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Orobelle Dorian Vesper Hong Yi Marcia Artur Felix Adelaide Honourless Curia Liss Noma Pala Fen Peyton Kalani Amaranthia Freesia
Full nameHonourless / unknown
Born inSpade Barony, Queendom of Hearts
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!

Living out here in the wilderness, it is Honourless' daily business to face perils that would kill others head on, and wrestle them into submission. Like skin calloused from repeated injury, she has only grown all the tougher for it.

Her faith in the innate goodness of people was shattered long ago. She was betrayed by a friend, stripped of her birth name and exiled by the mad Baroness Blackrain, then spent her years in the Third World begging for scraps from the guard and scout parties that passed. She knows, or believes, that no one can be trusted nor houses any real compassion, that they are ruled by the wills of those who lord over them. She trusts none but herself.

As a child she was an adventurer and a rule-breaker, using her ghosting skills to visit the wonders of the world and, in what proved to be her downfall, to enter places she wasn't allowed to go.

Exile did not quell that adventurousness: rather, years in the wilds of the Third World, hunting and wrestling beasts for her continual existence, have sharpened her endeavouring nature to a keen sense of purpose and survivalism.

Perhaps the singular contrast to her misanthropy, Honourless loves and dearly misses her sister Alta.


Honourless bore a different name in her childhood. At eleven, she learned she was able to ghost between the three worlds, losing a single memory each time she did. She soon developed a series of exploits—for example, scarring her sister's name into her arm as a reminder, and then spending the memory of her sister's name as the price of travel, over and over again—to visit places she couldn't, and shouldn't, go.

Her contempt for limits and boundaries soon caught up to her when she ghosted into Baroness Blackrain's safehouse, and attempted to steal her coronet. She was caught. The Baroness of Spades, prone to irrationality and impulse like her fellow matriarchs, had Honourless' birth name confiscated and replaced with the epithet Honourless, then exiled her to the treacherous Third World.

Initially, she escaped detainment with her powers, but was thwarted by her neighbour and friend Moss who, fearing Blackrain's wrath, turned her in. Honourless' escape attempt ensured that she would not be afforded freedom even in exile: she was chained to a cliff, preventing her from leaving the Third World with her powers.

Where others would have submitted themselves to death, Honourless was determined not to give Baroness Blackrain the satisfaction of her death and effacement from existence. She has spent her time since hunting and trapping for survival, surviving several near-fatal encounters with the wildlife of this world.

Blackrain ArcaneWhile vengeance on the Baroness never left her mind, Honourless knows the best revenge she could hope to wreak upon her now is her own survival. She harbours the hopes of someday returning to the Queendom completely beyond reproach, and standing before Blackrain, showing her how her exile did not in any way break her.
AltaWhile Honourless has forgotten Alta's toponym, the memory of her sister is far more complete than her memory of anything else from her life before exile, partly because the girl's name is imprinted on her own body. Alta was a bit of a boisterous child like herself, and both fought frequently over the most trivial of things.
Enlistees of the four housesHonourless often encounters units of scouts and patrollers in the Third World, pledging loyalty to all houses but the Spades—perhaps the Spades enlistees have been told to deny her existence. Here in the Third World, where several enlistees are of the Second World, lines between houses are far less solid, and many do not mind offering conversation when they pass, but few will give her aid. She has received blankets, clothes and morsels of food from them, not much more.
  • Most of Honourless' scars were left by various large insects and reptilians that attacked her in the wild or put up a fight when she attempted to kill them for food. Two fingers on her left hand were bitten off by a reptile resembling Dimetrodon.
  • The scar on her right arm was created by Honourless herself, with countless wounds from a hot needle. It spells out the name "Alta" in the script of the First World.
  • Like most residents of the First World, Honourless used to have an alternate-form—some creature or object she was able to transform into—before her name and identity were taken away from her.