Group Rules and TOS

Group Rules and TOS:


Beanling-Patch is a closed species group. It is a casual ARPG (Art role playing group) dedicated to having fun! There will be monthly prompts and activities for players as well as the occasional big event! This is a casual group so there will not be any big art sprints as we understand that not everyone has a lot of time to dedicate to art and groups.

Group Rules and Terms of Service:

Please make sure to read these carefully. By participating in this group you are acknowledging you have read the rules and agree to abide by them.

General / Behavior:

  • You must be over the age of 13 to join this group.
  • You do not need a beanling to join and participate in the group. All are welcome to join the group so long as they follow the rules
  • This group’s rating is PG-13. We do not allow explicit NSFW content of any kind in the public group. You may do whatever you like in private.
  • No spamming, hating, trolling, witch-hunting, or harassment of any kind to any member.
        -  We will give 3 warnings/strikes depending on the severity of the incident. Severity is decided at the discretion of the owner. Any incident after 3 strikes will result in a ban from the group.
        -  If the behavior is severe, an immediate ban will be given.
  • No scamming or cheating in any form. This includes, but is not limited to:
        -  Item, design, currency trades.
        -  Alt. accounts being used in contests, raffles, or for extra event tickets.
  • Using secondary accounts in this group is not allowed.
        -  We consider using multiple accounts as cheating unless it is a side account/main account, but you may only use ONE of these accounts to participate in the ARPG.
  • Keep negative behavior and topics to a minimum. This is meant to be a fun group! We do not allow the mention and usage of triggering subjects including, but not limiting to:
        -  Murder, rape, abuse, drug-usage/abuse, or self-harm.

Reselling / Trading / Gifting:

The masterlist is your primary resource for any questions concerning a specific design's current owner, resale price, selling/trading information, origin sale link, along with trait breakdowns and any applicable extra details.  

  • All ownership changes must be done via the masterlist. 
        - In order to sell, trade or gift your adoptable you must notify the Masterlist by commenting on your adoptable's entry and letting us know who you are selling / trading / gifting to.
  • It is preferred that beanlings not be sold for more than the price listed on the masterlist. 
        - It is preferred that you only sell your @beanling-patch adoptable for the listed price on the masterlist, however, we understand that people do invest in art of their adoptables and that people would like that to be reflected when reselling.       The original price will be listed on your adoptables masterlist entry and is the recommended resell value, however, this cannot be enforced. Thus you can resell for what you think is fair. 
        - The adoptables listed price will change if a USD/Point add-on has been applied through Toffee-Tama. This includes USD/Point growths, mutation or trait add-ons, stat upgrades, etc.
        - This includes MYO Tokens. They may be resold, traded or gift, including MYO Tokens earned through the group. The only exception being the MYO Token earned from the Blank Slate achievement, which can only be traded/resold/gifted after it has has been made into a beanling design. Please only resell your MYO Tokens for their listed value if they are unused.
        - This also includes items earned in the game. You may sell/gift/trade items earned in the game, however, this will not be enforced in any way. Thus you may list items for what you think they are worth, you may view the Specialty shop to compare prices, but are welcome to list items for more or less. 
  • Beanlings listed as gift/trade only:
        -  These designs were either acquired through trading / gifting or for free and it is recommended to only trade/gift them. However, traded and gifted designs may be resold for a fair price. If you got your design for free it is preferred that you do not resell it, however, this cannot be enforced.
  • You may trade your beanlings.
        - Please keep in mind any selling/trading cooldowns. You can trade for anything you feel is fair.
  • You may gift your adoptable to anyone you like.
        - Please keep in mind any selling/trading cooldowns. You may gift to anyone as long as they are not blacklisted from the group.
  • Vouchers and add-ons.
        - Vouchers are viewed as cash/points and as such it is preferred to keep the value in line with listed price on the masterlist, however, you can voucher for whatever you think is fair. Art and character add-ons are fine.
  • Co-ownership is not allowed. 
        - In order to keep things simple and clear, co-ownership is not allowed. All adoptables can only have 1 owner at a time.


  • I only accept USD/ DeviantArtPoints unless otherwise stated.
  • I will only sell to those over the age of 18 when using paypal.
  • All payments must be made within 24hrs unless previously discussed. I will accept holds of no longer than 1 week. If you back out of a hold you will receive 1 strike against your name and be ineligible for future holds.
  • I will not accept payments / payment plans from new or blacklisted account. By new I mean accounts that are less than 6 months old. Excepts can be made if you can be vouched for by a community member or have proof of an older account.
  • All sales are final and I do not accept refunds on adoptable designs once the design has been transferred/original files handed over. I will dispute chargebacks. Please only purchase if you know you can afford it. If you chargeback you will be automatically blacklisted and banned from the group, thereby voiding any owned designs from group participation and barred from owning future adoptables.
  • Once again, all sales are final, please make sure you 100% are committed to your purchase!

Payment Plans:

  • All payment plans must be discussed and approved by me before you bid!
  • Payment plans are only available for payments over 200USD.
  • All payment plans will require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the price.
  • If you back out of the payment plan, I will revoke the adoptable and you will receive 1 strike against your name and be ineligible for all future payment plans. I will keep the down payment Any remaining amount that you have paid to the invoice will be refunded to you. 

Personal Usage:

  • It is preferred that you not make or sell your own beanling / flowerling adoptables. 
        - You cannot make or sell beanling adoptables within the group, the exception being if you are invited to be a guest artist. Only beanlings made by Toffee-Tama and approved artists are recognized and can be used in the ARPG.

        - We recognize that traits and features cannot be restricted and anyone may do as they please, however, only designs on the official masterlist will be recognized as official beanlings/flowerlings and thus able to participate in all beanling-patch related activities/events/etc.
  • You may depict your beanling / flowerling however you see fit. However, if you would like to use them in the group than you must adhere to any requirements specified.
  • Gijinka / human forms / Alternate forms.       
        - You are welcome to draw your beanling in alternate forms. However, only their beanling form will be acceptable for group activities unless specificed.
  • You may turn your beanling / flowerling into another species/OC: 
        - The species owner is aware that the character is derivative and has given permission.
        -  You always give proper credit to the character's original designer.
        - It is preferred that designs may not be traded separately. Please avoid creating a new character based on a beanling only to sell the beanling and keep the alternate design. It is preferred that a beanling go together with any characters/designs based on it, however, this cannot be enforced, please make the buyer aware.
        - If you do this the other way around (design a beanling based on an OC/CS you own) please still try to keep the designs together. If you are really adamant about selling the beanling without their origin character, please make sure the buyer is aware that you are keeping the character it was inspired from and still plan to use it.
  • You may not redistribute or mass produce the original art for your adoptable in any way.
       - Any repost must be clearly labeled as not being your own work along with a link to the original artist/designer.
  • You may use the original art for personal use, such as displaying it on your profile, using it as your avatar, posting it to your collection, printing it out for your home, etc.
  • If you have any questions about whether or not a use of your art / adopt is acceptable please feel free to note the group!

    If you have and questions or concerns please feel free to contact the group or Toffee-Tama.