The Culture Society


"You are looking fabulous darling! Why don't you come and join the Culture Society, I just know you'll fit right in!

This is the place where you can learn all about the Culture Society Guild, who they are, and how to join!

Who are the Culture Society?

The Culture Society is dedicated to bringing to life all the different cultures that beanlings have ever encountered. They like to celebrate and explore and are often credited for bringing new traditions to beanling society. Unlike the Azul Defenders who usually explore Prism Vale, the Culture Society prefer to explore other dimensions!

Guild Details

Guild Leader: Poppy
Headquarters: Lila Island
Guild Colours: Red, Gold and Orange
Guild Emblem:
The emblem is made up of seven gems representing all of the islands that are all connected.

How to Join

In order to join this guild you must first complete the following prompts:

1. Depict your beanling exploring a different world or culture.
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling exploring a different world or culture. Perhaps they were born on an alien planet? Maybe they are visiting a different country on earth? The world or culture can be real or made up.

2. Depict your beanling showing off a culture they love to their fellow beanlings.
For this prompt your must draw or write about your beanling showing of their favorite thing from a different culture. Maybe they are wearing a traditional outfit from a different culture or planet? Or maybe they have a favorite food that isn't common in Prism Vale?

3. Depict your beanling showing off their Culture Society attire!
For this prompt you must draw or write about your beanling wearing an outfit or apparel inspired by the Culture Society. You must at least have the guild emblem somewhere on the design. Backgrounds are not required for this prompt.


- Art must not be reused.
- Art must be at least clean sketched and flat coloured.
- Backgrounds are required unless otherwise stated.
- Written entries have a minimum word count of 600 Words per prompt.
- Your entry will only apply for one beanling which you must state in the comments, however, you can include other characters.