Show me OCs with accents!

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I was reading last night/earlier today about American/British accents and thought about how interesting they were, so show me characters that have some sort of distinct accent or dialect! Doesn't matter from where. 

This thread isn't to make fun of anyone or perpetuate stereotypes, btw, but just to discuss. :> 

Grieve aaawhyme

Grieve has a sort of russianesque accent. maybe a bit german? either or. or a mixture of the two.

he's a demon who typically speaks the native demon language and it sounds a little bit like both of those accents in one. when he speaks 'common' (english or something) when speaking to humans, he can be hard to understand at times. 


Kiara has a bit of an Australian accent!
Ember has a heavier one and she'll also switch it up and talk in a British accent to throw people off
Ari has a slight French accent
Xia has a British one!
And Violet Breeze speaks with a Canadian accent!

I really love British and Australian accents can you tell? XD


i don't have very many, but i do have a couple! nokei has a british accent although, he can usually fairly suppress this because of vocal training


By definition every character should have an accent, influenced by where they're from, haha

As for characters I've mine that have analog real world accents, the majority of characters in my monster people setting have US Southern accents, some thicker than others (since they're in the south!)

Etefu has the equivalent of an Ethiopian accent, with others in his same setting having some variations.

Ori's accent doesn't have a real world equivalent, but it's unique to the area that he lives in, since his native language is different from the nearby city's official language!


Since my Heteka Bay story is set in the Coromandel pretty much all of them have New Zealand accents but Tobias's is probably the strongest/most stereotypical.  There are a couple of others though, like Amos who has a posh British RP accent and Lottie who speaks in a Mid-Atlantic accent like the ones you hear in old movies

Enoch "Cheshire" Chalifour Walrushi

Most of my ocs don't have a headcannon voice, but Enoch does! He has a British accent!

Selene ThatOneWow

Selene is British, so she has a British accent! She sounds a lot like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!

Kielo Caine

I like to think that since Kielo has spent majority of her life in the river next to my home village, she speaks [Finnish] in this very distinct Tornio dialect (also to be fair people in Tornio itself usually speak differently from people from Pello for example even though they're all counted under Tornio dialects)

Roselaine pax

Eye do have Ann ack-cent mah-knee-pesting when eye type, dew two the weigh my text-two-speech pro-gram works.

Eye pra-miss yew, eye sound better in person! Ah-lass, my kind is knot known four sounding good.


technically all my characters have accents - the ones that state they have 'no accent' have an average australian accent by default but nothing spectacular - so i'm just listing my characters that have thick, obvious accents!

krypt'n, jaehyuk, and seulki - korean accent
travis and caleb - british accent (linking caleb's troll AU bc his human AU profile is private atm)
alistair, elian, erik, maverick - australian accent (damn centralists lmao - my accent isn't much better it's just as bad i reckon - TECHNICALLY ace and erik are city boys but their parents are centralists so they got the accent from them - maverick isn't a centralist BUT he's ... him)
sidh - i know nothing abt america so i'm just gonna say thick redneck accent and leave it at that
avery & audrey - vietnamese accent (funnily enough their son doesn't have an accent at all)
not sure if he counts bc it's not a real accent, but r'jhera has the typical khajiit accent (using j'zargo here as an example)

i think those are my only characters that have thick accents... like obv i got lots of characters that have slight accents (eg, silene w/ a slight russian accent and leeona w/ a slight indian accent) but nothing rly worth noting or i'd be here all day 

Vardah Lasout Lonestarcelt

Vardah's accent is a blend between an Indonesian and Pakistani accent born from the fact those were the most common ones she heard growing up (from her mother and sister respectively.) 

Akeem Jacobson Lonestarcelt

Akeem and his sons Carrtier and Andreas have an extremely thick Jamaican patios that gets to be almost impenetrable when the three are just talking among themselves and don't have to make themselves understandable to strangers. 

[OVW] Matador PiggyLemonade

Fernando speaks with an old-fashioned european spanish accent o/ When he speaks spanish, his native language, he sounds half-way between just sounding like a posh old man and having a distinct Andalucian accent

Nummite Parashy

Has an English accent (despite never being to Earth)


Andor was born and raised in Oslo, so he has a Norwegian accent. 

Ara is from Montreal so he has a French Canadian accent that Andor makes fun of like all the time.

I guess I kind of also pictured Kit to have some kind of British accent. He's not actually from the UK or anything, I just picture him to sound kinda British.