Flowerling Traits

Welcome to the Flowerling Trait guide.

Rarity Tier Key:
Common / Uncommon / Rare / Legendary 
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Flowerling Traits:

The most distinctive trait difference between a beanling and a flowerling is the flower that blossoms from their bean sprout body. 

Flower Types:

  •   Standard - A single flower sprouts from the bodies tip. It can be any type of flower and any size so long as it is only a single flower. See Flower - Standard guide here.
  •  Mermaid - The flower is made up of a single flower types petals that have split into a mermaid like tail shape. It can be any size and length as long as the it is only a single flower type. See Flower - Mermaid guide here.
  •  Vine - The flower sprouts from a vine that extends from the body tip. It can be any size and length and any flower type. Leaves can also sprout from the vine. See Flower - Vine guide here.
  • Thicket - A bush sprouts from the tip of the body. It is leafy and multiple small flowers can sprout from the bush, however they must all be of the same type. See Flower - Thicket guide here.
    * Garden - The rare version of thicket, the bush can be made up of multiple different bush/flower types. See Flower - Garden guide here.
  •  Multi Flower - Two or more flowers sprout from the body tip. They can be any type of flower and can be different. See Flower - Multi Flower guide here.
  •  Multi Vine - Multiple vines sprout from the body tip. They can be different types of flowers and lengths. See Flower - Multi Vine guide here.
  •  Other - Misc. traits that don't fit above.Please discuss with Toffee-Tama if you have an idea you'd like to make possible! Known other flower types: Desiccated Thicket, none. Here are some examples of other flower types.