The Azul Defenders


"Hey there stranger! Are you lost? Oh, no? You really are here for the Azul Defenders? You sure are a brave one!"

This is the place where you can learn all about the Azul Defenders Guild, who they are, and how to join!

Who are the Azul Defenders?

The Azul Defenders were initially a military force formed to combat the encroaching spiderlings located in the Great Canyon of Azul Island. The Defenders have since expanded their horizons and are more akin to an adventurers guild. This guild is great for people who are interested in combat, healing, adventuring, teamwork. They often lead expeditions into the Great Canyon but are also found all over Prism Vale exploring all of the islands and their many mysteries.

Guild Details

Guild Leader: Serillion
Headquarters: Azul Island
Guild Colours: Black, Blue and Yellow
Guild Emblem:
This emblem is usually depicted as a shield with a lightning bolt. The colour and shape of the shield can vary.

How to Join

In order to join this guild you must first complete the following prompts:

1. Depict your beanling exploring Prism Vale.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling exploring the world of Prism Vale. Perhaps they are exploring the jungles of Viridian? Maybe they are on an exploration in the Great Canyon of Azul? Maybe they decided to visit the Volcano of Jesen to collect samples? Where would your beanling go, what were they looking for?

2. Depict your beanling on an expedition to the Great Canyon.
For this prompt your must draw or write about your beanlings journey into the Great Canyon. Is it their first time? Are they confident or nervous? Are they with a party or alone? What things do they encounter - monsters, friends or loot?

3. Depict your beanling showing off their Azul Defenders attire!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling wearing an outfit or apparel inspired by the Azul Defenders. You must at least have the guild emblem somewhere on the design. Backgrounds are not required for this prompt.


- Art must not be reused.
- Art must be at least clean sketched and flat coloured.
- Backgrounds are required unless otherwise stated.
- Written entries have a minimum word count of 600 Words per prompt.
- Your entry will only apply for one beanling which you must state in the comments, however, you can include other characters.