also food. Some creative minds can use them for their work as well. They often work with Diggers to get roots out of their way so the Diggers can do their digging job while the Root Finders grab the annoying Roots for them.

Delivering Healers gets rewarded with free food from the Gold-Silver-Patrol and other the other Training Packs.

All Root Finders:…

Shell Collectors

Besides the flesh inside of shells the empty ones are for collective reasons only or for the creators who have plans what to do with those. Shells can be found at the beaches or deep inside of Genesis Lake. The waters outside of the continent wasn´t explored enough to know if there are many Shells to find. Fishers mainly explore the ocean to hunt fish there.

All Shell Collectors:…


Webspinners are able to spit strong strings. They can web them into anything. Like clothes, robes or even bridges!

If they web things for the greater good they get rewarded from the packs.

All Webspinners:…

Wood Biter

Often work together with creators or wood collectors. They tell them a certain shape they want their wood to be bitten in. Wood biters need to have good teeth which are capable of biting hard surfaces like wood. Wood Biters can also build things for the greater good like stairs or ladders. Those services are rewarded by the packs.

All Wood Biters:…

Wood Collector

They take walks and often pick some portable branches or twigs. They plan to build things with them or to trade them to creatores.

All Wood Collectors:…