Packs and Groups

Packs and Groups


Singular: ChiWarrior

A tribe of small (mainly canine) creatures who used to fight on an island of BlueTopia. They had to defend themselves against the Long Ear pack in many fights about territory. One of them got connections to a friend in Between World who supported them with armor. They have a treasure of long ago ancestors: A lot of swords. Not much is known about this treasure and their ancestors.

Now the ChiWarriors are part of NeoPaneruga and teach others small creatures how to fight well using their shortness to ther advantage.


Singular: Cybaxian

Crossbreeds of Cybaxie. They found out how to attach metal and similar implants to their body.


Singular: Dreamwalker

Creatures with glowing markings. They walk in other creature´s dreams to send omens or to give them certain emotions during their sleep. They also guide dream ghosts into dreams of sleeping souls.…


Singular: Fear-Keeper

All kind of crossbreeds with spooky traits like outside bones or plasma.

They walk in sleeping creature´s dreams to give them nightmares.

They´re not evil. They just know sometimes someone needs to learn to fear to be brave enough later on. They often control an element. The most common one among Fear-Keepers is fire.…


Pack that used to fight for Golden-Star

Ground Hunters

Singular: Ground Hunter

Fennec Foxes of Cogitatio which used to dig underground dens and tunnels in which they hunted.


Singular: Guardian

A group of earless Shiwandel. The stone on their forhead glows with enormous power. Their job is to herd the shadows back into their prison cave if they escape.…

Horned Tribe

Singualar: Member of the Horned Tribe

Horned cats, dogs, foxes, weasels or similar of Planet Genesis.

Once a wolf and an ungulata had crossbreed offsprings. This started the subspecies of the Cornimas many centuries ago.

Hunters under the Golden Sun aka Golden Sun Hunters aka Hunters

Singular: Hunter under the Golden Sun aka Golden Sun Hunter aka Hunter

Big cats of Planet Genesis

Long Ears

Singular: Long Ear

Konga´s rabbit pack of BlueTopia. Now all rabbits of NeoPaneruga are known as Long Ears.

Panerugans (german: Paneruganer)

Singular: Panerugan (ger. Paneruganer)

All creatures of NeoPaneruga


Singular: Pet

Animals owned by humans on earth.


Singular: Pirate

Island Creatures of BlueTopia which build boats to hunt for fish and search for treasures.


Pack of foxes of Cybaxie which used to fight for the queen.


Membres are called Silverclaws or Silverclaw-Warriors

Singular: Silverclaw or Silverclaw-Warrior

A pack of street dogs who learned to use cuttleries as additional claws. Fighting with them while holding them between their jaws. Now the Silverclaws are part of NeoPaneruga and fight with swords which used to belong to the ChiWarrior´s ancestors.

Silverclaws in training train with spoons only.

Silvermoon Wolves

Singular: Silvermoon Wolf

The wolves of Planet Genesis

Silvery Patrol

Pack that used to fight for Silver-Star

Street Rulers

Singular: Street Ruler

Earth pack of cats leaded by a cat named Raven with his deputy Nightflash.