Galaxies, Planets and Places


The Galaxie where Katinka´s journey started


The ancient planet of multiple species till Silvery devided this planet into Silver-Star and Golden-Star. Very green place with lots of water and prey.

The rulers of Paneruga had a palace build of stones.


The planet of cats and feline creatures. Over the years more dogs came to live there thanks to portals. Mostly sandy and rocky planet with a few green places.

Silver-Star and Golden-Star had a main place called Paneruga where a statue of Silvery was standing in the middle.


The planet of dogs and other canines. Over ther years more cats came to live there thanks to portals.

Qute green place with mountains, an underground living place and many prey. Silver-Star and Golden-Star had a main place called Paneruga where a statue of Silvery was standing in the middle.

Both got reunited into NeoPaneruga


A small green and peaceful planet where only Orakuhs lived.

It got destroyed by a Salaruh´s ships.


A planet of multiple species and crossbreeds with knowledge about electricity and helpful techniques. The vegetation there is pink – purple.

Planet Genesis

The planet where all life from this galaxy came started. Cadetts of Golden- and Silver-Star go there to train with their ancestor´s species to finish their training. Planet Genesis has a savannah, a forest, a jungle area, some small woods, moutnains and a beach.


There was not much vegetation which means not much to eat for the two vegetarian species who lived there.

Usual portals to gather happened one night after the blue moon appeared on their sky.

The portal always led to one of those planets in the order of:

Silver-Star, Golden-Star, Miranow, Cybaxie, Planet Genesis

Other Dimensions

Between World

The place where one´s soul goes while sleeping. Lucid dreamers walk there with full senses. There are some creatures who call this dimension their home.

A lot of crystal´s grow on the blue-black glittering ground. There are dangerous areas too like a vulcano area or the caves where the Shadows are kept prisoner in.

Some packs have there dens there and one can even find vegetation.

Between World is connected to all palaces of Destiny. Destiny need to keep track of everything and being at one point of a galaxy gives her the sudden knowledge of the happenings there. Saphir chose to put her main palace on the moon of Tiroka to have it easier guiding Katinka to recreate Paneruga.


Mystery place where one goes after dead.

Rules by Anubis. Underworld has 4 gates from which dead souls can enter.

The place is very huge and contains everything.

The World of the Banned

A hidden place one can only enter from Between World were banned species used to live.

Paneruga 2

A copy of the old Paneruga which was created with one of the forbidden items. This world got put on a seperated layer by destiny after an enemy of hers copied Paneruga to have a planet to rule.

On this planet Silvery did not survive and a decendant of Salaruh used to rule it before Oro took over.

MILKY WAY (Your galaxy)


The earth places mention in the story are fictive and have no relation to any real life place.

Same for any characters appearing there.

Places of earth:


A City Katinka and her friends face problems with a cat pack called Street Rulers.

Rodendorn Bridge

The bridge to the west side of Neu-Rosenberg.

Under this bridge the Silverclaw-Clan used to live.

There is an entire underground of middle age streets and walls.

Junkyard Rosenberg

A junkyard the Street Rulers called their home.

Rosenwiese (Rose-Meadow)

The park of Neu-Rosenberg

Pawstep Park

Former zoo of Neu-Rosenberg. Where J.B. and her Brother lived as pups after they got seperated from their family. The zoo does not exist anymore since it got burned down.

Casino´s Casino

Food and entertainment from Animals for animals.

The Vet

Nerdy´s former owner has a cute little house with his doctors office.

Sometimes Nerdy still visits him.

The Shelter

The shelter. Formerly the owner´s fat cat used to use the inmates for some private fun.

He often traded „his“ prisoners for Nightflash´s useless soldiers.

Anthes Wood

Where J.B. and her friends lived before moving to NeoPaneruga.

Old Church

Home of Phantom where he (and formerly Nerdy) treat sick and injuried humanless animals.

The windows are decorated with colorful glasses. Some are broken.

The church stands outside of Neu-Rosenberg on a lonely hill.

Far away from Neu-Rosenberg:

An unnamed city

with park and train station where Dusky and his brother Buster were born as pets.

Farther away:

Firefly Resort

An almost just nature place. A huge forest and a lake in the middle. Some farms are near and even hunters. On the north side there are a few mountains with an abandoned vacation resort.

Barkin Wood

The forest of many species. J.B. and her brother are born there. There also live wolves and a huge cat pack.

Firefly Resort

Abandoned human place with hotels and stores.

Another completely different place:

(not canon yet)


Home of an maybe important human.

Heaven / Cloud Kingdom

Many years ago a Destiny created heaven to send animals there and give them power to heal shadow obsessed earth creatures.

Those creatures were called Guardian Angels. They got wings an a halo. The halo helps them walking on clouds an the wings is for easier and quicker moving. Heaven got closed.


A galaxy close to Tiroka


A planet with flying islands and colorful and glowing areas. Portals to Between Worlds get opend by Crystal-Tails regulary cause this is a planet they are known to live there. A lot of species life here Katinka and their friend´s didn´t know so far.


A planet with mainly ocean. Just a few sandy and rocky islands where there. There was one green island but it was dangerous to live there because of a huge vulcano.

The heart of BlueTopia, a giant pearl, was taken for NeoPaneruga.

A day on BlueTopia takes 12 hours. 6 hours of daylight, 6 hours nighttime.


A pure underground planet.

The air outside is too try to live there.


Another Galaxy of Katinka´s universe

A planet called „Devided Planet“ which has one half completely in darkness and the other half is a magnificent colorful paradise with all kind of prey and fruits and species.

The planet the ever fighting Saber Warriors and Sharpteeth were banned to.

The colorful side of the planet is called Pastel Paradise. The sky´s changes depending on which color the star has that get´s hit by the sun´s rays. Those are moving stars which rotate around the the Devided Planet.

The dark side has a black colored sky. This half of the planet is called Black-White Island. The colorful stars of Rainbow-Street are showing.

The ground is mainly sand with some rocks.

The actually Rainbow-Street of Rainbow-Street

Sicks stars with life on them. The creatures there are trained to learn to control elements.

The stars have the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Grene, Blue and Purple.

On each of them a special crystal grew which helps the creatures to learn the control quicker.

The red star is called Rojo. Fire is the element which one get to learn to control there.

The orange star is called Najanja. The element is Gravity.

The yellow star is called Amarillo. The element is Electricity.

The green star is called Verde. The element is Vegetation.

The blue star is called Azul. The element is Water.

The purple star is called Purpura. The element is Wind.


A planet that is mainly rock grounded. Many gems are growing there. The planet has a lot of caves.

Vegetation and water is there too of course.

Former home of the Modern Unicorns and other species.


A very cold planet with snow cover and huge snowy moutnains. There is a huge ocean too and a few ways to sneak into a warm underground living area called Stracciatella.

Stracciatella is the underground of Frozero.

The rock walls are covered by white crystals with a lot black stones between them.

Colorful trees are growing down there.


A pastel green planet with woods and meadows.


NeoPaneruga lies where Golden-Star and Silver-Star used to be, in the galaxy Tiroka.

Nobody can enter this planet from the outside cause it is protected by Destiny by a powerful veil.

The only entrance is a portal. Only panerugans can open the portal.