Characters I'm currently most interested in art of:



sʜᴇ / ʜᴇʀ

Skena is the daughter of Anubis, but is content with a humble, peaceful life filled with her best friend, Kaleva, her necromantic studies, and maybe some beekeeping.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ

Kaleva is a jaded tiefling who has finally found well-deserved happiness in a little life with his best friend, Skena. But not before he became a werewolf. He now surrounds himself with dogs.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ / ᴛʜᴇʏ

Kelnari is a kalashtar afflicted a mutated version of a vampire's curse--enduring which has left him painfully lonely and ostracized. But beneath the mess and the cursed existence, he's got a heart of gold, a lot of love to give, and even a bit of a mischievous streak if he's able to relax and be himself.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ

Son of the god Set, Achoris presents like a cryptid while paradoxically being a product of divinity. Long limbs, unnaturally wide grins, lightless eyes--and born as an obligate cannibal. As a son of a god of chaos, he's deeply entertained by discord and drama, but at the end of the day, he's a good man and a staunch ally. If you can look past the cannibalism.



sʜᴇ / ʜᴇʀ

Valentine loves her family above all else, and is, as her other triplets describe her, a force of nature. She is a warlock who imprisoned and enslaved the god-like entity that tormented her brother. She's also a ray of sunshine who owns and runs a popular inn, and all while fully blind.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ

Luka is another of the triplets, and is a gentle, soft-spoken, pacifistic soul. He's been through more than his fair share of trauma, largely inflicted by the patron entity he once shared a pact to with his sister. But when that patron endangered him, Val subdued it and took its place so Luka could be safe.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ

Jaska is the youngest of the triplets, having originated as a split personality inside Luka's mind, placed there maliciously by their patron entity. Val eventually found a way to separate the two and give Jaska his own body, as she understood him to be more than just an alter of Luka's, but an entire separate entity of his own. His existence has been a harrowing one, but he's found great success as a thriving drug lord. He could not be less like his brother.



sʜᴇ / ʜᴇʀ

Axa encountered Jaska by freak accident when she, a pureblooded devil directly from Hell, was summoned to the material plane. He managed to calm her and earn a bit of her trust, as she was extremely young, and as he'd later learn, deeply neurodivergent to an almost crippling degree. But before he knew it, Jaska was completely in love with her, declaring her his daughter and doing whatever he could for her. Axa barely speaks, but has also clearly developed a distant, almost alien sort of affection for him.



sʜᴇ / ʜᴇʀ

Cassiana is a placid, calm, easygoing shadar-kai. Once a powerful warrior, she was torn apart and her life was ended; she lay dead for 30 years, before something resurrected her and her husband, Nils. She's missing a few pieces now, including all her memories, but she doesn't mind.



ʜᴇ / ʜɪᴍ

Nils, like his wife, is a northman who spent his life fighting for honorable causes in his homeland. When his wife was killed, he was soon taken by grief, and their bodies lay side by side for three decades, until an unknown force brought them both back to something adjacent to life. He's just grateful for a second chance.