The Mysterious Library

The Mysterious Library Quest


Your beanling is very curious, they have heard news that a mysterious library has appeared on their island! In their pursuit for knowledge they have successfully tracked down this library and set out to gain it's secrets for themselves. Depict your beanling or flowerling exploring the mysterious library. Are they looking at the dusty old books, perhaps they are looking at some of the displays? What do they hope to find?

About the Library:

This library is mysterious, it appears out of nowhere and does not stick around for very long, it is one of many mysterious buildings that spontaneously spawn every now and again. It can be drawn or described however you please as it's design changes with each appearance. It is filled with dusty old books containing all matter of content. It also has abandoned studies with mysterious vials and ingredient. There is also the possibility of stumbling upon a secret door!

About this Quest:

If you participate in this quest you have the opportunity to advance to a second prompt which will count as one of your monthly quests if you chose to accept. You do not need to continue the quest if you do not want to.