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I'm hungry and my birthday accords me the right to eat all the cheese I can get my hands on today

   Donation accounts   

Hi! Thanks for all your generous contributions during the month of February. US$905 was donated between February 1 and March 1 (minus PayPal fees), and I (and my friend) thank you for your generosity! They were thrilled about it and it absolutely made a difference to them.

I'm aware that many paid a higher price for commissions because the money would be donated, so for accountability's sake, here's proof of the donation. Yes, there's $5 less there, I can't justify pocketing it beyond...I like round numbers, and also I was tired after working my ass off and I felt like subtracting my own tiny fee off of the total amount wouldn't be amiss.

      Future commissions

So, I recently moved to a new place because my previous residence was not ideal (read: full of bigots). The new place is much better, but it doesn't take care of my meals, and I've been been leaking money out the side on account of groceries. It's costing me about $80 (US$57) more per month to live here. I'm hoping to make up that difference via commissions, and possibly to cover other expenses (e.g. unreasonably expensive equipment I need for my classes).

Essentially, I'm making art commissions my part-time job. Of course, because I have classes to attend, I won't be able to complete them as quickly as before, and I may have to limit the number of commission types available. I have yet to iron out how I'll do it, but I'll let you know whenever I've figured that out! (Edit: and also whenever I finish the last 3 comms on my queue. I got seriously stalled by real life)

If you'd like to help me out without commissioning me, I do have a Ko-Fi: Literally every dollar counts to me so I'd be more than grateful for every bit.

(PS it's my birthday on 30 March, in case that information was of interest to anyone)

It occurred to me that February only has 28 days, so I'm opening the last 2 slots of the month tomorrow, 25th February at 6pm EST / 26th February at midnight CET!

Because slots are limited, I will not be taking reservations after this message is posted, and you will have to be there when I open. This is the last round of commissions where proceeds will be donated!

After my queue is cleared, I would like to keep my commissions open, but things will change to make room for my classes, which start today. Generally speaking, I will probably only be taking one commission order a week, and I might restrict orders to specific styles only (i.e. clean and square brush). More details will come when I'm closed haha.

Switcharound game (closed)

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by circlejourney

Edit 2: closed!

Edit: ok, it's getting pretty big (we have 19 participants now), so I have decided to close this after the next person who joins. Thanks everyone who signed up!

Very recently, 123penguin64, celestiials, Raddishes, hedgemaze and I played a switcharound game, and the end result was this:Dz5D5ahU0AAE2EX.jpg:large

It went really well, and I'm thinking of organising another round with more people. If you see this post, you're invited to join!

Because the game necessarily has a limited number of participants, we will be doing this inside this shiny new World, instead of in the Art Games forum. (It's better than PMing multiple people simultaneously imo.)

Simply post below if you're interested. You'll get an invite shortly. This'll be open till 24 February. You will get a ping when the game opens.

I will probably be organising future "closed" art games in there too, if there's enough interest!

I will be opening five slots on 19 February, at 6pm ESTCheck here for time zone conversions!

Do PM me ahead of time if you'd like to get a slot reserved. If more than 5 people do, then priority is based on who has commissioned me fewer times this month.

My sheet is here. Thank you very much for your generous support!

Try my RD personality quiz 👀

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by circlejourney

What result did you get?

1 Votes Adelaide
3 Votes Artur
3 Votes Hong Yi
2 Votes Dorian
0 Votes Felix
4 Votes Fen
0 Votes Marcia
1 Votes Orobelle
2 Votes Pala
3 Votes Vesper

Which Revolving Door character are you?

If you wanna try making one of your own, I made it at

8 commission slots on 13th Feb!

Posted 1 year, 8 months ago by circlejourney

Hi there! As my commission queue has been filling up very quickly lately, I'd like to let you know in advance that I will be opening eight slots on 13 February at 12 midnight EST.

Currently, 5 of these slots are on hold. Do PM me ahead of time if you'd like to get a slot as soon as I open--if more than 8 people do, then priority goes to those who have not commissioned me this month yet!

My sheet is here. Thank you very much for your generous support!

I've opened charity commissions for the month of February! (The sheet below has an extra style that's not advertised on my main sheet, feel free to ask for it  )

Click here for more info + work status!



In other news, I'm running a giveaway on Twitter to celebrate...a completely unremarkable milestone?

Do check it out if you're interested, and feel free to take part if you've got a Twitter account!

So I just found out 1 minute ago that you can embed YouTube videos in bulletins. This is great news and I can't believe I didn't try it early, I have been trying to think of a way to show you guys this an animatic I made 5 billion years ago (actually just 2) featuring Ruthenia, Aleigh and Lilin from Eagles and Swans

I'd put this in their galleries if I could, but for now this will have to do

I've spent a whole 8 years writing and editing E&S, and it's only recently that I've been confident enough to put it online (thanks, Toyhouse)! It's here if you'd like to take a look; I'm still in the process of editing and posting the chapters.